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4 Simple Ways to Keep a Bed Skirt in Place

4 Simple Ways to Keep a Bed Skirt in Place

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Having a bed skirt is nice because it makes your bed look that much better. Bed skirts can hide the frame that you’re using for your bed so that everything will look as presentable as possible.

A lot of people use bed skirts, but some notice that they have problems getting bed skirts to stay in place. Have you ever walked into your bedroom and noticed that your bed skirt is skewed or slightly coming off?

This can be an issue sometimes, but it’s not something that you have to keep putting up with. There are ways that you can keep a bed skirt in place much better.

Read on to learn how to keep a bed skirt in place reliably. After reading the information below, you won’t have any trouble getting the bed skirt to stay where it should.

1 – Pin the Bed Skirt in Place

Pinning the bed skirt in place might be the most practical solution to your problem. If you’re finding that the bed skirt won’t stay in place when you place it on the bed normally, then getting some pins will help you out.

You can get specific bed skirt pins that are meant to fasten bed skirts in place. They have a corkscrew type of design, and the heads are invisible so that they won’t stand out.

All you need to do to pin a bed skirt in place is position it exactly how you want it before pinning it. Place the bed skirt in the right position and then twist a pin through the fabric of the bed skirt and into the box spring.

The place where you’ll be pinning the bed skirt will be right by the corners of the bed. This means that you’ll be pinning the bed skirt in four places to ensure that it stays where it’s supposed to.

Now, when you’ve pinned all of the corners properly, it’s going to be time to start adding pins elsewhere. You might be able to get away with just using the four pins, but it’s going to be a lot better to use all of the bed skirt pins that came in the pack that you bought.

Most bed skirt pin packs will come with a dozen pins, and you should be able to use all of them without it being a problem. Just find good spots to use the pins that will help you to keep the bed skirt in place.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to place the pins, then you should just try to use the pins symmetrically. Once you’ve finished, it should be easier to keep the bed skirt from moving around.

Also, you’ll have a set of directions and warnings that come with your bed skirt pins. Refer to those if you get confused or if you need advice about how to use the pins.

2 – Tape Can Work Too

If you don’t like working with bed skirt pins, then you could just use tape instead. The tape can actually work pretty much as well as bed skirt pins, and it isn’t going to cost a lot of money either.

The idea here is that you’ll be using tape that has a Velcro hook-and-loop system. Your tape will be self-sticking, and it should be easy to place it all around where you need it.

You’re going to be placing the tape in a “V” configuration at the corners of your bed. Then you tape the other pieces to the underside of the bed skirt’s corners.

They should match up perfectly and you can keep things stuck together so that the bed skirt won’t move. It’s really easy to use this tape, and it winds up being an ideal solution for many people.

If you’re worried about being able to wash your bed skirt, then you shouldn’t be concerned. Bed skirt tape is designed to come off very easily so that you can remove the bed skirt and wash it.

3 – Consider Using Grip Pads

One of the most common reasons why bed skirts will move around is that they get too slippery. If the bed skirt is slipping against the sheets or the bed itself, then you can stop that by using grip pads.

Grip pads or some other type of non-slip material can be placed on each corner of the bed. This will make it so that the bed skirt won’t move around or slip because it’s coming into contact with a material that is designed to be non-slip.

This added bit of grip can go a long way toward solving the problems that you’re having with your bed skirt. If you’d like to be able to stop worrying about your bed skirt getting out of place, then this should be a fine solution.

Some people might get better results if they add more grip pads at certain points as well. You might be able to do just fine with having grip pads in the corners, but you can also place them at specific points elsewhere to improve your results even further.

4 – Consider Using Different Sheets on Your Box Spring

The reason why your bed skirt is slipping might have to do with the type of sheets that you’re using. If you’re using very silky sheets, then the bed skirt might slip around when it comes into contact with that slippery material.

This is expected, but this doesn’t mean that you will want to ditch your silky sheets. Many people enjoy the feeling of silky sheets, and it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to try something different.

Sometimes these silky sheets can move around so much that they’ll go down near the bed skirt at night. If you’re someone who moves around a lot while sleeping, then your silky sheets moving could also be causing your bed skirt to move.

You could use some of the methods above to try to fix things, but changing the sheets that you’re using won’t be a bad idea. Slippery box springs might be the problem as well, and the bed skirt should be coming into contact with the box springs much more than the sheets.

If your box spring is too slick, then you might need to get grip pads as suggested above. Another option to consider is to use sheets on the box spring to make it less slippery.

You could place a fitted sheet over the box spring that is made out of flannel or something else that won’t slip. This will ensure that the bed skirt won’t slip around so much, and you should have an easier time keeping things where you want them to be.

Enjoy Your Bed Skirt

Enjoy your bed skirt now that you know how to keep it in place better. Thankfully, it isn’t that hard to get good results so long as you’re using tape or bed skirt pins.

Which method you should use will depend on which one you find to be more convenient. Neither option is hard to utilize, but you might have an easier time getting the bed skirt off to wash it if you go with the Velcro tape option.

Either way, just know that you don’t have to put up with a bed skirt that doesn’t stay in place. You can change sheets, place a fitted sheet on your box spring, and use grip pads to keep it from moving around.

You have options, and it’s going to be simple to just enjoy having your bed skirt look nice. It’ll be great to look into your bedroom to see that your bed looks immaculate moving forward.

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