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3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Ceiling Fan (Without a Ladder)

3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Ceiling Fan (Without a Ladder)

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Cleaning the ceiling fan is important to do after every few weeks. Over the passage of time, you are going to notice dust spots appearing on the fan blades, and this definitely doesn’t go well with the interior aesthetic of the place.

Cleanliness is important, especially when it comes to the ceiling fan.

If you do not clean the ceiling fan on a regular basis, it’s going to turn dark and dusty. Whenever you turn on the fan, a cloud of dust is going to blow in all directions, which might make you cough, and also dirty all the surfaces in the room.

Needless to say, cleaning the ceiling fan, both from the underside and the topside, is very important.

The fan blades require particular care, because you wouldn’t want them to bend while you are cleaning them.

In most cases, the dirt and grime that settles on the ceiling fan will have to be properly cleaned using a dust rag and a powerful cleaning solution. Sometimes, you might have to use a ladder to clean the ceiling fans properly.

But, does that mean that there is no way to clean the ceiling fan properly without a ladder? Of course not. There are several ways by which you can clean the ceiling fan properly.

While it might not be as thorough as when you are able to get up on the ladder and clean it with care, you should know that there are still several ways by which you can get the dirt and grime off the ceiling fan.

Here are a few simple tips that will work.

1 – Use a Spot Duster

One of the best things that you can use to clean the ceiling fan is to make use of a spot duster. A spot duster is a conventional duster with an extendable handle that you can use to clean those difficult spots on the ceiling, as well as the ceiling fan.

Ideally, you should go for a spot duster that comes with a handle lock. The handle lock will allow you to adjust the length of the handle and hold it in place without any sliding problems.

There are a number of dusters that make use of a magnetic field to ensure that the dust particles stick to the duster when you clean the ceiling fan.

But, to charge the duster first, you will want to rub it against a bag made of plastic. This is going to create static electricity and it is going to allow the duster to pick up those dust particles that are swept off from the fan blades.

However, you need to make sure that you do not dangle the duster near an electrical connection.

You need to hook up the duster around one of the fan blades, and then start cleaning it from one side to another.

You need to exercise a bit of caution and be gentle with the duster so that it doesn’t fall off, or cause damage to the ceiling fan itself. Then, repeat the same strategy with the other blades.

The duster itself is going to get quite dirty while you are cleaning the fan blades, so it’s important that you clean the duster after set intervals too. If it gets too dirty, it won’t be able to clean the fan blades properly.

If you want a better angle while cleaning the surfaces, you might want to consider getting up on a chair.

It’s going to improve your reach and will also allow you to clean the topside of the fan blades with ease.

However, make sure you use a chair with a firm base, and have someone stand by at the bottom to keep it firmly fixed in place. There is always a slight risk of injury involved in case the chair topples over.

2 – Using a Vacuum Cleaner

There is another excellent method that you can use to clean the ceiling fan properly. Vacuum cleaners can make dusting incredibly easy, and they will help you get rid of all the dust and grime that attaches itself to the ceiling fan blades.

First of all, you need to get rid of the default attachment from your vacuum cleaner. Instead, install one that has a brush on it.

A brush attachment will help get rid of the stubborn dust on the fan blades. A long, flat attachment with a brush in front is the ideal choice. Even a circular one will work.

Then, you need to attach the brush to the extension rod that comes with the vacuum cleaner, and fix it properly in the nozzle. You need to check whether the nozzle is fit enough so that it doesn’t fall off when you are cleaning the fan blades.

If the rod is not long enough to reach the fan blades, you can just use a small stool or a chair to get higher up.

You need to begin cleaning by starting from one end of the blade to another. Make sure you trace your movements back to get rid of any dust that you might have missed on the first try.

Again, take it slow and make sure you move the vacuum cleaner over the fan blades multiple times to get rid of the dust properly.

Once you are done with cleaning the blades, the next step is to run the vacuum cleaner on the floor to get rid of any dust particles that may have fallen to the ground.

If there is a chair or anything under the ceiling fan, make sure you clean that as well to get rid of all the dust.

3 – Using a Chair or a Stool

If you have a tall stool or a high-rise chair, you can use that to get up and clean the ceiling fan on your own. Obviously, for that to happen, the cleaner must have a good height as well.

It is important that you balance the stool or chair properly and make sure you have someone standing close by in case you lose your balance.

When you are positioned near the blades of the ceiling fan, you can use a wet rag to clean the fan blades with ease.

You can also buy dusting gloves from the market to clean the fan blades on your own. It doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part, especially when you are able to climb all the way up.

All you have to do is wipe down the blades in straight swoops. However, you should know that when cleaning the fan, you are going to be quite close to the blades.

It is important that you wear a mask or take any kind of precaution to prevent the dust from entering your nose or your mouth. If you have goggles, you might want to put those on as well.

If your ceiling fan has lights installed on it, make sure you turn everything off. Avoid using wet solutions near the light holders or the wiring to avoid any kind of electrical issues later on.

These are just a few things that you should know about cleaning the ceiling fan properly without a ladder.

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