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What to Do With Overripe Mangoes (3 Tasty Ideas)

What to Do With Overripe Mangoes (3 Tasty Ideas)

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So, you went down to your local supermarket, made a detour to the fresh fruit section, and your eyes caught a glimpse of some delicious mangoes. You buy them, imagining how much you are going to enjoy them.

However, by the time you get home, you’ve forgotten about them, they end up looking questionable, and you’re wondering, “should I throw them away?”

If your mangoes have ended up overripe, it would be best to think twice before throwing them away. Overripe mangoes can still be used as ingredients in a wide variety of delicious desserts and snacks. However, oozing or mold in mangoes means they are rotting and should not be used.

Do not make the error of tossing away mangoes that can still be of great use in your kitchen and to your tastebuds. Knowing the difference between a little overripe and completely rotten can make a difference in food wastage and not feeling like you have wasted your grocery money.

Discover what you can do with overripe mangoes.

The Difference Between a Rotten and Overripe Mango

Before we dive into all the delicious treats and desserts that mangoes play a vital role in, it is essential that you are able to tell the difference between an overripe and a rotten mango. One will make an excellent addition to many recipes, while the other should undoubtedly be discarded without further delay. 

If you notice that your mangoes are covered in excessive bruising and black spots, you might have unfortunately waited a little too long to make use of your mangoes. Along with those signs, the mangoes may start to ooze, develop mold, and have a sour or alcohol-like smell. If this is the case, then discard your mangoes immediately. 

Unfortunately, this means that your mangoes have gone rotten and cannot be salvaged or used in any dessert or snack recipe. 

However, suppose your mangoes are only in the earlier stages of being overripe and do not present with as many unsavory symptoms described above. In that case, it is absolutely acceptable to use them.

Mangoes that have gone a little soft and maybe developed a few spots are only slightly overripe and do not need to be thrown away.

What to Do With Overripe Mangoes

If you have determined that your mangoes are only slightly overripe, you will be delighted to know that you can put them to good use and treat yourself to a lovely dessert or snack. If you have had to discard your mangoes, do not worry. At least now you will know what to look out for next time you buy them.

Mangoes are both delicious and healthy. The fact that mangoes are low in calories yet abundantly rich in nutrients undoubtedly makes them one of the most popular fruits globally. As a bonus, they are also highly diverse fruits, meaning that they can be used as ingredients in a wide variety of foods – especially in the desserts and snacks department.

Thanks to a beautiful thing called the internet, people from all over the world regularly post recipes of all kinds for us regular folk to try out. And, since they are so popular, there are seemingly endless numbers of mango-based recipes that specifically mention the use of overripe mangoes.

Here are a few delicious ideas for you to try out by putting some of your overripe mangoes to good use:

1 – Mango Smoothie

There is unquestionably nothing better than enjoying a delicious fruit smoothie on a hot day in the summer. When using the right combination of ingredients, smoothies can be one of the most healthy and tasty drinks out there, and mangoes, in particular, are a true testament to this.

If you are in possession of a food processor or a blender, then it is time to put it to use. All you will need is your overripe mangoes removed from their skin, non-fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, ice cubes, banana, coconut, vanilla extract, honey, and if you’d like, some chia seeds. Blend these all together, and you will have a simple, delicious mango smoothie to enjoy. 

2 – Mango Ice-cream

Overripe mangoes can also be used to make an excellent mango ice cream. Do not worry if you do not have your own ice cream maker, as there are many ice cream recipes out there that do not require one. 

You will need two cups of mango puree, a can of sweetened condensed milk, vanilla essence, and two cups of thickened cream. Make sure to thoroughly whip the cream and then add all of your other ingredients. Let it freeze for around twelve hours – patience is the key with this recipe – and you will be able to enjoy the perfect mango ice cream.

3 – Mango Ice-cubes 

Mango ice cubes? Yes, mango ice cubes. And here’s why. Anyone who loves mangoes has at some point been left disappointed when they are out of season and cannot be found at your local supermarket. Making mango ice cubes is a great way to store mango to ensure that you are not left without your favorite fruit when it is out of season. 

Take your overripe mangoes – as many as you have – and remove their skins. Throw them into a food processor or a blender and blend them until they are entirely smooth. Decant the puree into ice trays and freeze them. Mango can be kept frozen for as long as six months and even up to a year in some cases. 

Now you have access to mango any time of the year to make smoothies or ice cream or to add to a whole host of other treats like oats, cheesecakes, snack bars, biscuits, bread, and a seemingly endless list of more possibilities.

Mangoes really are one of the most versatile fruits out there – you can add them to almost anything! 

Final Thoughts

You can, at last, enjoy a sigh of relief, knowing that you do not have to go and throw away those mangoes that you had forgotten about. And, more than that, you get to use them to make something mouth-wateringly delicious.

From smoothies to ice cream, your overripe mangoes will undoubtedly leave your tastebuds overwhelmingly satisfied.  

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