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How Long Do Gutters Last? (Aluminum, Vinyl, and More)

How Long Do Gutters Last? (Aluminum, Vinyl, and More)

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Your gutters are imperative when it comes to keeping your home protected. Without gutters, your home would be at risk.

Water could damage your home, and water damage has the potential to cost you a lot of cash. So you’re thankful to have gutters that work and keep your home safe.

How long do gutters last, though? Are you supposed to replace them every so often?

Continue reading to learn how long gutters are supposed to last. It should make it easier to determine when you’ll need to shell out cash to install a new set of them.

How Long Do Aluminum Gutters Last?

Aluminum gutters are among the most popular types of gutters. These gutters are pretty durable and they’re practical to purchase for your home.

If you care for aluminum gutters well, they can last for up to twenty years. So investing in new gutters today will allow you to protect your home for well over a decade.

Be sure to have your gutters professionally installed if possible. Also, it’s important to clean the gutters once or twice per year to keep them in good working order.

Most people choose to go with aluminum gutters because they’re affordable and reliable. It’s easy to recommend aluminum gutters to people who want to protect their homes on a budget.

How Long Do Vinyl Gutters Last?

Vinyl gutters are also fairly common, and they’re popular because they don’t cost a lot of money. You can get vinyl gutters installed at a reasonable price.

The downside to these gutters is that they usually don’t last as long. Some vinyl gutters will last between fifteen and twenty years.

It’s much more common for these gutters to last up to ten years. When exposed to extreme weather, the lifespan of vinyl gutters decreases dramatically.

Do you deal with harsh winters in your area? If so, expect vinyl gutters to last between eight and ten years.

Vinyl gutters are good at resisting rust and corrosion. These types of gutters just become weak when exposed to extremely cold temperatures, and the same is true when they’re exposed to very hot temperatures.

How Long Do Galvanized Steel Gutters Last?

Galvanized steel gutters are still commonly used by many people. These gutters can be great choices since they will last for a long time when maintained.

It’s normal for galvanized steel gutters to last for up to twenty years. They’re similar to aluminum gutters in many ways.

You can get galvanized steel gutters without breaking the bank. If you want cost-effective gutters that can stand the test of time, it’ll be wise to go with these gutters.

It should be noted that aluminum gutters are better at resisting rust than galvanized steel gutters, though. So many people consider aluminum gutters to be the superior option.

How Long Do Copper Gutters Last?

Copper gutters are considered to be a high-end option. They cost quite a bit more cash than standard types of gutters.

Many people think that copper gutters look fantastic, though. If you want gutters that will look amazing on your home, it does make sense to consider copper gutters.

Those who are willing to spend the cash on copper gutters will be able to enjoy them for many decades. Copper gutters are known to last for up to fifty years.

With proper maintenance, you might be able to keep using your copper gutters for the rest of your lifetime. Of course, not everyone is going to have the cash to get these gutters.

How Long Do Gutter Guards Last?

Gutter guards can last for a long time if you buy high-quality gutter guards. For example, aluminum mesh gutter guards are said to last between ten and twenty years.

Brush gutter guards are a popular and affordable gutter guard type. They only last for up to five years.

Foam gutter guards will last for an even shorter period. These gutter guards will be usable for one or two years, and then they will need to be replaced.

Reverse curve gutter guards are built to last for ten to twenty years. However, these gutter guards aren’t as popular as they used to be.

Standard screen gutter guards should last for ten or twenty years as well. So it’s good to choose the gutter guard options that are known to last longer so you can make the most of your investment.

Thankfully, gutter guards don’t generally cost a lot of cash. They can make cleaning your gutters easier, and many people love having them.

Note that gutter guards are completely optional. You don’t need to install gutter guards if you’d rather not spend the money.

When to Replace Gutters

You’ll generally know when it’s time to replace the gutters by looking at them. Often, the gutters will start to look shoddy when they’re ready to be replaced.

Do you see cracks in the gutters? Gutters that have cracks will leak, and they’re not going to do their job well.

If the seams look like they’re under significant stress, that’s also a sign that the gutters are weak and need to be replaced. When gutters start peeling, it might be a sign that they’re not in good shape, too.

Peeling paint on gutters usually indicates that there’s a leak somewhere. So the gutters might be ready to be replaced.

If sections of your home are rotting, it tells you that the gutters aren’t doing their job. They’re supposed to direct water away from your home, but leaks could be causing areas of the house to rot.

Likewise, if you see mildew near the foundation, it’s a bad sign. It means that the gutters and downspouts aren’t keeping the water away from the foundation area as intended.

Gutters need to be replaced every so often. Many types of gutters will last ten to twenty years, but a lack of proper gutter maintenance might cause your gutters to need to be replaced faster.

Why Get New Gutters?

There are many reasons why you might want to get new gutters. To start, it’s appropriate to replace the gutters when they’re in bad shape.

Over time, the gutters will wear down. After ten or twenty years, it’s likely that you’re going to want to get new gutters installed.

Installing modern gutters can help to protect your home better. This is good for ensuring that your home won’t have to deal with water damage.

It’s also wise to get new gutters when you’re trying to make your home look presentable. You might want to improve the overall look of your home, and new gutters will help with that.

Are you thinking of selling your home sometime soon? New gutters might make buyers more likely to notice your home.

Having new gutters on the house will be beneficial, and it can be a selling point. It’s unlikely that someone would buy a house purely because it has new gutters, but it can be a point in your favor when trying to sell a house.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how long gutters are meant to last should make your decision easier. You now know that some types of gutters last longer than others.

Buying aluminum gutters or galvanized steel gutters should work out well. These gutters last between ten and twenty years with proper maintenance.

Vinyl gutters generally need to be replaced much faster. They can last for fifteen years, but they often last for only eight years due to being exposed to extreme weather and cracking.

Copper gutters last for up to fifty years. This is amazing, but buying copper gutters will cost you a lot of cash.

Buying copper gutters will be the most costly option. Many people won’t want to spend that kind of money on gutters.

Whatever you do, it’s wise to get your gutters installed by professionals. Once you have the gutters that you need, be sure to clean them once or twice per year to keep them in good shape.

This should help them to last for as long as possible. Do things the right way, and your gutters will protect your home for decades.

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