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Can You Put a Pergola on a Raised Deck? (4 Important Factors)

Can You Put a Pergola on a Raised Deck? (4 Important Factors)

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A pergola is one great option if you’re thinking of renovating your patio. However, you might be asking, can you put a pergola on a raised deck?

It’s possible to put a pergola on a raised deck provided that the deck has stable supports. In addition to that, you must make sure that the height and weight of the pergola are suitable for the deck you’ll attach it to.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you need to do to install a pergola on a raised deck, so keep reading to get an in-depth answer to your question!

Important Tips for Putting a Pergola on a Raised Deck

Here’s a list of the things you need to consider before installing a pergola on an elevated deck:

1 – Make Sure That the Deck Will Support the Pergola’s Weight

An elevated deck already needs good support to remain stable above the ground. Therefore, if you decide to build a pergola on top of it, you must make sure that it won’t weigh down the deck’s structure or cause it to wobble.

One way you can do that is to fix the posts of the pergola to the joists of the deck instead of the floor. These points of attachment are much stronger and safer.

Another good idea is to opt for a pergola roofing that isn’t made of heavy materials, but rather lightweight wood. This limits the chances of the top of the pergola caving in.

However, the best course of action is to consult a professional when it comes to ensuring the structural integrity of both your pergola and deck.

They’ll be able to determine the perfect installation method and materials in your case, cutting down on safety concerns, costs, and future maintenance.

2 – Ensure an Appropriate Height for the Pergola

After considering the support for your pergola, the pergola’s height should come next. The height of your pergola should always depend on the roofline and architecture of your home.

Also, check with your local Homeowner’s Association if there’s something that needs to be assessed about sightlines and if there are any neighborhood regulations.

Eight feet is the minimum height of a pergola, which is best for small structures like houses.

As for the standard height, it’s around ten feet. This height is suitable for bigger structures, not to mention that it enables you to install ceiling fans or some lighting accessories.

For larger structures, twelve feet is the ideal height of a pergola.

Keep in mind that measuring the height of your pergola should always begin from the ground and not from the deck.

Pergolas higher than twelve feet are another possible scenario, just consider if strong winds are common in your area. Tall pergolas are vulnerable to harsh weather and strong winds.

3 – Look for a Suitable Deck Location

The location of the deck where you’re going to install the pergola should be considered as well. A pergola might not be suitable if your deck is over water or on soft ground.

Aside from the fact that the pergola will be unstable, it’ll also take a lot of time to install a pergola in these cases. Plus, it’ll cost you extra!

If you install a pergola on a deck over the water, the support won’t be sturdy enough as it’ll be underwater. The water and harsh weather will wear down the supports pretty quickly.

It’s also possible that your pergola might collapse since there’s a chance that the support will move over time due to the effects of water.

4 – Consider the Cost of Building a Pergola on a Raised Deck

Last but not the least, you should consider the overall costs of building a pergola on a deck. The average cost of installing a pergola on a deck is around $4,000, so make sure your budget is ready for the commitment!

Plus, keep in mind that the cost might go below or beyond that amount depending on the materials and how big the pergola will be.

If you’re considering DIYing your pergola, you can save more money than if you’ll be hiring professionals to get the job done for you.

Still, professional installation will save you the time and trouble to build it. You can also be assured of the quality of the installation if a team of experts handles it.

Final Thoughts

Having a pergola on an elevated deck can highly improve the appearance of your deck.

After reading this guide, you learned that it’s definitely possible to put a pergola on a raised deck. Just make sure to consider the pergola’s support, height, cost, and the location of the deck.

With all these factors in mind, you can either DIY or hire a team of professionals to build the pergola on your deck.

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