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Why Are Cats Attracted to Me?

Why Are Cats Attracted to Me?

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This might come as a surprise to you but there are quite a few people out there who do not like cats. In fact, many people actually tend to stay away from these tiny furry creatures, especially as they run up to them.

If you have seen cats running around the yard or in a park, you might have noticed that they are more attracted to some people than others.

Even if you have cats in the house, you might notice that they are attracted to some visitors more than others. Have you ever wondered why? There are many reasons why a cat would be attracted to a person.

To get a better understanding of why a cat might be interested in one person more than the other, you need to first figure out a cat’s mentality and its psyche.

Cats Favor One Group Over Others

Trying to Pet Mad Cat

Have you ever wondered why cats tend to run after people who prefer to ignore them? You might have seen subtle cues throughout the years, such as a visitor in the house who is most definitely not a cat person finding it difficult to string sentences together because your cat continues to run by them or jump on their lap.

Or, you may have seen a person walking in the park and cats surrounding them on all sides. Instead of bending down and sharing the love, these people often prefer to run away.

The reason for that is simple: cats tend to favor people who prefer to ignore them. On the other hand, cats tend to ignore people who love and adore them.

The way that you approach a cat has everything to do with this. This also influences the animal’s behavior towards the person. A cat would respond in a loving manner to a stranger, especially when it feels safe around them.

If the animal is given a choice of interacting with the stranger, it will automatically feel better around them.

However, if you adore cats, you are probably not going to give it much of a choice. Instead, you are going to run up to the feline and hold it up in your arms! In an attempt to socialize with the animal, most people tend to go up to the cat and hover over it for a while.

Sometimes, they will also bend down to pick the animal or even pet it. Cats do not take kindly to such gestures and are probably going to keep their distance.

The Way That You Smell

Cat Rubbing on Leg

Cats have a very strong sense of smell and they are able to identify different scents from a long distance. So if they notice a particular smell coming from someone, they are automatically going to be attracted to that person.

For instance, if you smell like the favorite food of a cat, it is probably going to come running to you and brush up against your leg.

Another reason for which cats tend to prefer one person over others is because they tend to smell like other cats. If a cat has marked its territory around your house, there is a chance that the smell will settle in. You might not notice it at all but it’s there and a cat can smell it quite easily.

This tells the cat that you are a friendly person and your behavior is non-threatening, which automatically makes it friendlier towards you.

Similarly, if you have a scent that is easily identifiable, especially one that it associates with good humans, you should know that the animal will be drawn to you quite easily.

Your Posture and Behavior

Squatting to Scratch Cat

Cats will be drawn to you if your behavior is friendly and if your posture remains non-threatening. If you hover over the animal, it is a sign of threat and cats hate this.

Instead, you should always bring the cat to your eye level or bend downwards so that you can remain as close to its eye level as possible.

More importantly, you need to understand that cats hate to look eye to eye with someone. It’s a sign that they are being challenged and if you do that, there is a strong chance that the animal will run away from you.

A Caring Nature

Feeding Cat

The jury is still out on this one but a person with a caring and loving nature often attracts more animals towards them. Cats have the ability to sense this and they are automatically drawn to people who are kind and caring.

However, there is no concrete evidence regarding this, except quite a few instances. If a cat assumes that you are going to feed it, it will be drawn to you as well.

These are just some of the many reasons why cats might be drawn to one person over another.

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