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4 Smart Ways to Stop Blinds From Banging in the Wind

4 Smart Ways to Stop Blinds From Banging in the Wind

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Many people like to use window blinds because of how nice they look. Window blinds are also very practical to use, and some find them to be a better fit for their home than curtains.

The only downside to using blinds is that you might notice that they will blow around in the wind. If you decide to open your window to get a little bit of air, then you might wind up having to deal with your blinds banging in the wind.

How can you stop your blinds from banging in the wind every single time you open the window? Well, there are quite a few things that you can do that will make a difference.

Read on to learn how to stop your blinds from blowing in the wind and making noise. This should make it easier for you to enjoy having window blinds without having to deal with how noisy they can be on windy days.

1 – Weigh the Blinds Down

Spot to Add Weights to Bottom of Blinds

Weighing the blinds down is one of the more popular options that you’ll want to try first. One of the reasons why blinds blow in the wind is that they’re very lightweight.

The lightweight nature of window blinds makes it so that they can be blown around rather easily by a stiff breeze. If you can weigh the blinds down, then they won’t be able to move quite so much.

You can tie little weights to the window blinds so that they will stay in place. Some people tie paperweights to their blinds, but you can also buy small disc-shaped weights that you can secure to the blinds.

The end result is going to be that you will have blinds that won’t blow around as much. It won’t be impossible to move the blinds, but a breeze will be less likely to move the blinds as much as it did before.

Some people will also try to buy blinds that are a little bit heavier. Some blinds might be lighter than others due to being made out of less expensive, low-quality materials.

If you buy high-quality window blinds, then they might have a bit more heft to them. This will make them a bit more likely to stay in place when the wind is blowing.

Even so, they’re still likely going to blow in the wind during a big gust of wind. Weighing blinds down might still be the ideal choice even if you’re using high-quality window blinds.

2 – Silence the Blinds

Another option is to silence the blinds by placing some type of material on the part of the blinds that is coming into contact with the wall or windowsill. You can secure felt or another type of material to the blinds to keep them from making noise.

If the blinds blow in the wind and slam into the wall, they won’t make as much noise due to the fabric that you secured to the blinds. Instead of the hard plastic material bashing into something, it’ll just be a soft noise from the fabric.

This can significantly dampen the sound of blinds banging in the wind, but you can make this even better by combining it with the method above. You can both weigh the blinds down and silence the blinds by attaching fabric to them.

You’ll make it so that the blinds won’t blow around as much, and when they do, less noise will be made. If you want to quiet things down, then this is a good solution.

Even just securing a towel to the bottom of the blinds will likely lessen the sound that is being made when the blinds slam into the wall. It’s not hard to do this, but you might wish to pair this with the other methods to get the best results.

3 – Secure the Blinds to the Wall

Drilling Into a Window Frame

Securing the blinds to the wall is another option that might be good to look into. Assuming that you own the property that you’re living at, it’s going to be pretty easy to drill holes in the window frame.

These holes can be used to screw small hooks into the wall or window frame. All you need to do is attach hooks to the window blinds now and you can secure the hooks together to keep the blinds from moving.

This is a good idea that makes it so that the blinds won’t be able to blow around in the wind. Hooks should be able to hold the blinds tightly so that they won’t go anywhere even during a strong gust of wind.

A really powerful gust of wind could likely knock the blinds loose, but it might not be advisable to leave your window open like that when it’s storming anyway. Overall, this idea of using hooks to secure the blinds to the wall or window frame is sensible.

4 – Adhesive Strips Might Work

Adhesive strips have been used by some to sort of copy the hook method mentioned above. Instead of screwing holes into the window frame, you’ll just be placing an adhesive strip on the wall or window frame.

This will wind up working similarly to Velcro, and a strip will also be applied to the blinds themselves. It keeps the blinds connected to the strip so that they won’t move around when it gets windy.

Admittedly, this isn’t going to be quite as secure as hooking the blinds together, but it should do the trick. If you’re renting an apartment or a house, then this is likely better than the hook idea since you won’t have to modify the house in any way to get this to work.

Some people even use simple tape strips to secure the blinds to the wall. Either way, you’re going to find that this method is pretty good so long as you aren’t dealing with very powerful gusts of wind.

Avoid Opening Your Window When It Is Very Windy

Looking Out the Window Through Blinds

No matter what you try to do, it’s still possible that you might have problems on a very windy day. If you don’t like having your blinds blow in the wind, then you should probably not open your windows when it’s excessively windy.

You can use the methods listed above to mitigate the issue, but strong wind gusts will likely be able to cause your blinds to move. Thankfully, you can still dampen the sound and keep the blinds from blowing too much.

It’s just important to temper your expectations and to understand that strong winds can still throw things off. For example, if you have winds that are as strong as 20 MPH, then that might blow your blinds around even if they’re hooked to the wall.

You should still be able to utilize the advice above to make positive changes. It’ll be easier to make your blinds more practical to use, and you should be able to open the window on an average day without having to worry about your blinds blowing all over the place.

Make good choices that make sense for your home and you’ll surely wind up being happy. Blinds are great to use and they can also be just fine when you want to open your window.

So long as you’re taking the right precautions, you won’t have any trouble enjoying your blinds to the fullest.

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valerie Slater

Thursday 3rd of February 2022

These are really excellent tips for me as my bedroom window blinds make a huge noise at night, but we need the windows open because it is often very hot outside. Thanks for the ideas, I will be trying them out...