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5 Smart Ways to Keep Vertical Blinds From Blowing in the Wind

5 Smart Ways to Keep Vertical Blinds From Blowing in the Wind

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Vertical blinds can be very nice, but they can be a little bit annoying sometimes due to how likely they are to blow around in the wind. If you enjoy your vertical blinds, then you might want to take some steps to make them better. There are some methods that you can utilize to make your vertical blinds blow around less on a windy day.

Read on to explore what you need to do to alter your vertical blinds. For the most part, these pieces of advice are very practical and don’t require any complicated modifications. You will be able to handle this even if you aren’t an incredibly handy individual.

1 – Place Weights on the End of Each Vertical Blind

You can cut small holes in the vertical blinds at the bottom so that you can secure small weights to them. What this is going to do is allow the blinds to stay in place instead of blowing around. You can expect the blinds to remain stationary unless the wind gusts that you’re dealing with are significant.

It isn’t necessary to use very heavy weights on your vertical blinds or anything either. In fact, you definitely don’t want to go too heavy because you could run the risk of ripping through the vertical blind.

Just get some small weights and fasten them to the vertical blinds at the bottom using some type of strong string or twine.

Many people buy little weights that have holes in the middle to make this process as easy as possible. You should be able to get this done in a very short amount of time.

It isn’t a very involved process and it should prevent your vertical blinds from blowing around in the wind too much unless the wind gusts are very heavy.

2 – Using a Weighted Bar

Weighted Chain on Vertical Blinds

Of course, some of the vertical blinds that are on the market will come with what is known as a vertical bar. This is something that the vertical blinds are attached to at the bottom and it is supposed to prevent the vertical blinds from moving around and separating too much. You can use these to make your situation better and it should work out pretty nicely overall.

The biggest potential problem with this is that strong wind gusts could cause the weighted bar to slam against your wall. This could wind up creating a “clattering” noise that will wind up being very obnoxious. You almost certainly don’t want to have to deal with this and there are some options to make this even better.

Some vertical blind owners have decided to attach towels to their weighted bars to make things better. You can fasten unused towels to the bottom and back of your weighted bar so that if it does hit the wall it won’t make a lot of noise. If there is a noise at all, then it should be very subtle because the towels will dampen the noise quite a bit.

You don’t necessarily have to use towels to dampen the noise either. Any type of cloth is going to work so long as it is thick enough to make a difference.

If you have old t-shirts that you don’t need any longer, then those will probably work swimmingly as well.

3 – Connect the Bottoms with a PVC Strip

Another idea is to simply connect the bottoms of your vertical blinds with a PVC strip. This won’t necessarily prevent the blinds from moving in the wind at all, but it will prevent them from moving independently of each other.

One of the biggest problems with vertical blinds blowing in the wind is that they often get twisted and move in different directions, which can be very annoying.

Connecting the bottoms of the blinds together will allow them to move in unison and they’ll also be less likely to blow around because the weight of all of the blinds will be tied together.

It isn’t necessarily a complete solution for having your blinds blow in the wind, but it does solve many of the annoying parts about having that happen. This is just as practical as using a weighted bar in some ways and it’s worth considering.

4 – Use Cloth Blinds

Using cloth blinds is something that many people consider doing, too. You might be annoyed by the noise that your blinds make when they clatter together due to the wind.

If you make use of cloth vertical blinds instead, then they aren’t going to make those annoying noises that wake you up or simply get on your nerves while you’re trying to do other things.

One reason why this isn’t always ideal is that cloth blinds aren’t always going to weight much more than normal blinds. In fact, many of the cloth vertical blinds that you will be able to utilize will be even lighter and they will probably blow around in the wind more.

This could be something that bothers you and it might make you not want to open the window, but it’ll solve the problem of having to deal with noise that is related to your blinds blowing in the wind.

5 – Avoid Opening Your Windows

Keeping Door Closed with Vertical Blinds

Sadly, many people decide that using vertical blinds just means that they shouldn’t open their windows when it’s very windy. These blinds are prone to being blown around and if the methods listed above don’t help, then you might wish to avoid opening your windows on some days.

This might not seem to be all that practical, but it does make sense that windy days will lead to more problems than usual.

You can use your best judgment to decide when it is a good time to open the windows and when your blinds will be more likely to get blown around. For many people, the weighted blinds idea is going to solve many of these problems. Even so, strong wind gusts can still move even vertical blinds that have been weighed down.

There aren’t a lot of super practical ways to keep blinds from moving around in the wind at all. You can limit how much they move and you can keep them from making a bunch of noise. It just might not be possible to eliminate the possibility that they will blow around in the wind completely.

Start Enjoying Your Vertical Blinds More

You have a lot more information about what you can do to make things better now. Weighing down your blinds might help a lot and using a weighted bar is going to make sense for many people.

Other options include using cloth blinds or simply tying the vertical blinds together so that they don’t move independently of each other.

Take a look at all of the advice and then try to determine which options make sense for your situation. You can use one or two of the methods to make your vertical blind experience substantially better.

Even if you can’t keep the wind at bay completely, it’s still going to be much improved when compared to doing nothing at all.

You’ll never have to put up with annoying noises due to your blinds blowing around if you know how to secure them. You can dampen the noises and make sure that the blinds are less likely to thrash about due to small gusts of wind. Hopefully, this will be enough for you to enjoy your vertical blinds to the fullest.

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