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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps in the Bathroom

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps in the Bathroom

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Do you have a cat? Does it spend an astonishing amount of time in the bathroom?

If so, you’re not alone. Cats are notoriously independent, and no two act the same, but they do still seem to have a tendency to like to curl up and sleep in your loo.

When this first starts happening, you may be a bit concerned. Does your cat have antisocial tendencies? Are they having stomach or bladder control problems?

Thankfully, in most cases, the answer is nothing so severe. In fact, there are many potential answers for why your cat may be frequenting your bathroom.

1 – Your Cat May Be Curious

The world is a place of wonder to a cat. What seems mundane to you may fascinate your feline friend.

The bathroom has sinks, tubs, water from various sources, toilet paper to play with (even if you wish they wouldn’t), tiles and mats and all kinds of different textures.

That’s a lot to pique a cat’s curiosity.

2 – The Sound of Water

They may not like baths, but cats often like the sound of water. As such, the sound of water running from your bathtub or sink or through your pipes may attract them.

3 – Sleeping in Sinks

Speaking of sinks, you may have noticed your cat curling up in yours. And why not? To a cat, a sink is curiously cat-shaped – so what else could it possibly be but a cat bed just for them, right?

4 – The Sound of Silence

Cats may love to play, but they also need their peace and quiet. A cat without a quiet place is a very stressed feline indeed, and that’s no fun for anyone.

Bathrooms tend to be among the calmest, quietest and, when the lights are out, darkest rooms in the house, making them a natural hiding spot for your cat to rest.

5 – Scents and Scents-ability

Cats may be utterly unlike dogs in every other conceivable way, but they do share at least one trait with them – they experience the world largely through their senses, especially their sense of smell. And what does your bathroom most smell like to them?

You, of course! Sure, there may be, ahem, “other” smells in there, but it’s the scent of their best friend and master which can attract cats to the bathroom.

What’s more, cats know that you spend a fair amount of time in there. Not only may this pique their curiosity, but knowing you hang out there may make them think that going there themselves is a good way to get attention.

Of course, if they see or smell you relieving yourself in the bathroom, they may start to think that that’s the place where they should do so as well.

If they do start to relieve themselves there, or start spending lots of time there, they may start to associate the bathroom with their own scent. That, combined with the silence, can make the bathroom seem like a safe, calming place to your cat.

In short, unless your cat is showing explicit signs of bladder control issues or other problematic behavior, don’t worry. There are many reasons why they may have a budding love for your boudoir.

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