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How To Make Paper Mache Stronger (Multiple Options to Try)

How To Make Paper Mache Stronger (Multiple Options to Try)

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Paper mache has been a fun hobby and an arts and crafts activity for children and adults alike for decades. It is still used today to make many artworks; even some famous artists still use it as their medium.

But one thing paper mache is known for because it is pretty frail and breaks way too quickly. So, how can you make your paper mache stronger?

To make your paper mache stronger, you can use a strong glue adhesive in the paste mix instead of flour. Or you can add some resin powder to your paper mache mixture. These two ingredients will make working with the paper mache easier and make your artwork last longer as it strengthens it.

What is the best and strongest glue adhesive to use to make your paper mache stronger? Are there any child-friendly ways to make paper mache stronger?

You will find all the information you want to know about making paper mache strong in this article.

How To Make Paper Mache Stronger

Making paper mache arts and crafts can be a lot of fun; whether you are a child or an adult, you can always enjoy some paper mache projects. The only issue with paper mache that everyone hates dealing with and that most people find disappointing is that the paper mache art tends to fall apart pretty fast.

This problem can put anyone off of making paper mache as no one wants to see their beloved art piece disintegrate before their very eyes. Thankfully, this does not need to happen anymore, as there are a few methods you can use to increase the strength of your paper mache pieces.

The best way to help increase the strength of your paper mache is to use a glue adhesive in the place of flour in the paper mache recipe. This is an excellent option as the glue adhesive will not mold or rot like flour is known to do in paper mache.

Another you can increase the strength of your paper mache is to use resin in your paper mache recipe. This is not the most kid-friendly method, but it adds a nice finish to your paper mache and helps prevent mold from growing.

Using these methods, you can go back to having fun and creating beautiful works of art without the tears later. Let us look at these methods in greater detail to determine why these additives help you make stronger paper mache and find the best option for you.

Use Titebond III Glue To Make Paper Mache Strong

This glue adhesive is one of the best on the market today, and it is excellent to use in strengthening your paper mache. This glue adhesive can be pretty pricey, but it is the perfect glue to use for this purpose, so you need to find ways to get around the price.

For example, if you are only planning on doing a paper mache project in the coming months, you have time to plan ahead slightly. Doing this, you can order a larger and more affordable bottle of this glue online so that you will have enough glue adhesive for multiple paper mache projects.

However, if the price is still an issue, you can always mix this glue with some flour in your paper mache recipe. This allows you to gain many benefits from using the lovely Titebond glue while using less of the adhesive, saving you some money.

The nice thing about the Titebond III glue adhesive is that the drying time is faster than many other glue adhesives, meaning that you can finish your paper mache project sooner than expected. This glue adhesive also grips the paper better and does not let it slip around your artwork.

The only drawback to using Titebond III glue adhesive in your paper mache is that this glue sticks to everything. This can make your paper mache job a bit messier than usual; just ensure that you use a disposable container when mixing your water and glue so that you can throw away the messy evidence when you are done.

Use Resin To Make Paper Mache Strong

Using resin in your paper mache is another great way of strengthening your paper mache. Using resin in your paper mache also gives your art piece a lovely shiny finish when it has completely dried.

This method does not make kid-friendly paper mache, but resin is definitely a good go-to if you are looking for something to add that extra dimension to your paper mache artwork. Adding resin to your paper mache makes the artwork more durable, which is perfect if you make something like a mask that you want to use multiple times.

There are some projects where using resin in your paper mache artwork is not the greatest of ideas. You should not use resin in temporary projects, for example, if you are making a pinata that is meant to break apart at a party, as this will make it close to impossible to break with a bat when the resin hardens.

To mix the resin into your paper mache, you can follow the instructions on the resin packaging. Some people find that adding flour helps to get the proper consistency to get the best results possible for your paper mache.

Strong Kid-Friendly Paper Mache

Although the above methods for making paper mache do increase the strength of your paper mache artwork, they are not the best options to use if you are going to be doing paper mache projects with children.

An easy way to make paper mache for children is to use a paper mache recipe that only uses flour and water. This may not sound like a strong paper mache recipe, but it can be surprisingly strong while still being perfect for children if you do it right.

When using a standard paper mache recipe with flour, ensure you use all-purpose flour to make the stickiest paste. Once you make your paper mache paste, you need to use it straight away, so do not leave it standing overnight.

This is because the yeast in the air will be attracted to the flour in the paper mache paste, and it will begin to break down the paste overnight, making the pates less effective.

The way to make a flour-based paper mache stronger is to make the mixture thinner than normal. This will ensure that your paper gets fully saturated with the paste, making the structure stronger when it dries.

You do not want to make the paste mixture too tin, like water; otherwise, the paper will have trouble sticking together.

Final Thoughts

Paper mache is a fun activity to do for everyone, and it can be an activity that you can put together at short notice. But the fact that it can break easily does make people avoid it.

These few methods will help make your paper mache strong enough to last a long time, so you can now bring out the paper mache once again.

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