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Can You Move Your Mailbox? (Can You Take It When You Move?)

Can You Move Your Mailbox? (Can You Take It When You Move?)

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Some people buy really nice mailboxes for their homes. Others buy simple mailboxes that don’t cost a lot of money.

If you have an ornate mailbox that you’re really fond of, you might want to take it with you when you move. Is it okay to do this?

Can you move a mailbox? Is it even okay to alter the position of the mailbox at your current home, or is that frowned upon?

Keep reading to get to the bottom of this issue. It’ll ensure that you understand exactly what you’re able to do.

You Can Move a Mailbox

It is perfectly acceptable to move a mailbox. However, you can’t put the mailbox anywhere that you want to.

When moving a mailbox, it’s necessary to put it somewhere that is easily accessible by the postal worker. If you have a roadside mailbox, you’ll need to put the mailbox somewhere by the roadside where the postal worker can deliver the mail from a vehicle.

You can’t relocate your mailbox closer to your home when your area utilizes roadside mailboxes. If you have questions about moving your mailbox, it’d be best to contact the local post office directly.

Speak with the local post office about relocating your mailbox. You might be able to move it to a more convenient location, but there will still be limits on what you can and cannot do.

You always want to be sure to do things by the book. Otherwise, you might be put in a situation where your mail won’t be delivered.

There Will Always Be Rules to Follow

There will always be rules to follow when moving a mailbox. This is why it makes sense to get the specific rules from your area.

Different areas might have different sets of rules. What’s permissible in one area may not be appropriate in another area.

Generally, you need to keep curbside mailboxes a certain number of inches away from the curb. It’s common for people to need to keep the mailboxes ten inches away from the curb.

Some people live on roads that don’t have curbs, though. Your area might have a specific distance that your mailbox is supposed to be away from the road.

What Happens if You Do Things Wrong?

If you do things wrong, you might need to make changes before your mail will resume normal delivery. For example, if you move your mailbox to an improper location, local postal workers will simply stop delivering your mail.

Your mail won’t be delivered again until you make the necessary changes. You must be in compliance with local rules about where mailboxes are supposed to be located.

This will make it so that you’ll have to take the time to relocate the mailbox again. Moving the mailbox improperly is only going to hamper things.

Always ensure that you know the rules about relocating mailboxes in your area. Otherwise, it’s not wise to attempt to do so.

Can I Take My Mailbox When I Move?

Whether you can take your mailbox when you move depends on whether you own it or not. Some people own their own mailboxes, and some mailboxes are owned by the postal services.

If you’re not sure who owns the mailbox, it might be prudent to ask the post office about it. They can tell you what the situation is in your area.

In most cases, homeowners have their own mailboxes that they own themselves. It’s more common for condominiums and apartment complexes to have mailboxes that are owned by the postal service.

So long as you own your mailbox, you’re responsible for maintaining it. You’re also free to take the mailbox with you to your new home when you move.

However, you might be required to leave the next resident with a mailbox of some sort. It depends on the agreement that you signed when selling the home.

Even if there isn’t an agreement, many people think it’s best to replace the mailbox so that the new homeowners will have one. You can discuss this matter with the people who are buying your home or the real estate agent who is in charge of overseeing everything.

What Does Maintaining a Mailbox Mean?

Maintaining a mailbox is your responsibility if you own it. If the post office owns the mailbox, that means that they must maintain it.

To maintain a mailbox, you must keep it in a good state of repair. The mailbox needs to be accessible and it has to be in good enough shape to hold mail.

This means you might need to repair the mailbox or adjust it from time to time. For example, you might need to replace certain parts if the mailbox gets rusty.

You might also need to tighten the screws or hammer down some nails from time to time. Generally, maintaining a mailbox is not that difficult.

You’re also responsible for maintaining the area near the mailbox. This means keeping the mailbox area free of debris so postal service workers can access it.

When it snows, you’re supposed to shovel the snow and keep the area clear. This ensures that the postal workers can safely reach the mailbox.

If ice is a concern, you’ll be responsible for putting salt on the ice to break it up. You have to maintain the area near the mailbox during the winter to keep things safe.

Likewise, you’ll have to clear brush and tree limbs if a storm causes debris to get in the way of the mailbox. If you don’t remove the debris, the postal workers won’t be able to deliver your mail.

If the post office owns the mailbox, they’ll be responsible for maintaining it. Otherwise, you want to be a proactive homeowner so you can still get your mail delivered on time each day.

Do You Need Permission to Install a Mail Slot on Your Door?

Yes, you’ll need to contact the post office about moving your mail delivery location. If you have a curbside mailbox right now, you might wish to have a mail slot on your door instead.

Many find it more convenient to have the mail delivered right to their doors. This makes it easier to check the mail since you don’t have to walk down your driveway.

However, you can’t just install a mail slot and then remove your old mailbox. If you do this, you likely won’t get your mail delivered for quite some time.

You need to contact the post office and ask permission to change the method of delivery for your home. Sometimes this is going to be hard to do.

In rural areas where everyone has roadside mailboxes, the post office might not even agree to such changes. Whether you’ll be able to install a mail slot on your door will likely depend on what it’s like in your area.

If it would disrupt the flow of mail delivery for you to have mail delivered to your door, you might not be able to make the desired change. However, you won’t know one way or the other until you ask.

There’s no harm in asking the post office about making a change. You might be able to petition the post office for a change so you can install a convenient mail slot.

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