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How to Stop the Dripping Noise From Gutters (7 Effective Ways)

How to Stop the Dripping Noise From Gutters (7 Effective Ways)

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A great gutter system can divert the rainwater from your home efficiently with little to no noise.

Problems with your gutter typically only reveal themselves when the rain comes. So, they can be challenging to pinpoint beforehand.

If you can’t get a good night’s sleep because of a dripping noise from your gutter, it may be time to check your gutter system.

If you’re wondering how to stop dripping noise from gutters, we have seven methods for you.

Why Do My Gutters Drip?

Before fixing anything, it’s a good idea to know why your gutters drip. Here are four common reasons behind a dripping gutter.

Clogged Gutters or Downspout

Clogged gutters are easy to detect. They’ll usually have overflowing leaves and debris. You can easily clean this by scooping the leaves and debris out.

On the other hand, clogged downspouts are harder to determine. You may have to disconnect the pipes to flush everything out.

Wrong Slope Angle

A wrong angle can make a huge difference between a gentle and strong water flow. It happens as a result of sagging gutters.

When your gutters begin to sag, it could be because of loose fasteners. Another reason is the heavy water flowing down the downspout.

Minor Cracks or Holes

Cracks and holes are inevitable consequences of wear and tear.

By letting the water cascade through the gutter, you can check if your gutters have minor cracks or holes. If some spots leak, simply apply water sealant over the holes.

You can also replace old sealants on previously attended cracks to ensure they’re watertight.

Larger holes may need a more serious intervention than water sealants, like changing the whole gutter section.

Loose Screws

In some cases, the annoying dripping noise from the gutters is because of loose screws. This problem is more likely to happen if you don’t regularly maintain your gutters, especially after heavy rainstorms.

Strong winds can cause your gutters to loosen. When this happens, the next rain may give you a rattling noise which isn’t any better than a dripping noise.

How to Stop Dripping Noise From Gutters

Depending on the root cause of the dripping, you may be able to fix it with a slight modification or a complete change in your gutter system. Let’s find out!

Method 1: Insert a Sponge Inside the Downspout

If you’ve got a spare sponge lying around the house, you can use it as an easy fix for the noisy drips from gutters.

Place a sponge inside the bottom of the downspout to absorb the water and the noise it creates. As the water trickles down the downspout, it will no longer hit the metal surface.

This sponge trick is only advisable if you’re looking for an overnight fix to muffle the sound. Over time, when the sponge can’t absorb more water, chances are it’ll grow mold.

Alternatively, you can use commercial foam inserts that have designs specifically catering to reducing dripping noise from gutters.

Method 2: Use PVC Elbow

Rainwater makes the most noise when it meets the downspout elbow, especially if it’s metal.

PVC pipes have less resonance than metal pipes. You can eliminate most of the echoing sounds from the metal if you swap it with a lighter material such as a PVC elbow.

What’s great about this is that it’s affordable and can give you more peace of mind than the sponge trick.

Method 3: Check Loose Screws

Simply get your screwdriver out and check for any loose screws. This adjustment should solve the noisy gutters if loose screws are the only problem in the system.

Method 4: Readjust the Downspout Angle

You can reposition the downspout angle by using either a spacer or a long clip. These tools can extend the distance between the bottom of the downspout and the wall of your house.

With this adjustment, the water should be able to flow against the sides of the pipe instead of directly hitting the elbow. This method works best if you’d rather keep the metal elbow for your downspout.

However, if you’re unsure how to adjust the downspout angle properly, it’s best to call your local expert and have them fix it for you.

Method 5: Swap to a Rain Chain

Swapping to a rain chain completely eliminates the traditional downspouts.

Like the downspout, a rain chain works to direct water away from the roof. It can come in aluminum or galvanized steel.

What’s great about the rain chain is that it allows the water to flow in the path with the least resistance. In other words, it can also slow down the water, preventing soil erosion and oversaturation.

Method 6: Guide the Water With a Nylon Rope

Another creative way of fixing the dripping noise from your gutter is by dropping a nylon rope inside the pipes. This trick works similarly to the rain chain but without replacing your downspout.

Guiding the water with a nylon rope helps the water trickle down instead of aggressively hitting the pipes, reducing the dripping noise.

To do this, caulk around the drain opening on the gutter, leaving a quarter of an inch gap. Then, caulk the nylon rope next to the gap.

Drop the rope into the pipe and glue it when it reaches the elbow. This step ensures that the rope is against the pipe where the water should trickle quietly.

Method 7: Insulate the Downspout

One of the best ways to dampen the dripping noise from gutters is by insulating the downspout. You can do this by either wrapping foam insulators or using spray foam.

Either insulation method reduces surface vibrations and helps muffle the dripping noises.

Method 8: Call an Expert

You can still call your local expert if all other methods don’t work. They’ll be able to pinpoint the root cause of the dripping noise and fix your gutter system.

Another great thing about calling an expert is that you’ll also be able to ask how to prevent more potential problems in the future.

Final Thoughts

Dripping noise from gutters can break a good night of sleep. Fortunately, there are several methods to fix that problem.

From installing a simple sponge, changing the downspout angle, or completely swapping your pipes to a rain chain, there’s always a way to stop gutter drips.

Knowing how to stop dripping noise from gutters depends on your system’s needs. If all fails, you can always give your local gutter expert a call.

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