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Can You Use Decking Stain on a Pergola?

Can You Use Decking Stain on a Pergola?

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Pergolas are great for many different reasons. You might have recently had one installed on your property.

Or perhaps you’re looking into having one installed very soon. Either way, you’re likely curious about staining the pergola to make it look as nice as possible.

However, you might not be sure if it’s okay to stain these structures. Can you use deck staining on a pergola or do you need to use some other special kind of staining product?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about staining pergolas. This will ensure that you understand what you can do so you can get excellent results.

Is Using Decking Stain Okay?

You can use decking stain on pergolas if you want to. Generally, the type of wood that you use to build a pergola is the same as the wood you’d use to build a deck.

It’s fine to use decking stains to treat the wood if you want to. Some people will use staining products to protect untreated wood.

Others will use stain products simply to make the wooden pergola look a bit nicer. Remember, if you’re using decking stain on treated wood, it’s best to wait a few months first.

This is because the treated wood is still saturated with the treatment. So you’ll need to give it some time so the decking stain can be applied to the wood properly.

Don’t hesitate to use decking stain if you’re interested in it. This is going to work out nicely and people use this type of staining product on pergolas all the time.

When to Stain a Pergola

If you’re using untreated wood, you can stain the pergola right away. It’s normal for people to use untreated wood and immediately stain it.

However, it’s just as common for people to use pressure treated wood for pergolas. This type of wood requires you to wait a little while before staining it.

Typically, it’ll take at least two months for the wood to be ready to be stained. The wood must be completely dry before you’re able to stain it and get the proper results.

It can take as long as six months for the wood to be ready to be stained. The amount of time it will take depends on the climate as well as some other factors.

To err on the side of caution, you might want to wait until three or four months have passed and then check the wood. Only apply the stain when the wood is totally dry.

How Much Stain Do You Need for a Pergola?

Exactly how much stain you’ll need for a pergola will depend on how large it is. Some pergolas are fairly small while others can be large.

A small pergola that is 175 square feet or less won’t require much stain at all. One gallon of stain should be enough to take care of the job.

You might need two gallons of stain to take care of a larger pergola. Three gallons will be required if the pergola is quite large.

Use the 175 square feet figure as a basis. Determine how large your pergola is by square feet and then use that information to calculate how much decking stain you’ll need to buy.

How Much Does It Cost to Stain a Pergola?

The cost to stain a pergola will depend on various factors. Some decking stain options cost more than others.

Also, you might have a larger pergola that will require more decking stain than average. You can buy the staining products that you need for $50.00 per gallon on average.

The exact cost might be slightly less than that. It just depends on what you choose to buy.

You can buy larger decking stain containers that will contain five gallons of decking stain. These products will often cost close to $200.00.

It all comes down to how big your pergola is and how much the decking stain product costs. Some brands might be more cost effective than others, but you shouldn’t have to pay an exorbitant sum of money to get the job done.

Why Should You Stain a Pergola?

Staining a pergola is something that you do to protect the wood. Often, you’ll purchase decking stains to protect untreated wood.

Untreated wood is in danger of being damaged by the elements. The wood could rot or it might be susceptible to insects.

The decking stain works to protect the wood from problems such as this. It’ll also make the pergola look really nice.

Some people use decking stains on treated wood, too. This is done for purely aesthetic purposes.

Final Thoughts

The above information should make it a lot easier for you to approach staining your pergola. It’s easy to accomplish this task by purchasing decking stains.

You can use decking stains on your pergola without worrying. Just make sure to wait two to six months if you’re planning to stain pressure treated wood.

If your pergola was built using untreated wood, it’ll be fine to stain it right away. Enjoy your new pergola to the fullest.

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