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Gutter Apron vs. Drip Edge (The Key Differences)

Gutter Apron vs. Drip Edge (The Key Differences)

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You know how important it is to direct water away from your home. If you allow water to pool on the roof and near the bottom of your house, it’s going to cause various issues.

This is why you need to have a system that directs water to a safe location. Many people use standard gutters and downspouts to direct water appropriately.

There are many options that you have available to you, though. You might be trying to decide whether you want to go with a gutter apron or a drip edge.

What are the major differences between these two options? Is one better than the other?

Keep reading to learn about both gutter aprons and drip edges. Once you’ve read everything, you’ll have a better idea of what both bring to the table.

Gutter Apron Overview

Gutter aprons work to direct water away from the roof and toward the gutter. A gutter apron is basically an L-shaped piece of metal that is designed to protect your roof.

Your roof has several vulnerable spots that can be damaged by water. Without a gutter apron (or something comparable) in place, the roof could easily get damaged by water.

They specifically protect the edge of the roof where the shingles meet the edge. Without something in place that area would be vulnerable to water damage.

Gutter aprons are sold as metal strips. When you buy them they will either be aluminum sheets or steel sheets.

You can buy them in different colors if you’re interested in using them to change the overall look of the edge of your roof. Most people choose neutral colors that blend in with the roof so that it will look natural.

Drip Edge Overview

A drip edge is a type of metal flashing that keeps moisture from getting into your home. It’s positioned to protect the area where the roof shingles meet the edge of a roof.

It’s basically just a T-shaped piece of metal that helps to create a watertight seal. It seals the edge of the roof to protect from moisture issues.

The drip edge has some overlap with the gutter. This is because it needs to prevent water from falling into the gap that would exist between the gutter and the drip edge.

So your drip edge will keep the water from getting into vulnerable spots. It specifically directs the water away from the fascia board and ensures that it goes toward the gutter.

Without a drip edge, the fascia board would be in danger of rotting. The fascia board is important because it holds the gutters up.

Typically, people buy drip edges that match the color of the roof shingles or the gutters. This ensures that everything looks natural, but you can buy drip edges in pretty much whatever color you want.

Gutter Aprons and Drip Edges Do the Same Things

Now that you’ve learned what these two things do, you know that they fulfill the same purpose. They’re both designed to protect your roof and your home from water.

They work to guide water toward the gutter so that it can be routed away from the house. Installing either a gutter apron or a drip edge on your roof will be a good idea.

Are there any significant differences between the two, though? Is one better than the other?

They’re both so similar that one isn’t necessarily better than the other. For some roofs, one design might work better than the other.

Most experts recommend having someone look at your roof and see which option will work best. Get professional help and then decide whether a gutter apron or a drip edge will be more appropriate.

It’s usually related to the shape of your roof. Sometimes the T-shape of a drip edge will work better than the L-shape of a gutter apron, but it could also be the other way around.

Advantages of Installing a Drip Edge or Gutter Apron

There are many reasons why you’ll want to consider installing a drip edge or a gutter apron. Since these two things serve the same purposes, the advantages are the same for both.

When you have one of these installed it offers your home much greater protection from the rain. It also does a good job of keeping the roof safe from the wind.

Your roof deck will be much more secure with a drip edge or gutter apron in place. It eliminates gaps and keeps water from getting through.

You won’t have to worry about wood rot issues nearly as much when you have one of these installed. Wood rot can be extremely problematic and this is especially true when the fascia board rots.

Both drip edges and gutter aprons act as guards for the fascia. With the importance of the fascia, it makes sense to have one of these installed to help things out.

If your home has an attic, it’ll be very nice to have a gutter apron or a drip edge. It keeps pests such as insects from being able to get into the attic through gaps.

It also offers standard shingle support. Things stay in place much better overall.

You might even wind up saving money in the long run. It makes maintenance easier and it prevents damage from piling up on the roof.

Since drip edges and gutter aprons are inexpensive, it makes sense to have one installed on your home. If you want to protect your investment in your home, it’s recommended to install one of these options.

Disadvantages of Installing a Drip Edge or Gutter Apron

Of course, there are some potential downsides to consider. Installing a drip edge or a gutter apron is likely a good idea, but it might not be convenient.

Sadly, most roofs don’t come with drip edges or gutter aprons. Standard roof installation doesn’t include such things, but you can talk to roofing companies and request that they install a gutter apron or drip edge.

One thing that isn’t good about this situation is that installing a gutter apron or drip edge after the fact isn’t easy. When the roof deck has already been built it’ll be a bit of a pain to install a gutter apron or a drip edge.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, but it does mean that you should call for help. It’ll cost you a bit of money to get things done.

If you’re having a new roof installed, it’s good to talk to the roofers about a gutter apron or a drip edge. It’s also still worthwhile to look into having one installed on your existing roof.

Professional Installation Is Recommended

Professional roofers have the experience and the tools to install drip edges and gutter aprons properly. They can get things done the right way so you will get the right results.

Installing a drip edge or gutter apron on your roof as an amateur isn’t recommended. You might do something wrong and the seal won’t be tight enough.

The goal is to make a watertight seal to protect your home from damage. You also want to keep bugs out and prevent any gaps from being present.

Professionals can get this job done because they do these things often. If you’re planning to get a drip edge or gutter apron installed, it’s best to call in experts to do the work.

Make Your Choice

Whether you want to install a drip edge or a gutter apron will be up to you. It isn’t required for you to do so.

If your roof is working fine right now and your gutter system appears to be keeping things safe you might not want to make any changes. Just know that gutter aprons and drip edges can be beneficial.

You might not even realize that your roof is vulnerable to certain types of leaks. Sometimes people don’t recognize wood rot until a significant problem pops up.

It should be easy enough to figure out what you want to do now that you have all of the facts. Gutter aprons and drip edges truly are beneficial, but it’s up to you to decide how to use them.

Final Thoughts

Knowing more about gutter aprons and drip edges should help you out. Both of these products are very similar and they serve the same purpose.

They protect your roof and your home from water. Installing either of these products will be good for your roof.

This will help you to protect your investment so you can keep enjoying your home as normal. It’s just another thing that makes sure that your gutters can work as intended.

You must make sure that water is being directed away from your roof and your home. If you use drip edges and gutter aprons properly, they can be quite useful.

Look into having one of these products installed by workers in your area. It just might make your home that much safer.

The added benefit of having an easier time keeping pests out of your attic is a great thing. For most, this will truly be a worthwhile endeavor.

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