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Things to Put Under Couch Legs (To Raise, Stabilize, or Move It)

Things to Put Under Couch Legs (To Raise, Stabilize, or Move It)

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Whether you are trying to get your couch to be taller than it is, you need to make it more stable, or you want to move it to a different spot in your home, this article has you covered.

Read on to find out how to do all three of these tasks quickly and effortlessly, oftentimes using items you already have in your house.

To Raise Couch up

If your goal is to raise your couch up to make it stand higher, there are a few tricks you have at your disposal. Check some of these out below.

Use Storage Container

An easy way to both hide away items and increase the height of your couch is by creating a storage container that fits perfectly under your furniture.

You can throw items in the container that you are not using and place it under your couch in such a way that it lifts it up off the ground, making it a versatile tool.

New Legs

One way that you can easily change the height of your couch is by switching its legs to taller ones, though this is, of course, only possible if your couch actually has legs.

Many times, the legs on couches will be attached via screws that you can remove. If this is the case for your particular couch, you should be able to simply buy longer legs and replace the original ones with them.

Furniture Riser

Although you must go out and purchase these, they are very helpful for getting a couch to be taller.

You will first need to measure how big your couch’s legs are so you can buy the correct size of furniture risers. They slip easily under the legs of your furniture, making them handy tools for a one-person job.

Pieces of Wood

If you can get your hands on some wood, you can cut it into smaller pieces for use in raising up your couch. Simply slide one or more pieces of wood underneath each leg of your furniture until you get the couch level and to the height you would like.

To Keep it Stable

If you find that your couch is sliding around a lot, then you may want to get it stabilized somehow. This section will help you figure out how to do just this using various methods.

Leg Felt

Although leg felt is not likely to get your furniture completely stable, it will help it stay in place somewhat while also keeping your furniture’s legs from damaging the floors.

It is best to use felt on your couch legs along with another preventative measure to keep the furniture from sliding around.

Rubber Pads

A very effective and inexpensive method for preventing furniture from moving around is by using rubber pads. They can be found at a home improvement store near you.

Using these tools to prevent sliding is simple, and it works extremely well. All you need to do is place a small pad underneath each leg of your couch, and the furniture will be held firmly in place.

Furniture Grippers

A furniture gripper is similar to rubber pads, but it is one whole piece that goes under your couch instead of a single pad that is placed underneath each leg.

When you use these to keep furniture in one spot, it is a little more noticeable than when you utilize rubber pads. However, these are very effective at keeping couches and other pieces of furniture from sliding around.

Stop Blocks

Another thing you can use for stabilizing furniture is stop blocks. You can either make your own stop blocks or purchase them, though they can be a bit spendy compared to other stabilization tools.

Keep in mind that these only really work if your couch is up against a wall. Simply add a couple blocks between the couch’s legs and the wall, and this will help your furniture from sliding around as easily.


An easy fix for a sliding piece of furniture is a rug. This can also add a nice pop of color or pattern around your couch.

To get your rug and the furniture atop it to be extra secure, you can also place a non-slip pad underneath the rug.

To Relocate it

In the case that you would like to rearrange your furniture on your own, it can be difficult to figure out how to get your couch and other heavy items from one place to another. However, if you follow the tips outlined below, you should have no trouble.


If you have enough of them, you can put a frisbee under each leg of your couch and get it to move easily. However, keep in mind that this works best on carpeted floors.


Certainly everyone has at least a few towels laying around their home. Luckily, you can utilize them as tools for moving your couch and other furniture by yourself.

If you can get the towels under each leg of the couch, it should help ease up the friction when you slide the piece of furniture to a new location.


Similar to using a towel or frisbee to move your couch, a piece of cardboard will work in the same manner. Simply put a small piece underneath each leg, and watch how the furniture effortlessly slides across the floor.

Plastic or Padded Slider

One thing that you can do to greatly assist you in moving your couch on your own is use either plastic or padded sliders, which are designed specifically for moving furniture around your home.

If you have hardwood or tile floors, the padded slider is best to use, and the plastic slider is ideal for relocating furniture on carpet floors.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with heavy pieces of furniture without someone to lend a helping hand can be frustrating. However, after having read this article, you should now have all the knowledge you need to make height adjustments, stabilize, and move your couch with ease without help from another person.

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