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Can a Pergola Have Sides? (5 Creative Ideas to Consider)

Can a Pergola Have Sides? (5 Creative Ideas to Consider)

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The best thing about pergolas is that they’re highly versatile. You can literally adapt your pergola to fit your landscape needs and create the perfect shady spot in your garden.

So, can a pergola have sides?

Read this article to learn more about the different options that you can explore while adding a pergola to your outdoor space.

Can a Pergola Have Sides?

Yes, a pergola can have sides if you want to customize this versatile structure as you set it up in your outdoor area.

The pergola columns support the structure’s foundation, and the roof, which might be solid or perforated, will add shade.

Yet, there are several options to consider if you want to add sides to your pergola.

Creative Ideas for Your Pergola Sides

Designing your garden’s landscape by adding soft and hardscape elements is all about analyzing your needs and customizing your vision of how your outdoor space should look like.

This is why there are several options to consider if you want to have a pergola with sides in your garden.

Each construction idea has its pros and will ideally work to satisfy a specific purpose. So, at the end of the day, you’ll have multiple solutions to choose from.

1 – Add Solid Walls

Does sitting in your pergola make you feel too exposed? Do you want to provide better protection from unpredictable weather changes?

If your pergola faces your neighbor’s garden or the main road, you might want to add some solid walls for more privacy.

You don’t have to add walls to all the pergola’s sides, although this is doable too. But, you can add one or two, depending on your needs.

Using wooden planks to create walls for your pergola is an excellent option, as the wood blends beautifully with the other elements in your garden. At the same time, the planks allow the air to pass through, so your outdoor seating area will be well-ventilated.

However, you can add a metal or stone wall to one or multiple sides of the pergola. This will provide more protection from the harsh weather and can add more privacy.

For example, you can consider this option if you want to use your pergola for an outdoor painting project.

However, the natural lighting will be impacted, and the interior might feel too dark or dull.

2 – Consider Adding Glass Screens

The glass will protect your pergola’s interior from the rain and wind without obstructing the view. So you can still enjoy the garden’s beauty without worrying about the unpredicted weather.

Vinyl screens are also available, and they’re transparent, too. Both glass and vinyl screens can block some of the sunlight to a certain degree, so you can enjoy spending more time chilling inside your pergola.

However, they won’t provide any privacy.

3 – Think of Matching Lattice Screens

If your pergola has a lattice roof, then adding lattice screens might be what you need to go for.

Lattice screens offer the best of both worlds, as they offer some privacy without completely obstructing the view. Moreover, they make the interior cozier as they allow some of the sunlight to pass through.

In addition, you can use lattice screens as support structures for your vining and trailing plants, making your pergola more attractive. You can also consider adding LED lights to create the perfect outdoor dining spot.

4 – Invest In Roll-Up Covers

Roll-up covers improve the versatility of your pergola because they can make it usable all year long.

You can transform an open pergola or a private spot by rolling down the covers in a minute or two. This option will help you use your pergola from day to night in all seasons.

Roll-up covers aren’t the best-looking alternatives and are more expensive than other options. However, they will be the right solution to pick if you want to set up a hot tub inside the pergola away from any curious eyes.

5 – Grow Some Plants

While these are not technically sides to your pergola, they can help create a natural fence that adds more privacy.

Thinking carefully about bordering and hedging plants to grow around your pergola will create a natural screen that blocks the winds and provides more shade and privacy. Moreover, if you pick fragrant plants, the inside of your pergola will smell divine.

However, this is a long-term solution, as some plants will take years to reach their mature size.

Final Thoughts

A pergola can have sides to provide more shade and privacy.

Some options are more suitable for those who want to use their pergola all-year-long despite the harsh weather conditions, while others will help you create a private spot away from the eyes of others.

It’s important to consider each option’s potential cost and features before choosing the right one to add to your pergola.

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