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6 Simple Steps to Clean Bird Poop Off of Brick

6 Simple Steps to Clean Bird Poop Off of Brick

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Bird droppings are always difficult to clean, whether it’s a surface or a stone patio. However, almost every homeowner has to deal with bird droppings now and then.

Birds usually like to sit atop high surfaces and look down, and as a result of that, their droppings will usually be found all over the ground, or on the roof of your house.

Needless to say, it’s going to paint a really poor picture of your house, especially if there are lots of bird droppings on the roof. The real problem is that most people don’t know much about how to clean the droppings off their brick surfaces. Bird poop is incredibly acidic, and as a result of that, it tends to dry out very quickly.

Have you ever gotten a bird dropping on your shirt? It dries in under five minutes if you don’t clean it, and unless you wash it thoroughly, it’s definitely going to leave a stain.

Therefore, the essential thing to do is clean the bird droppings as quickly as possible. Treating the spots rapidly is important, otherwise, you will have to change your cleaning strategy.

Before we talk about the cleaning process, it is important to understand what’s in the bird poop. Most people think that bird poop is just a combination of bird pee and poop, and it’s true. Unlike humans, birds tend to pee and poop from a single orifice, so it all happens at once.

Bird Poop Close Up

The white part is primarily uric acid, and just like other animals, the poop is usually made from bacteria and other digested or undigested foods. In most cases, this includes worms, pollen, insects, berries, pollen, and other things.

On top of that, bird poop can often carry disease, so you need to take a few safety measures before you decide to get rid of the bird poop on your own.

If the bird dropping is allowed to dry for a longer period of time, it is probably going to leave a permanent stain on the surfaces, and will need to be cleaned properly.

So, now that you have a better understanding of how to clean the stain on your own, let’s focus on the steps that you need to take to clean the bird poop.

1 – Act as Quickly as You Can

Let’s talk about the best case scenario at first: you notice a few bird droppings on the brick surfaces on your property, and you realize that they are still not dry.

This is the ideal time to act, and you need to get inside and bring a few paper towels. Remove the droppings as quickly as possible and do not let them solidify on the surface.

The fresh droppings might get absorbed through the pores in the brick surface, so you definitely don’t want that. Remember, when cleaning off bird droppings, you should always avoid using sharp or metallic objects, as you might end up scraping against the brick surface. Using steel wool is strictly not recommended either.

These tools will only scratch the finish and affect its appearance. You can buy stone-safe pads to use to clean the bird droppings. These are usually designed to get rid of grime and dirt that tends to settle on the surface, so it’s a wise choice in most cases.

2 – Power Washing

Power Washing Brick Driveway

Another common method available to most people is the power wash. Power washing services are offered by a number of home maintenance companies, and you might want to hire their services to get rid of the problem.

Ideally, hiring a power washing company is the best option, but it’s only viable if a considerable part of the building or the ground is covered in bird poop.

Power washing includes targeting stains on the surface with a high-pressure washer. The sheer pressure generated by the water is enough to get rid of all the stains and the bird droppings that might be stuck to the surface.

A power wash will also get rid of all the dirt and grime that might have settled on the surface and discolored it over the years. This is probably an expensive method and it’s best if you want larger areas cleaned properly.

3 – Use a Hose

Once you have picked off as much of the poop as you can, the next step is to use a hose. If you don’t want to get the full area power washed, using a hose on your own is a great way to get rid of as much of the debris as you can.

However, you should know that there is a risk that the bird droppings might spread to other areas in these instances, so you will need to do this with a considerable amount of care.

4 – Use Liquid Washing Detergent

Liquid Dishwasher Detergent

The dishwashing detergent that you have in your house is incredibly potent when it comes to stains and it can help you get rid of quite a few stains on different surfaces. While it is primarily designed for cleaning pots, pans, and plates, you should know that it is quite powerful against other surfaces.

However, to use it effectively, you will need to get a soft bristled brush. In some cases, a bit of elbow grease might be needed to loosen the stains before you can get started. Just apply a bit of the liquid dishwashing detergent on the droppings, and use a bristle brush to get rid of the stains.

In most cases, this will help you loosen out all the stains, and the bird droppings can then be cleaned with water. However, many people don’t want the bird droppings falling off in other areas, you might want to try an alternate method of cleaning the stains.

5 – Use Something Absorbent

Keep in mind that this method is only effective when the bird droppings are still wet and easy to remove. You can take a rag or a paper towel, and then place it on the surface where the droppings are. The paper towel is going to absorb the uric acid and will lighten the stain from the bricks.

You might want to gently clean it or spritz a bit of water on top to completely get rid of the stain. If the amount of bird droppings is quite high, you might want to consider using sawdust or even cat litter, as both are highly absorbent and will get rid of the moisture for you.

Just leave it there for a while for the cat litter or the sawdust to work its magic, and then use a broom to sweep everything aside. This way, you will be able to get rid of the problem quite easily.

6 – Use All-Purpose Household Cleaners

All-Purpose Cleaner

Household cleaners are primarily designed to get rid of stubborn stains from different kinds of surfaces. To ensure that you find the best one, it’s recommended that you get an all-purpose carpet cleaner that can be used for the brick surface. You will want to apply the cleaner on the surface, and then rub the stain off.

The household cleaner is a pretty effective substance that works like a charm in removing most types of bird droppings. More importantly, you should know that there is an alternative, organic solution available too, especially if you don’t have a household cleaner at hand.

Just create a mixture using laundry detergent, vinegar, and add a bit of warm water to it. It’s a relatively mild solution but it will be enough to get rid of the stains. You will want to apply the cleaner generously on the surface that’s covered with bird droppings, and give it at least five minutes to sit on the spot.

The chemical compounds found in most cleaners will start to break away at the chemicals found in the bird droppings, which will ultimately make it easy for you to wipe them away later on. When wiping the stains away, the best thing to do is make use of a damp washcloth.

The force of scrubbing and the cleaning power of the mixture is going to be more than enough for you to get rid of the bird droppings. Once the stain has been cleaned, you should apply a bit of water on it to make the surface look fresh again.

If you don’t have a damp washcloth, using a bristle brush is also a great idea. It works just as well, and it will help you get rid of the stains with no problem.

These are just a few methods that you can use to get rid of bird droppings from your brick surfaces. If you can’t seem to get rid of the problem, it might be a wise idea to get in touch with a professional house cleaning crew.

However, in most cases, getting rid of bird droppings won’t be that big of a problem for you. All it requires is a bit of patience and a bit of care to get even the most stubborn stains out!

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