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Parchment Paper Alternatives for Ironing

Parchment Paper Alternatives for Ironing

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You need to be able to make sure that your clothes look crisp and nice. This is especially true when you’re wearing a professional suit or some type of dress.

Going to an important function or meeting with wrinkles in your clothes just won’t be acceptable. This is why many people get used to ironing clothes so that they can always look their best.

If you don’t happen to have any ironing paper that you can use right now, then you might be concerned about how to proceed. What are you going to do if you really need to iron something, but you don’t have the necessary ironing paper?

Some have said that parchment paper will work, but what if you don’t have any of that either? Are there parchment paper alternatives for ironing?

Keep reading to learn about what you can use to iron your clothes besides parchment paper. You’ll also get some basic ironing tips that will help you to stay safe while you’re making your clothes look nice.

Using Parchment Paper

The first thing to understand is that most people don’t use parchment paper when they’re ironing. Parchment paper is itself a substitute for proper ironing paper.

Ironing paper is a separate product that you can go out and purchase at the store. It’s specifically meant for ironing, and that’s why you should really just go buy that.

If you don’t have any ironing paper, then the best thing to do would be to go buy what you need. Those who are in a pinch might be able to get away with using parchment paper.

However, there’s a caveat to consider because not all parchment paper will work for ironing. Often, you’ll find parchment paper being sold that is waxed.

The waxed parchment paper won’t be good for ironing, and you shouldn’t even try to use it if you have some at home. It’s necessary to purchase parchment paper that is plain and unwaxed.

This means that you’ll need to read the package at the store to see if it’s the right type of parchment paper. You should be able to find the parchment paper that you need to get this done, but you do need to be careful not to buy the wrong thing.

You should also know that sometimes you’ll find paper that is referred to as “baking paper.” This is the same as parchment paper, and that will be fine to purchase so long as it isn’t waxed.

If you don’t have any parchment paper that’s unwaxed at home, then you’ll need to go to the store. It might make more sense to just buy ironing paper at that point.

Try Using a Thin Sheet

Have you thought about using a thin sheet? If you’re trying to iron something, then you could use a thin sheet just as effectively as ironing paper.

To get this done, you’re going to want to use a standard sheet, and you don’t want it to be very thick at all. An average bed sheet should be just fine, but it’ll be easier if you don’t use a fitted sheet.

You’ll be able to use it the same way that you would ironing paper so long as you’re careful. The downside is that it feels more cumbersome to iron using a sheet.

This is more of a “life hack” type of tip for those who don’t have access to ironing paper right now. If you need to iron something immediately, then using a thin sheet to get a quick ironing job done will be acceptable.

Remember to Use a Sturdy Ironing Board

Of course, it’s going to be wise to use a sturdy ironing board whenever you need to iron something. If you don’t have an ironing board, then it’s going to be harder to get consistently good results.

Some people have had luck ironing things on tables, but you don’t want to accidentally harm the table. Theoretically, it’ll be fine to use any flat and sturdy surface to iron, though.

Ironing boards aren’t very expensive at all, and this means that going out to buy one makes sense. You can even fold them up so that they will fit in your closet when they aren’t in use.

If you need to use an iron more than a few times per year, then you should go out to buy an ironing board soon. You can find them at department stores, and it’s also easy to order them online.

Never Leave Your Iron Unattended

Remember that ironing is a dangerous activity when it comes down to it. Irons get hot, and people can get hurt if you aren’t careful.

You should never leave a hot iron unattended. This is especially true if you have kids in the house.

It would be a shame for a child to get hurt by touching a hot iron. Irons can also be dangerous because of how heavy they are since they’ll hurt a lot if one falls on someone’s foot.

Watch out for your pets when you’re ironing, too. Sometimes cats and dogs will get a bit too curious, and you want to ensure that they won’t be able to knock the iron over and cause problems.

For this reason, you want to be very careful where you’re positioning the power cord. If you put the cord in a bad spot, then a pet could trip over it and wind up causing someone to get injured.

A pet could get hurt or you could even accidentally burn something. Try not to be absentminded while using an iron for the sake of safety.

Watch Out for Water

Water is going to be a dangerous hazard when you’re ironing, too. Ironing safety is crucial no matter what you’re trying to iron.

Pick a spot that is away from water sources so that you won’t have any issues. For example, it’s not wise to iron near your sink or bathtub.

Instead, it’d make sense to iron something in your bedroom or the living room. Pick an area where it’ll be easy for you to have enough space to do what you need to do.

To be extra safe, it’d be good to dry your hands before using the iron. It’s always best to err on the side of caution, after all.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above tips will help you to have a better experience while ironing. If you don’t have any ironing paper that you can use, then you now know that you can use parchment paper.

Parchment paper works great, and it’s actually comparable to ironing paper. However, it isn’t going to be possible to use parchment paper that’s waxed.

If you don’t have parchment paper, then using a thin sheet to iron something should be just fine. It won’t be as easy as using parchment paper or standard ironing paper, but it’ll get the job done.

You must remember to be safe when ironing things, too. Use a proper ironing board and try to be mindful of kids and pets.

Don’t position the power cord in a bad spot because you don’t want anyone to trip. So long as you remain attentive while ironing, it’s likely that you’ll never have a bad experience.

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