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3 Smart Ways to Secure Windows (Without Bars)

3 Smart Ways to Secure Windows (Without Bars)

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It can generally go without saying that security is an important part of daily life. People want to be able to live in a comfortable home without having to constantly worry about something going wrong.

Nobody wants to come home to a home that has broken glass from a window that has been destroyed by a burglar making his or her way into the home.

With that being said, not everyone wants to go with the most obvious solution of window bars. Window bars can make you feel as if you are the one who is stuck and not allowed to leave, and nobody wants this for their home environment.

Thankfully, there are more than a few different ways that you can go about making sure that your windows are as secure as possible, without making you feel as if you are the one who is trapped inside.

1 – Altering the Glass

This is, by far, the most expensive and the most tedious option to choose. However, it is one of the most beneficial and effective ways of making sure that your windows are completely secure and safe from people who are trying to get in through your windows.

There are three types of glass that you can look at.

Tempered glass is about four times as stronger than typical glass, and when it is used in windows, it is known as a safety window. It is strengthened through a repeated process of heating and cooling, which will ensure its durability.

It is also designed to crumble into small pieces when it is broken, rather than just falling apart into jagged and sharp edges.

With this glass, burglars will have a much harder time trying to break the glass to get into the home or building that you are working on. Since most burglars are trying to be sneaky and don’t necessarily want to be caught, there’s a very good chance that they will give up when they cannot break the glass with standard means.

If you want to get even more security from your windows, you can consider Plexiglas windows. These are even more expensive, but Plexiglas is known to be impact resistant, meaning that burglars would very likely not be able to break it in the first place.

Even stronger than that, there are polycarbonate windows. These are stronger than Plexiglas windows and are the ultimate solution when it comes to finding the strongest glass possible to protect your property with.

With strategic planning and budgeting, you will easily be able to find a way to ensure that all of your windows are replaced with a stronger type of glass, if this is something that worries or concerns you.

Not all of the windows have to be replaced with one of these glass types, but the most vulnerable or appealing windows should be.

However, if you are worried about your second story, you probably don’t have to think about replacing all of those windows with polycarbonate windows.

2 – Adding Aftermarket Locks

Most windows come with a lock of some sort; however, adding an aftermarket lock can significantly increase the amount of security that your windows offer you.

There are four types of locks that you can consider when you are doing this, although some locks are designed for specific types of windows.

First things first, the pin lock is generally recommended for all of your ground floor level windows. Pin locks are simple, yet effective. What they do is they help to secure your home by preventing intruders from being able to lift the windows to get into your house.

While this doesn’t stop them from breaking the windows, it can absolutely deter a fair few burglars who do not want to take too much time trying to get into a house for risk of being seen, meaning that a pin lock is a simple and effective way to keep your house secure.

The next type of lock to look at is going to be a keyed lock. These locks are pretty self-explanatory. They are a traditional lock and key type of lock, meaning that you are going to need to use a key to open and close your window anytime you need to.

While this does come with an increased risk of not being able to guarantee your home’s safety if you lose the key, it does mean that any would-be burglars would be quickly deterred when they realize that they cannot open or close the windows of your home.

As long as you don’t lose the key, they can be just as effective as pin locks for keeping burglars out of your home.

The next two locks are made specifically for double-hung windows, meaning that they will not be as effective for your standard window, or even effective at all. You should have a good idea of which windows in your house need which type of locks.

Hinged-wedge locks are a type of lock specifically made for a double-hung window. As most locks do, it stops the window from being opened, both from the top and from the bottom. However, if you want to open the window partially, you can always adjust where you install the lock at.

Finally, there are sash locks. These locks are typically used with double-hung windows, and what makes them special is the fact that they allow the window to open as well as letting it stay shut in place.

These are all the different types of locks that you can consider for keeping your window as secure as possible when you are away from home or during the night hours.

3 – Adding Motion Lights

Burglars, with as sneaky as they try to be, do not want to be seen or caught in the spotlight at all.

The best way to stop them from trying to enter your house is to present them with the threat of that spotlight. A motion light can be more than enough to deter cautious burglars from trying to enter your home.

All you will really need to do is install them in the area where you believe a burglar would be most interested in trying to break in. You could also install them on all sides of the house if you want to play things completely safe.

What makes motion lights even better is that many of them can be customized in one way or another.

This means you can add an alarm sound to scare off the intruders, or even add an alert on your phone if the light has been activated, although prepare for many alerts from bugs flying around the light.

If you have security cameras installed, there’s a good chance you can connect the motion lights to them as well.

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