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Do Pergolas Add Value to a Home? (4 Important Factors)

Do Pergolas Add Value to a Home? (4 Important Factors)

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Of course, installing a pergola in your back or front yard may satisfy your needs for an outdoor space where you can chill and hose gatherings. But, can it offer you more than that?

Does a pergola add value to a home?

Yes, a pergola is likely to add to your house’s appeal on the market. It’s one of many additions that can up your house’s worth, the amount of which will depend on the pergola’s materials, size, and special features.

In this guide, we’ll go through how exactly a pergola can increase your home’s value, so let’s get to it!

What Is the Estimated Value That a Pergola Can Add to a Home?

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward because it’ll vary depending on the pergola’s structure and materials. The return on investment will also change according to your home’s location, other modifications you’ve made to it, and so on.

Still, on average, many experts estimate that adding a pergola to your house can give you an ROI that ranges from around 50–80%.

If you ask us, that’s a pretty big deal, which is why we advise you to pay special attention to each detail concerning your pergola’s design and structure. The more you spend on those, the higher your ROI should end up being.

But what exactly can you do to increase the value of a pergola? The next section approaches this topic in detail!

4 Things to Focus on When Setting up a Pergola to Get a Higher ROI

For a pergola to have a significant impact on your house’s ROI, here are a few tips to follow—starting at the construction phase.

Tip 1: Consider Your Location and Climate

To determine whether or not your pergola will increase your house’s market worth, you should first think about the weather conditions where you live.

Generally, houses built in the warmer regions of the country are sold for higher prices if they include an outdoor living space like a deck or a pergola. I mean, who could say no to a welcome breeze in the hot summer?

Take California, for example. If you install a patio, deck, or pergola in your yard over there, you can expect your house to yield an ROI of around 50% to a roaring 68%!

On the other hand, similar home improvements in a colder state might give you a smaller ROI—say around 45% to 60%.

Tip 2: Choose the Pergola’s Materials Carefully

You’ll need to steer clear of cheap materials and go for sturdy, high-quality options when installing a pergola. Vinyl can fit seamlessly into that category.

Sure, vinyl pergolas are the most expensive out there. Yet, in return, they require little maintenance throughout the years since they’re not susceptible to wear and tear.

On the contrary, wooden pergolas sure look aesthetically pleasing and are significantly more affordable. However, outdoor elements will take their toll on the wood, so you might end up spending a lot of money in the long run on repairs, finish touch-ups, and the like.

Otherwise, a wooden pergola that isn’t in perfect shape will take down some of your house’s value.

Tip 3: Invest in a Solid Pergola Structure

What’s the point of a durable pergola material if the structure itself is poorly designed?

To ensure that your investment is well-placed, you need to hire a team of professionals to inspect your yard and determine the right location for your pergola. This way, they’ll be able to design a structure fit for the conditions.

This is especially important if you want to install a pergola on an elevated deck, in an area prone to high winds, on uneven ground, etc.

Tip 4: Don’t Hesitate to Spruce up Your Pergola

Our final piece of advice is not to skimp on extra features that can take your pergola’s value to a whole new level. Think about what might improve the convenience and comfort of the outdoor space, then go ahead and install it!

For example, the following features can do wonders to your pergola’s market worth:

  • Screens, curtains, or glass sides
  • A fire pit or outdoor heating system
  • A built-in grilling station with an island
  • A trellis for climbing plants and vines
  • A TV

Final Thoughts

Does a pergola add value to a home?

Now that you’ve read this guide, you know that the answer is typically yes. If you pay special attention to your pergola’s materials and structure, keep it well-maintained, and grace it with a few nice features, you can expect the price of your home to skyrocket!

This is especially the case if you live in a warm region—buyers will always be looking for home improvements that’ll allow them to breathe in some much-needed fresh air.

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