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9 Ways to Get Rid of Static Electricity on Your Couch

9 Ways to Get Rid of Static Electricity on Your Couch

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Dealing with static electricity can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are constantly getting shocked by the same item in your home. If your couch or other furniture is zapping you with static electricity almost every time you touch it, you probably desperately want to know how to stop it from happening.

Fortunately for you, this article will detail some of the various methods you can utilize to get rid of unwanted static electricity from your piece of furniture. Keep reading, so you can prevent those daily shocks.

First, though, you should know precisely what static electricity is.

What Is Static Electricity?

Everyone has to deal with it several times throughout their lives, especially during the winter, yet most people do not actually understand what static electricity is. Well, it all comes down to electrons and protons which are fundamental parts of all matter.

Electrons are negatively charged whereas protons are positively charged, and, to put it simply, static electricity is an imbalance between the two charges in an object. Since some objects have electrons that are more weakly bound, they are more likely to pick up static electricity.

Certain fabrics are more affected by static electricity than others such as silk, wool, and polyester, which you may have noticed with certain pieces of clothing that you wear. Other fabrics, such as cotton, are the opposite in that they are not as affected by it.

The Dangers of Static Electricity

Static Electricity from Door Knob

You might be surprised to learn that lightning is actually a form of static electricity, albeit a much more highly charged one than what shocks you in your home.

However, static electricity in your home as well as at fuel pumps can also pose a danger, though it is unlikely. In order for static electricity to result in a fire in your house, there would need to be some sort of material or fuel to ignite a spark, which is not typically the case in most people’s homes.

Even though the dangers of static electricity in a house are quite minimal, constant shocks are still very annoying, so make sure to take a look below at the different methods for removing static electricity from your couch and other pieces of furniture.

Methods for Removing Static Electricity

Now that you have a basic understanding of what static electricity is, you can take a look at some ways to remove it from your couch and other furniture, as well as your entire home. All of these techniques are easy, effective, and can be utilized by anyone.

1 – Vinegar and Water

Vinegar Spray

One method for reducing static electricity in fabrics is by spraying it with a solution of vinegar and water. Simply mix up 1:1 parts water and white vinegar, put it into a spray bottle, and then mist it onto the fabric of your couch after shaking up the solution.

2 – Dryer Sheets

Another way to remove that pesky static electricity from your couch is by gently brushing dryer sheets over the fabric of your furniture.

Dryer sheets are actually thin pieces of material that are coated in fabric softener. Fabric softener contains positively charged ions that equalize the protons and electrons, thus removing static electricity.

3 – Water and Fabric Softener

As mentioned in the preceding method, fabric softener works to get rid of static electricity by equalizing the imbalance of negative charges. As a result, you can utilize fabric softener to remove static electricity from your couch.

To do this, combine water and fabric softener, with about 25% of the solution being softener. Pour it into a spray bottle, and mist it over your furniture to take care of the annoying shocks.

4 – Water and Hair Conditioner

Bottle of Hair Conditioner

An additional method for getting rid of static electricity from your couch is by using a solution of two tablespoons of hair conditioner with two cups of water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, shake it up vigorously, and mist it onto the fabric of your furniture.

You can do this regularly to keep static electricity from shocking you every day.

5 – Anti-Static Spray

You also have the option of purchasing a solution from a store that is designed specifically for removing static electricity from fabrics. If you do not wish to make your own solution, this is something you can consider using.

6 – Increase Humidity

The root cause of your furniture having a lot of static electricity may likely be the fact that your house is too dry. Dry air leads to more static electricity, which is why static shocks are much more common in the chilly, dry winter months.

You can place a humidifier in your home, specifically in the room where the affected furniture is, and this could very well keep you from getting shocked all the time and prevent nosebleeds at the same time.

7 – House Plants


It turns out that house plants actually increase the amount of moisture in your home, making them great candidates for reducing static electricity. If you are already a lover of plants, this is a great excuse for you to decorate your home with even more of these natural humidifiers, turning your home into a tropical oasis that is free of unpleasant shocks.

8 – Use a Cover

One way you can help get rid of static electricity on your couch is by covering it with a sheet or couch slip that is made of leather or another fabric that is non-static. This will most certainly reduce the shocks you experience while also adding a fresh look to the couch and room.

Make sure you find a slip that ties in well with the other colors of the room.

9 – Reupholster Couch

If you would like a more permanent solution to your electrically charged couch than a slip or sheet, you could think about getting your couch completely reupholstered with a fabric that is more conductive.

This is a great way to both take care of your static electricity problem and renew your furniture. You can also use this as an opportunity to redesign the entire room that your couch is in, transforming a negative situation into a positive and exciting one.

New Couch

If you still cannot find a solution for getting your couch to quit zapping you all the time, and if you happen to be considering getting some new furniture anyway, you could always opt for purchasing a different couch that uses a fabric which is not so prone to static electricity.

If your couch is worn, and you think you are about ready for furniture replacements, this might be the smartest move for you to make in regards to addressing your issue.

Final Thoughts

The main point to take away from this article is that static electricity is typically the result of your home being too dry. This is why the best course of action is likely to introduce more humidity into your home in one way or another, whether it be by purchasing additional plants for your house or by setting up a humidifier in the room with the most static electricity.

Using the methods detailed throughout this article will help ease the shocks temporarily, but you should ideally target the root of the problem to have a comfortable home for the long-term.

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