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4 Great Ways to Make Cheese on Toast (Without a Grill)

4 Great Ways to Make Cheese on Toast (Without a Grill)

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Being able to make quick meals is important when you’re a busy person. You might not always have the time to whip up a four-course meal for lunch or dinner, after all.

If you’re hungry for something tasty and easy, then making a grilled cheese might sound perfect. Grilled cheese sandwiches are pretty common in North America.

Kids love them and adults like them as well due to how fast you can make one. Some people also refer to this as cheese on toast since you are toasting bread and eating it with melted cheese.

It’s essentially a toasted cheese sandwich. Can you make one of these without a grill, though?

Read on to learn how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in a few different ways. This might help you if you don’t have a grill or other usual cooking options available to you.

Making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich on the Stove

Of course, most people don’t actually make these sandwiches on grills. If you don’t have a grill, then you can simply make a grilled cheese sandwich on the stove.

You place a skillet on the stove and turn the burner on medium. Then you melt butter in the skillet to ensure that it’s nicely lubricated.

Butter one side of a piece of bread and put a slice of cheese on the bread. Then butter another slice of bread and place it on top to make the sandwich.

You’ll be “grilling” the sandwich now by placing the sandwich butter-side down in the skillet. You grill it for a while before flipping it and grilling the other side.

What you’re really doing is toasting the bread on the stove while cooking and melting the cheese. You’re supposed to stop when the bread is golden brown and the cheese has melted.

Once everything looks right, you use a spatula to remove the sandwich from the skillet. Place your sandwich on a plate and enjoy your lunch.

This is a very simple type of sandwich to make. It is easy to mess things up if you don’t pay attention, though.

If you get distracted, then it’d be easy to forget to flip the sandwich until it’s too late. Then you’ll wind up with a burnt sandwich that won’t taste so great.

Try to keep yourself from getting distracted when making a grilled cheese sandwich like this. It doesn’t take long to make the sandwich, but you will want to remain attentive during the several minutes that you’ll be cooking it.

Toasted Cheese vs. Grilled Cheese

There could be a bit of a debate about whether toasted cheese sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches are the same. Many use the terms interchangeably, but others say there is a difference.

The camp of people who feel that there is a difference say that grilled cheese sandwiches are made as described above. You’re grilling and melting cheese while toasting bread.

A toasted cheese sandwich would just involve toasting the bread and then placing cheese on the bread. This is even less complex than making a grilled cheese sandwich.

If you like plain cheese on toasted bread, then you wouldn’t need a grill to make a sandwich such as that. You’d simply need a toaster.

Most people agree that grilled cheese sandwiches are a lot more common. So for the rest of this article, you’re going to learn about methods for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

1 – You Could Use a Cooking Blowtorch

Do you happen to own a cooking blowtorch? This isn’t something that everyone has in their kitchens, but it’s going to be useful when you’re trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

You could also use a torch to toast the bread if you simply wanted to place cheese on top of it. All you need to do is take the torch and toast each side of the bread.

It should be easy enough to see how you’re doing by looking at the bread as you’re torching it. Try to be careful not to torch the bread too much or it’ll wind up burning.

Sometimes chefs will toast bread this way so that they can finish a sandwich to perfection. If you happen to own a cooking torch of some sort, then it’s worth trying if you don’t want to cook sandwiches the traditional way.

2 – Use a Microwave

It’s actually possible to make a grilled cheese sandwich using the microwave. However, it’s also going to require you to use a toaster.

You can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster. The cheese will get stuck in the toast, and it’s going to create a hazard.

Instead, you’ll want to toast your bread in the toaster as you normally would when making toast. Once this is done, you’re going to place cheese between two slices of toasted bread.

Put the sandwich in the microwave on some type of small saucer. Microwaving the sandwich for approximately thirty seconds should be enough to melt the cheese.

Congratulations, you just made a very simple version of a grilled cheese sandwich. Some might think that it isn’t as good as a grilled cheese that’s made on the stove, but it’s up to you to decide if this method is viable or not.

Some people like to wrap the sandwich in paper towels to try to absorb some of the moisture in the microwave. It might help to keep the bread from getting a bit too soft.

3 – Make the Toasted Sandwich Over an Open Flame

Cooking a sandwich over an open fire is another option that you can turn to. It’s kind of hard to do this, though, since you’ll need to find a way to hold the sandwich over the flame safely.

Most people who try this will wind up using some type of pan. You can either use a spit or a grill that is meant to be placed over the open flame.

When this is in position, it’ll then be possible to place the pan on the spit or grill. It’ll hold the pan in place so that you can make your toasted sandwich as normal.

This isn’t complicated to do, and you might find this to be convenient when you’re out on a camping trip. If you have some bread and cheese in your cooler, then making a toasted cheese sandwich or a standard grilled cheese would be great.

4 – Try Using the Broiler

Using the broiler to make grilled cheese or toasted cheese sandwiches will be possible, too. This idea is neat when you’re trying to make multiple sandwiches at once.

Position your bread on a cookie sheet and butter the bread if you’re making grilled cheese sandwiches. Then put the cheese on the sandwich if you’re wanting to melt the cheese.

You simply cook the sandwiches with the broiler and then flip them halfway through the process. This ensures that each side of the sandwich will be cooked evenly.

So long as you have an oven with a broiler it’s going to be easy to do this. It isn’t an option that a lot of people think about when they’re making toasted cheese sandwiches, but it’s certainly possible.

When you want to make five or six sandwiches at once, this might actually be more convenient than making a sandwich on the stove. It’ll be possible to feed the entire family without having to meticulously cook sandwiches one or two at a time.

Final Thoughts

You have been given a number of different ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches now. There isn’t much of a reason to use a standard grill to make a toasted cheese sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich.

One of the most practical ways is to just make a grilled cheese sandwich on the stove. This is truly the most common way that people make sandwiches such as this.

If you’re trying to make a toasted cheese sandwich, then you can toast the bread in a toaster. Then you’ll be able to add cheese to it after the bread is toasted.

Making grilled cheese sandwiches in more exotic ways will be possible, too. For example, you could use a cooking torch to make a toasted sandwich.

Many chefs will do things such as this at fancy restaurants. Simply be careful not to burn the bread if you’re going to try this method out.

Some people make grilled cheeses in the microwave by toasting the bread first. Toast the bread in the toaster and then place cheese between the two slices of bread to melt it in the microwave.

Using a broiler is an incredible thing to do when you want to make lots of sandwiches at once. Just place the sandwiches on a cookie sheet, put the sheet in the broiler, and remember to flip the sandwiches halfway through the cooking process.

Some have even made toasted sandwiches over open flames by starting fires outside. If you have a spit or a grill attachment, then this will be fairly easy to accomplish.

Which one of these methods appeals to you the most? Consider all of them and then decide what is going to work out best for you.

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