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How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox (Simple Repair Tips)

How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox (Simple Repair Tips)

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It’s going to be annoying when you notice that something is wrong with your mailbox. You might have stepped outside one day and noticed that your mailbox isn’t standing up straight any longer.

This can happen for a number of different reasons. It’s possible that someone ran into your mailbox due to carelessness.

A car might have bumped your mailbox or a bicyclist could have crashed into it. The only thing that you know for sure is that your mailbox is now leaning.

How can you fix this issue? Continue reading to learn how to fix a leaning mailbox.

It Depends On the Damage

How you should approach this process depends on how badly the mailbox is damaged. Sometimes a leaning mailbox might be so damaged that replacing everything will be the best option.

If a car runs into your mailbox, it might bend the mailbox post severely. It could also break the post in two.

Is your mailbox leaning severely? Does the post appear to have broken-off chunks or is it truly intact?

Examine the mailbox and the mailbox post to make a good decision about whether it makes sense to proceed with repairs. If it looks okay, you should be able to fix the mailbox and the post without having to buy a new one.

Straighten the Post

Perhaps all you need to do is straighten the post. In this case, you’ll want to grab a level tool to get the job done.

You want to use the level tool to ensure that the post is straight. It’s easy enough to level it out by keeping it in a straight up-and-down position and using materials to keep it in that position.

Typically, you’d want to mix concrete and use that to sink the post. Some people use other materials to keep the post straight such as rocks or even wood shingles.

The materials will be wedged next to the post and they’ll be used to fill gaps. With the materials in place, the post should stay straight so that it no longer leans.

If you want to make the mailbox post as secure as possible, use concrete to secure it in the ground. If you’re using other materials, pour sand around the area to fill remaining gaps.

You’ll then want to tamp the ground using a heavy steel rod. This is to ensure that the sand and dirt near the mailbox is compacted properly to keep the mailbox straight.

What if the Post is Broken?

If the post is broken, you’ll need to buy a new one. Before you can install a new post, it’ll be necessary to dig the old one out of the ground.

Often, posts that get struck by a car will break. The top half of the post might break off while the bottom half will remain stuck in the ground.

Since most people use cement or concrete to secure posts, you’ll need to dig the post out. Dig around the concrete mound and then pull the post up out of the ground.

Dispose of the remnants of the post and then get ready to install your new post. As usual, you’ll be using a level tool to ensure that everything is properly level.

Position the post in the ground and keep it straight. Pour the concrete into the hole and ensure that the mailbox remains straight while the concrete dries.

For this job, it’d be easiest to use quick-drying concrete. This will allow you to hold the mailbox post level while the concrete dries.

When the concrete is done drying, you’ll be able to check to see if everything has been done properly. You should have a level mailbox post that isn’t leaning in any direction.

Ensure That Your Mailbox is in a Safe Spot

It’s wise to ensure that your mailbox is in a safe spot. If it’s leaning, it might mean that someone ran into it with a car or a bicycle.

Moving your mailbox slightly might allow you to avoid such issues in the future. For example, your mailbox could be too close to the driveway.

Someone who is backing out of the driveway might bump into the mailbox if they’re careless. This can lead to a leaning mailbox that you’ll have to repair.

Of course, you can’t just move a mailbox without looking into local rules. Your mailbox needs to follow whatever local rules the post office has.

For instance, many places have rules that state that mailboxes need to be positioned a certain number of inches away from the curb. If you have questions about moving your mailbox and what you’re allowed to do, it’d be prudent to contact the local post office.

They can field any queries and will ensure that you have a full understanding of local rules. You might be able to find a safer spot for the mailbox where it’ll be less likely to get knocked down or become damaged.

Look Into Mail Slot Options

In some cases, you might be able to install a mail slot on your door. Changing the delivery method for your mail will require post office approval, though.

You might find it more convenient to have your mail delivered directly to your door. This might be possible, but you’ll need to get permission from the post office first.

In some areas, it’s rather difficult to obtain permission to change the mail delivery method. It could be possible, though, and it won’t hurt to ask your local post office about your options.

You might be able to install a mail slot in your door so you won’t have to worry about a roadside mailbox any longer. It could also be possible to install a mailbox that’s attached to your house.

Look into the options that are available to you. If you’re informed that you must stick with a roadside mailbox, you’ll simply have to do the best with what you have.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to fix a leaning mailbox. It doesn’t take too much time.

Typically, you just have to straighten the mailbox and use quick-drying concrete to sink it again. You might also need a new mailbox post if the old one is broken.

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