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4 Effective Ways to Put Out a Candle Without Smoke

4 Effective Ways to Put Out a Candle Without Smoke

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Candles add not just a warm glow to any room, but they can also add a gorgeous fragrance to it. Scented candles have been used since time immemorial for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room, and they can also be used to add a beautiful feel to the whole place.

The flickering flame is a wonderful addition and it definitely adds to the pleasant ambiance.

However, candles carry a bit of risk with them. There’s an exposed flame, so in case the candle falls or if you are not careful, there’s a pretty strong chance that the flame might catch on something flammable in the house, and it could eventually lead to a fire outbreak.

Can the wax catch on fire?

Scented candles are used by millions of people across the globe; they add a lovely scent and a calming feel to the whole place.

Relaxing Scene With Book, Blankets, and Candle

But, when it comes to extinguishing the flame, there’s a pretty strong chance that your entire room will be full of a smoky smell. The air might turn hazy as well. You might have read that the conventional cotton wick is designed to be made using cotton and paper, but that’s not always the case.

In fact, there are many manufacturers who avoid using these materials, and some even consist of materials that can promote the growth of indoor air pollutants. There are quite a few methods that people use to blow out the candle, but almost all of them result in a bit of smoke blowing out from the candle.

If you are in a closed environment, this smoke is going to linger in the air for quite a while, and it’s really going to dampen the mood that you have worked so hard to create.

The most common solution for extinguishing a candle flame is to blow it out, right? But, when you talk to someone who is experienced with candles, you will realize that they will actually advise you against it.

But, that’s not to say that blowing out the candle isn’t an option. It’s effective, and it’s always going to work. But, the problem with blowing out the candle is that the wick is still going to be exposed to air, and as a result, it’s still going to smolder and smoke for a little while.

Ultimately, that’s going to erase the pleasant scent that was in its place before. Instead, there’s going to be a smoky smell in the air. While blowing out the candle is effective, it’s not really the best choice for people who want to deal with the smoky smell later on.

But, there are a few other ways by which you can put out a candle without releasing any smoke. Let’s talk about them.

1 – Snuffing it Out

Candle Snuffer With Three Candles

The best way to extinguish the candle flame without releasing any smoke is to snuff it out. There are candle snuffers available in the market that you can use, and they are actually quite effective.

Candle snuffers are also known as candle extinguishers, and it’s shaped like a bell, and attached to a thin post. The cone, or the bell-shaped snuffer, can be put on top of the candle, specifically the flame, and it’s going to snuff it out effectively.

Extinguishers have been used since the olden times, and they are still quite effective. Some people consider them antiques, but they are still relatively available.

They are relatively inexpensive and you can easily find them at local retailers. You can also find inexpensive candle accessory kits on amazon that include a candle snuffer, wick trimmer, and wick dipper.

If you don’t have one and you can’t find one in the market, there’s no need to fret; you can easily make one of your own. All you need to do is to create a thimble-shaped cone using a piece of foil.

If you have a larger sheet of foil, you can just twist one end up and use it as a handle for the snuffer. This way, your fingers aren’t going to get close to the flame when you are going to extinguish the flame.

Snuffers are ideal and work really well on thinner or tapered candles, as they are able to cover the entire wax area.

2 – Suffocate the Flame

Another very simple way to get rid of the flame is to just suffocate the flame. You can put a lid on it to close the flame as well. Many of the scented candles that are sold nowadays come in jars with matching lids. So, as long as you keep the lid with you, all you need to do is put it on.

Just set the lid down on top of the jar; there’s no need to snap it on or tightly close it. Just place it gently on top and let it be; the candle will be closed off to the new air, and the flame will use up the oxygen that is present within the jar, and eventually snuff out.

This is another pretty effective method, and does not release any kind of smoke either. That’s because when the flame is extinguished, it is contained under the lid, so you don’t need to worry about the smoke coming out.

3 – Use a Wick Dipper

Unlit Red Candle

Wick dippers are available in the market and allow you to bend the wick into the wax. The method has been used since centuries, and can be used to extinguish the flame.

Candle enthusiasts hate smoke, so you should consider using a wick dipper. Coating the wick in wax is a simple and effective way to close the flame. Then, it will also be easier for you to relight the wick later.

If you don’t have a dedicated wick dipper, you can also use a pair of tweezers. Just press the wick into the melted wax and dip it in.

This is going to help you pull the wick out right away so that you do not lose it in the wax pool. Wick dippers are specifically designed for this purpose, and they will also reduce a considerable amount of tunneling in the candle as well.

Once the wick has been extinguished, you need to straighten it properly. Once it’s done, you need to remove the wick from the wax and then smooth it properly.

You have to be really careful not to break the wick or pull it out from the candle itself, as it’s going to be quite vulnerable due to the melted wax all around it.

Keep a gentle hand when you are doing this. When you extinguish the candle this way, it also has the added benefit of conditioning the wick, which makes it much better to use in the future.

You will be able to light the candle in an easier manner in the future, and it’s also going to remain lit for longer periods of time.

4 – Using Your Fingers

Finger Extinguishing Candle

This might sound a bit extreme, but did you know that you can use your fingers to extinguish the flame as well? First, run the pads of your fingers on your tongue to get them a bit moist.

Most people like to use their finger and their thumb to extinguish the flame, but any two fingers can be used.

Wetting is important because it will protect your fingers from the heat generated by the flame. If you want, you can also dip your fingers in water.

Then, all you need to do is pinch the wick and then release as quickly as possible. As soon as your moist fingers come in contact, the moisture will cause the wick to die. There’s no need for you to take chances, because the flame is going to make the moisture evaporate from your fingers too.

You are going to feel a bit of a warm sensation for a moment, but the heat is going to dissipate very quickly. On top of that, there’s also going to be a sizzling sound, which looks and feels really cool, especially if you do it in front of an audience.

But, there’s no need to worry; the sizzling sound is made by the moisture on your fingers evaporating, and there won’t be a mark on your fingers.

However, this is a slightly risky method, and there is a chance that you will burn yourself if you are not careful. You should always exercise as much caution as possible when bringing any part of your body close to the flame. As mentioned, you should pinch and release without spending too much time.

The flame’s going to go out almost instantly, and you will notice that there won’t be any smoke in the air either. These are just some of the best methods that you can use to extinguish the flame.

Many people who like to light candles throughout their house prefer using a candle snuffer because it’s the most convenient method and doesn’t require any effort whatsoever, so you might want to buy one.

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