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What to Do with Leftover Candle Wax (9 Creative Ideas to Try at Home)

What to Do with Leftover Candle Wax (9 Creative Ideas to Try at Home)

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If you’re someone who enjoys burning scented candles in your home all year long, you know how quickly you can end up with a mountain of bits and pieces from old candles where the wick burned down to absolutely nothing.

However, just because the candle is finished doesn’t mean that you can’t find new and exciting uses for that old wax. In fact, there are a ton of absolutely ingenious ideas for how to reuse and repurpose your used-up candle wax, from making all new candles all the way to brilliant home improvement hacks.

Here are just a few tips you can keep in mind that will make use of all those bits and pieces in ways you’ll love starting today.

1 – Make Your Own Candle

One of the most straightforward candle wax repurposing ideas will be to simply create a beautiful, unique candle of your very own. All you’ll need are your smaller chunks of wax, a candle holder that can take a bit of heat (something such as glass or a jelly jar would be a great option), and a wick.

Simply hang the wick over the holder until it reaches the bottom. Make sure that it stays in place by securing it with a spoon or a pencil that you can lay over the top of the container. At this point, you’ll be able to melt down your wax.

If you have different scented or colored waxes, you’ll want to heat them and add them to the container in different steps according to the type. However, if you have something such as simple white wax, you can melt them all together and pour it directly into the container.

Now, just wait until the wax has hardened and cooled completely, which will take about six hours depending on the size of your container. Then, all you’ll have to do is cut the wick and you’ll have a brand-new candle that’s your very own.

2 – Stop Those Squeaky Doors

Are you constantly having to hear a door in your home sound as if it’s stepped right off the set of a horror movie? Squeaky doors can be extremely frustrating or even scary. Luckily, your old candles will be the perfect way to deal with it.

Wax is a natural lubricant. Simply take your door off its hinges and place it somewhere secure. Then rub your old candle wax all over the hinges of the door, making sure that you get all those cracks and hard-to-reach places.

The wax will stick onto the surface of your hinges and prevent the different parts from rubbing up against one another and causing that aggravating squeak. The best part of all will be that once you’ve applied the wax, you can rest assured that your doors will be noise-free for quite some time.

3 – Fix Your Dresser Drawers

Another way you can use your old wax in a bit of a DIY home improvement project will be to fix those dresser drawers that always seem to stick.

Again, standard wax is a naturally smooth product and so applying it to the runners of your drawers will be a great way to guarantee that they stop sticking and move freely for months on end without having to purchase any kind of new device.

4 – Make Your Own Wine Corks

If you’re someone who enjoys indulging in a nice bottle of wine every now and again but struggles to finish it before it turns, then this handy wax hack will be the perfect solution for you.

Simply take a one-inch candle end and place it inside the neck of the bottle. Place the bottle in the microwave and heat it for no more than three seconds.

The wine will be unaffected but the wax will soften enough to stick to the bottle and create the perfect seal to ensure that your wine stays in quality condition for a few more days.

5 – Fix Those Shoelace Ends

Are you tired of going out and buying all new shoelaces only to find them frayed and almost unusable after only a few months? Candle wax can be an affordable and simple way to work around this issue.

Heat up a bit of your wax in the microwave and then drip this hot wax onto the ends of your shoelaces, rolling them between your fingers to get that perfect fit. You’ll even be able to create unique, exciting colors that match your shoes and show off your fun sense of style.

6 – Get Rid of Household Odors

Just because your scented candle is burned out doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy that wonderful smell for a bit longer. Turning your old wax into one-of-a-kind household deodorizers will be the perfect way to keep your home smelling fresh and bright all year long.

Simply take your old wax and melt it down into a heat-safe container. Then place the wax over your radiator and be amazed as your home fills with this wonderful aroma.

However, keep in mind than leaving anything on a hot surface for an extended period of time can be dangerous. Make sure that you remember to take the wax off the radiator before you leave your house or go to bed.

7 – Make the Perfect Pincushion

Do you enjoy sewing but can never seem to find a great place to store your needles or pins when you’re done for the day? Your old wax bits and pieces can be a wonderful place to store your opened needles.

Simply stick your pins or needles into the sides or top of your wax and store it in a safe space in your home. The wax will even help make it easier to push your sewing implements through your fabrics as you sew.

8 – Create Wax Decorations

Are you looking for a unique way to spice up the look of your home? Using your old wax to make fun and different decorations can be an exciting way to get your entire family engaged in creating a new look for your home.

Visit your local crafts or DIY store and see what kind of molds they have available. Then simply melt down your candle wax in the microwave and add it to the molds accordingly.

Even your youngest family members will love creating these unique decorations for themselves.

9 – Send Old-Fashioned Letters

Are you getting tired of only ever communicating with family and friends through emails and text messages? Then why not take things up a notch and send them a one-of-a-kind handwritten letter that you can then seal with your very own candle wax?

Your loved ones will certainly enjoy receiving this traditional form of correspondence and you can have the time of your life melting down the wax and pouring it out onto the envelope to really give it that old-world look.

So many people enjoy burning candles in their homes throughout the year but figuring out to do with all the leftover wax after the wick is finished can be a real challenge. But this doesn’t mean that you should just throw it all away.

Keep these DIY tips in mind and start finding new and creative uses for your old wax starting today.

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