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How to Fix a Crushed Downspout (3 Methods to Consider)

How to Fix a Crushed Downspout (3 Methods to Consider)

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Downspouts can easily get damaged by falling trees or even by someone stepping on them. This can be very unpleasant for your home’s appearance.

This could lead you to wonder: how to fix a crushed downspout?

Thankfully, you can fix a damaged downspout using tools that you probably already have at home. Plus, if the damage is too severe, you can replace the damaged part with minimal hassle.

Are you ready to learn how to fix that downspout? Let’s do it!

How to Repair Your Downspout

Downspouts are the drain pipes that run from your gutters to the ground. They’re often made of aluminum, which is pretty light and easy to crush.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for a downspout to get crushed by a car or lawnmower, because it’s so light. If you notice any damage to your downspout, it’s time to repair it immediately before more problems arise.

Here are a few techniques to get you started on your project.

1 – Use a Pipe Clamp

For this method, you’ll need:

First things first, check how pliable the downspout is. Most gutter downspouts are made of aluminum, which can bend easily if you squeeze just hard enough.

Next, put your gloves and eyewear on and try to squeeze around the downspout as hard as you can. It might not seem as useful, but you shouldn’t start with the pipe clamp immediately.

It’s best to test out how flexible the downspout is and to try and buff it back into place as best as you can.

After you’re all done with the squeezing, you can use the pipe clamp. First, measure the diameter and the size of the pipe and adjust the clamp accordingly.

Next, position the clamp over the crushed downspout and screw it in tightly. Keep going until you notice the bent in the crushed downspout is expanding back into place.

This could easily be the last step if the bent isn’t too much. However, if it still looks crushed, you can use a wooden plank with the appropriate width and insert it in the downspout.

Just measure the diameter of the downspout and get a wooden plank of a slightly smaller size.

After that, insert the plank into the downspout and twist it inside to push against the bent surfaces.

Hopefully, this method helped you to fix the crushed downspout. If not, try the next one!

2 – Use a Screw

Not all of us out there happen to have a pipe clamp at home. Luckily, this approach only requires:

  • A power drill
  • Protective gear
  • One screw
  • Pliers

For this method to work, you’ll just need to give that crushed downspout an extensive look. Locate the place where the bent looks the worse and then get your tools ready.

You’ll need to make sure you’re using the right type of screws. People often confuse self-taping screws and self-drilling ones. For this procedure, you’ll need a self-taping one.

Moreover, make sure the screw is the right size. You can watch this video to help you figure out what’s the best size for this DIY project.

Once you have everything, head back to the downspout and get the power drill ready. You’ll need to create a small pilot hole before you insert that nail.

The pilot hole helps a screw thread cut directly into the material. This makes it easier to drive it in and also enables you to be more accurate.

After you’re done with the pilot hole, get the self-taping nail and screw it to the crushed part of the downspout. However, don’t let the screw go all the way in; ¾ is just fine.

Lay the drill on its side, and use your hands to pull on the nail. This will allow you to unbend the crushed surface of the downspout.

If your hands are slippery or you’re not getting a good grip, use the pliers to help you.

Once you’re done, use a small piece of gutter tape to cover the hole. If this method worked for your situation, great! If not, maybe this last method will be it.

3 – Use Replacement Parts

Sometimes, the damage to a downspout can be so severe that it’s beyond repair. Plus, downspout gutters are usually made of aluminum, but you can also find some made of copper or even plastic.

If this is the case with your downspout, the best option will be to completely replace the crushed part. Thankfully, replacing a crushed downspout is a simple job.

You’ll just need:

  • A power drill
  • A couple of screws
  • A junior hacksaw
  • A Measuring tape
  • Protective gear

First, you need to determine where exactly the downspout is crushed. Then, check along the length of the gutter for any signs of different problems or missing pieces.

Once you have located the damaged area, measure how long it is and what shape it’s in. This will help you find an appropriate replacement piece at your local hardware store.

Now, take off any screws or rivets that are holding the damaged piece in place. You can set them aside so that you can use them, later on, to secure your new piece into place.

Clean out any debris from inside the gutter, then insert your new downspout into place with some new screws or clips (depending on what kind of replacement kit came with your new piece).

You may need to cut off some excess length with the junior hacksaw if it’s too long for your needs. Just remember to merge the two pieces properly so that water won’t build up inside!

Final Thoughts

So, how do you fix a crushed downspout? Easy! Just use a pipe clamp to inflate the bent surface back into its proper shape.

Don’t have a pipe clamp? No problem! Drill a nail in the downspout and pull it yourself so the surface buffs back out.

If the downspout is made of tougher material, you can just replace the whole thing. Fixing your own home’s plumbing is a smart way to save a lot of money and time on handymen.

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