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Are Gutters Recyclable? (What to Do with Old Gutters)

Are Gutters Recyclable? (What to Do with Old Gutters)

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Having gutters on your home is very important. You want to make sure that your home is protected from the elements.

Installing gutters helps to direct water away from your house. When you don’t have gutters and a proper downspout, it’s possible that water might pool in specific locations.

Gutters can last for quite a long time. They won’t stay in great shape forever, though.

Most gutters are made out of aluminum or galvanized steel. When these gutters start to get old, what can you do with them?

Are old gutters recyclable? Continue reading to get the answer to this question and more.

Gutters Can Be Recycled

It is possible to recycle gutters. You just have to find a local recycling business that is willing to take what you have.

As mentioned above, most gutters are made out of either aluminum or galvanized steel. Some gutters are made out of copper or vinyl, though.

All of these materials can be recycled, but you have to find the right company to do the job in your area. It’s worth noting that some recycling businesses won’t take vinyl, and that means that you might have to look a bit harder if your gutters are made out of that material.

So it’s best to make some phone calls or research the websites of local recycling companies. You should be able to find a good option so you can drop off the old gutters that you need to get rid of.

What to Do With Old Gutters

Now that you know you can recycle old gutters, that’s generally going to be the best thing to do with them. If your gutters are getting old and you plan to replace them, it’s wise to recycle them as soon as you can.

What if you don’t have a recycling business close to your home, though? There are some other ways that you can utilize the old gutters instead of just throwing them out or taking them to the dump.

One good idea is to utilize the old gutters as planters. It isn’t that hard to repurpose gutters and use them as planters for small plants.

You can plant a row of something using the gutters as the planter. Of course, if the gutters are rusty, you might not wish to do this.

Some people choose to reuse old gutters and turn them into storage shelves. If you need shelving for your shed, it could be a good idea to use your old gutters.

Ideas such as this depend on the condition of the gutters. If the gutters are rusty and not in good shape, there’s a good chance that you’d rather recycle them than try to reuse them as they are.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your Gutters?

Replacing your gutters is something you’re going to have to do every so often. They last for many years before needing to be replaced, though.

The most durable types of gutters can last for up to twenty years without needing to be replaced. Some might not last quite that long, but if you maintain them well, you won’t have to replace them too often.

You should examine your gutters several times a year to see how things are going. It’s easy enough to do this when you’re cleaning the gutters out.

If your gutters need to be replaced, you’ll notice that they’ll have several problems. One of the biggest problems involves the gutters rusting.

Aluminum doesn’t rust, but galvanized steel gutters will rust over time. If you see that the gutters are starting to look orange or brown, it’s likely time to replace them since they’ve become damaged over the years.

Cracks, holes, and splits in the gutters also indicate that they need to be replaced soon. It’s common for this to happen over many years.

Your gutters are exposed to the elements, and freezing temperatures are known to cause cracking to occur. They should be replaced when cracks have appeared because it’ll cause issues with the water flow.

If your gutters are drooping it could indicate that they’ve become weak. They shouldn’t do this if you’re taking the time to clean them out often enough.

So keep your eyes open for problems such as these. Whenever you notice issues, it’ll be a sign that you need to start looking into replacing your old gutters.

You can buy new gutters and remove the old ones promptly. Then you can take the old gutters to a recycling center where the materials can be extracted and used to make other things.

Clean Your Gutters Twice Per Year

Cleaning your gutters is a good way to maintain them. It’ll help them to stand the test of time for as long as possible.

You should clean the gutters twice per year. It isn’t necessary to give them a deep cleaning where you scrub them with soap and water, though.

You’ll be removing things from the gutters that are keeping the water from flowing. Keep the gutters free of debris so they can function as intended.

You can rinse them out with a hose once you’re sure that there are no obstructions. Confirm that the water is flowing naturally through the gutters and all will be well.

Final Thoughts

Knowing more about gutters and the materials that they’re made out of should help. You’ve learned that gutters can indeed be recycled.

You must find a local company that will take the gutters. Depending on the materials that your gutters are made out of, it might be tough to find a company that will take them.

Sometimes it’s harder to find recycling companies that will take vinyl. However, it’s generally very easy to find recycling companies that will take gutters that are made out of copper, galvanized steel, and aluminum.

If you don’t want to recycle the gutters, you can try to reuse them in some way. Sometimes people use old gutters as planters or shelving units in sheds or garages.

However, it’s likely not good to reuse the gutters if they’re in rough shape. You can decide whether they’re in good enough shape or not after examining them.

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