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Why Are Mailboxes So Expensive?

Why Are Mailboxes So Expensive?

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You might be put in a situation where you’ll need a new mailbox. Perhaps your current mailbox is too small or it might have been destroyed during a storm.

After going out and looking at mailboxes, you might have discovered that they cost more cash than you initially expected. Why are mailboxes so expensive?

Below, you’ll learn a bit about mailboxes. This should help you to understand why they cost as much money as they do.

After reading everything, it should be easier to know what to expect when buying a mailbox. Mailboxes are important so you’re definitely going to want to have one so you can receive your mail.

How Much Do Mailboxes Cost?

The cost of mailboxes will differ depending on the material that is being used. Some mailboxes are going to be more expensive than others.

Mailboxes can cost anywhere from $20 to $1,000 depending on what you choose to buy. So you can see that there are inexpensive mailboxes on the market for those who are on a budget.

Generally, the least expensive mailboxes are ones that are made out of metal. There are mailboxes that are made out of thin layers of metal that are very inexpensive overall.

You can also find plastic mailboxes at relatively low prices. There are plastic mailboxes that are made to slide over the top of posts that have already been sunk into the ground.

These are very affordable and can be good options for many people. The fancier mailboxes will be much more expensive.

Expect to spend hundreds of dollars for mailboxes that are made to look like they’re made out of brick or stone.

There are other types of mail boxes, too. For example, you can buy wall-mounted mailboxes that are made to be placed directly on your house.

Wall-mounted mailboxes can be very inexpensive or they can be wildly expensive. Some can be purchased for thirty dollars or so while others will cost hundreds of dollars.

Mail slots are designed to be installed in front doors. The least expensive options are made out of light metal and will cost less than fifty dollars, but heavy metal and decorative options might cost hundreds of dollars.

The Cost of a Post

The cost of a post for the mailbox is something else to keep in mind. You can either buy the post by itself or you can buy an all-in-one mailbox that comes with a post.

If you choose to buy a post by itself, expect to pay somewhere between thirty and seventy dollars. The cost of the post will depend on factors such as whether it’s made out of metal or wood.

It’s wise to buy a post that will stand the test of time. You want it to survive for a long time out in the elements.

Many people prefer wooden posts that have been treated. Pressure-treated wood is a popular mailbox post material that is worth looking into.

Metal posts can work out nicely, too. Simply pick a post that fits your budget and expectations.

The Cost of Concrete

Concrete is used to sink the post into the ground and keep it in place. You won’t need to spend a lot of money to get what you need.

Buying something simple such as fast-setting concrete will get the job done. This can be purchased from hardware stores for less than ten dollars.

Depending on how much concrete you need, you might pay a bit more money. If you’re just sinking one mailbox post, it’s unlikely that you’ll need too much concrete.

The Cost of Keys

Getting keys made for your mailbox probably won’t cost much money. If you want to have a lock so that people can’t steal packages, you’ll be able to buy a lock and a key for the mailbox.

The post office worker would have access to a copy of the key so they can deliver packages properly. You would also have your own key so you can check the mail.

Buying a simple lock for a mailbox won’t cost much more than twenty dollars or so. You might also buy a mailbox that comes with a lock and keys.

If you need to get keys made, the cost of making a replacement key is generally close to ten dollars. So this won’t be a hugely expensive endeavor.

The Cost of Numbers

Of course, you’re going to need numbers for your mailbox so the postal workers can deliver your mail properly. Getting what you need shouldn’t cost more than twenty dollars.

You can buy simple numbers that you can stick to the mailbox. Vinyl decals will likely only cost ten dollars or so.

Some people buy signs that have the address numbers written on them. This will likely cost closer to twenty dollars, but it still won’t be expensive.

Just ensure that you get something that will clearly show your address numbers. You want your local post office worker to be able to find your mailbox easily so you won’t encounter problems.

Final Thoughts

The cost of a mailbox will differ wildly depending on various factors. Some mailboxes will be relatively inexpensive and you won’t even need to spend fifty dollars to get what you need.

Others will be wildly costly and might require you to spend hundreds of dollars. Fancy brick mailboxes might cost so much to make that they will be impractical for most people.

If you want to keep your costs low, it’s best to buy a simple metal or plastic mailbox. You can then buy a post for thirty to fifty dollars.

It’ll be necessary to get concrete to sink the post. You’ll also need to purchase some inexpensive vinyl decals so you can display the address numbers for your home on the mailbox.

If all goes as planned, you should be able to have a mailbox that costs less than a hundred dollars with all factors considered. It might be even less expensive if you purchase a wall-mounted mailbox or a mail slot for your door.

Take the time to look into the options that you have available. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a mailbox if you’d rather save money.

A mailbox is an important thing to have. Just spend the amount of money that you’re comfortable spending while still getting a quality mailbox that meets the required specifications of the postal service.

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