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Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable? (Plus Tips for Home Pillows)

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable? (Plus Tips for Home Pillows)

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Spending time at a nice hotel can really make you feel relaxed, and you might even make a note about just how comfortable things are. The beds are made to be so soft and inviting that you might even be able to sleep better at the hotel than you do at home.

Hotel pillows are usually excellent and you might be wondering why they seem to be so much more comfortable than the pillows that you have at home.

Keep reading to explore the topic of hotel pillows to learn a bit more about why they’re so comfortable. You can learn about why it’s so important that hotel pillows make you feel a sense of comfort.

It’s also going to be possible to learn how you can get pillows that will make you feel just as good to use at home.

Hotel Owners Choose Great Pillows

The biggest reason why hotel pillows seem to be so comfortable is that hotel owners put a lot of thought into everything that they do.

You see, it’s imperative to ensure that guests have the best experience possible when staying at a hotel. Ideally, hotel owners and managers want to see the guests come back to the hotel time and time again.

They also want to ensure that all guests will leave a positive review on sites that help to determine overall hotel ratings. If you want to get people to rate your hotel highly, then you can’t exactly give them inexpensive pillows and expect to get away with it.

Most hotel owners and managers are going to buy high-quality pillows that are as comfortable as possible.

Every single time you lay down on a hotel bed, it’s going to be a good experience. Of course, there are hotels out there that don’t care about quality, but these hotels aren’t the ones you’re thinking of.

When you’re imagining those comfy and soft hotel pillows, you’re thinking of luxury hotels and respected chain hotels that are committed to giving guests good experiences.

Pillow Diversity

Pillow diversity is also quite important, and this might be something that you don’t think about much.

You choose the pillows that you buy for your home based on what types of pillows you like to use. Some people prefer very soft pillows, and others want their pillows to be a bit firmer to give them neck support.

Hotels don’t have a way of knowing what type of pillows all of their guests are going to like. This is why you’ll often find several types of pillows on a hotel bed that you can utilize.

Have you ever noticed that hotel beds will usually have way more pillows than you actually need?

Well, it’s no mistake that hotel beds have many pillows on them because the pillows are all different types. You’ll usually find firm pillows, soft pillows, and other types of pillows that people enjoy.

Some hotels even go so far as to provide guests with body pillows and other things like that. Depending on what hotel you’re staying at, you might have a smorgasbord of pillows to choose from.

Pillows Are Changed Out Often

It’s generally recommended that you change your pillows out every 12 to 36 months. This will differ depending on the type of pillow that you’re using, but you likely already know that pillows don’t last indefinitely.

However, most people will use their bed pillows long after they’re not supposed to be used any longer.

If you’re using bed pillows that are several years old right now, then they probably don’t feel as great as they should to lay down on.

Pillows change over time and they encounter various problems. You can get them to last longer by cleaning them properly, but you shouldn’t use a pillow too long without replacing it.

Hotel pillows are changed out quite often because they want to meet or exceed certain standards of cleanliness and comfort. It’s another reason why hotel pillows are so comfortable compared to the ones that you’re using at home.

When you compare your pillows that are likely much older with the close to brand new pillows at the hotel, it’s going to be tough for your home pillows to win.

What Types of Pillow Materials Do Hotels Use?

Managers will make sure that hotels are using the highest quality pillow materials that are available.

This is especially true if you’re staying at a luxury hotel, but even chain hotels will go to great efforts to keep people comfortable. They’re going to order pillows from respected companies that use the best materials to make comfortable pillows.

Some hotel chains will use feather pillows, and others will use materials such as down or some type of down alternative.

Either way, guests can expect things to be very comfortable, and pillows are taken quite seriously. Even things such as throw pillows are likely to be a bit more comfortable than an average throw pillow that you might buy at the department store.

That being said, you should know that there is no such thing as a “hotel pillow” category. All of the pillows that hotels use can be purchased by you to use at home if you so desire.

You just need to pay a bit more money to buy pillows that will live up to that standard of quality and comfort.

How to Make Bed Pillows More Comfortable at Home

Now that you’ve learned a lot about hotel pillows, you’re probably wondering what you can do to get your pillows at home to be more comfortable.

Keep reading to get some important advice that will make your bed pillows that much better to use. You’ll have the ability to get better sleep at night if you take the time to sort out your pillow issues.

Fluff Your Pillow

Fluffing your pillow is something that can help your pillow to be as comfortable as possible. Over time, your pillows are going to get a bit lumpy due to being used.

This might not be an issue when you’re using a memory foam pillow, but it does happen when you’re using many other types of pillows.

Thankfully, fluffing a pillow is an action that doesn’t take a lot of time to accomplish. You really just need to squeeze and pull on the pillow a bit to try to get it to be smooth again.

Some people also hit pillows so that they can fluff them up a bit, but you don’t have to hit it incredibly hard or anything.

Eventually, you’ll get used to fluffing your pillows and it won’t take long for you to get this done. You could even do this every single night before you go to bed if you wish.

It’s a good idea that can extend the life and usefulness of your pillows by a fair bit.

Clean Your Pillow Regularly

Cleaning your pillow regularly is important for the sake of comfort and general cleanliness.

People sweat during the night and they also shed skin particles onto pillows. A mixture of sweat, skin particles, and saliva can contribute to your pillow getting dirty faster than you might realize.

Most types of pillows are going to be safe to wash in your washing machine, though. You can simply remove the pillow from its pillowcase and then place it in the washing machine.

Most pillows recommend that you use gentle settings when washing them, but you can look up specific directions for the pillow that you have purchased.

You can also help to fluff your pillow during this cleaning process. If you put a sock full of tennis balls in your dryer along with your pillow, then it can really fluff the pillow up quite nicely.

You’ll want to tie off the sock so that the tennis balls can’t escape, and it’s also necessary to make sure that your pillow can be placed in a dryer safely.

It’s also prudent to ensure that your pillow can be washed in a washing machine before moving forward. Otherwise, you might wish to wash it by hand and then let it dry in the sun.

Be mindful of following the directions of whatever company made the pillow when you go to clean it.

Change Out Your Pillowcases and Sheets

This doesn’t technically change anything for your pillow, but it does make it seem more comfortable.

Take the time to change out your pillowcases and sheets every so often. There’s nothing quite like fresh bed linens to make you feel like you can sleep really well.

You should probably try to get on a regular schedule that will have you cleaning your sheets and pillowcases every so often. Some people change out their sheets and pillowcases weekly, but you can decide what is best for you.

It’s a good way to make your pillow feel that much more inviting, and it’s practical to do this often anyway.

Invest in a High-Quality Pillow

Of course, the best course of action to take when you want to have comfortable pillows at home is to invest in a high-quality pillow.

If you’re just buying the cost-effective pillows that only cost a few dollars at the department store, then you can’t expect them to feel amazing. It’s going to be better for you to spend a bit more money so that you can get a pillow that will meet your needs.

Take some time to look for pillows that are a bit more expensive than the ones that you’ve been purchasing. Price isn’t necessarily an indicator that a pillow is going to be super comfortable, but most of the best pillows on the market will require you to spend more than a few bucks.

In fact, many excellent pillows will cost $60 or more, and the people who buy them will attest to the fact that they’re worthwhile purchases.

Pillows are almost as important as your mattress when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. If you want to sleep easier and wake up feeling refreshed, then it’s good to invest some cash in nice pillows.

It’s also important to remember that the pillow that you like might be different than the one that your spouse or partner will like.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Multiple Pillow Types

Finally, you might need to take some time to figure out what type of pillow is the best one for you. You might not be using a pillow that is perfect for your needs right now, and you can change things by trying out some different pillows.

There are tons of options out there for you to consider, and it makes sense to go through them all to try to get one that works great for your needs.

You might wind up discovering that a feather pillow isn’t giving you quite enough support because you have neck issues. In this instance, a memory foam pillow that feels comfortable and also gives you neck support will be a good choice.

Others will want to find very soft pillows that help to lull them to sleep, and that will make feather pillows an ideal choice.

Ask your friends about what types of pillows they like to use. Look up some reviews online for some of the best pillows on the market. These actions will at least give you some idea of where to start your pillow search.

It takes a bit of time and consideration to narrow things down properly. You might need to consider issues such as allergies as well, and this could cause you to need to find a feather pillow alternative.

Some furniture stores might be willing to let you try out certain types of specialty pillows at the store so that you can get a feel for how you like certain things.

Don’t give up on finding the perfect pillow for your bedroom. If you remain vigilant, then you’re going to be able to find a pillow that will feel so comfortable while you’re trying to sleep. This should lead to many nights of great rest, and you’ll even be able to feel more energized so that you can meet the day head on.

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