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Can You Park a Motorcycle on the Sidewalk? (5 Better Alternatives to Consider)

Can You Park a Motorcycle on the Sidewalk? (5 Better Alternatives to Consider)

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Abiding by traffic rules is essential in preserving the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike.

Similarly, it’s important to park your vehicle in designated parking spaces–unless you want to get issued with a ticket or risk revoking your driver’s license.

Are you wondering if you can park a motorcycle on the sidewalk? In general, the answer is no. While it’s not the best idea, it’s a violation of law in most states at the same time.

However, some states may allow sidewalk parking for scooters as long as they adhere to traffic guidelines.

Here, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about motorcycle and sidewalk parking and give you helpful tips when parking your motorcycle.

Can You Park a Moped on the Sidewalk?

While sidewalk parking is prohibited in many states in the US, it’s still rampant due to poor implementation.

So to answer whether you should park a moped on the sidewalk, it’s a no unless it’s on private property and allowed by the owner.

Can You Park a Vespa on the Sidewalk?

Most state laws in the US prohibit parking any vehicles on the sidewalk. That includes vehicles of all types—trucks, cars, farming equipment, motorcycles, or bicycles.

That’s why parking a Vespa on the sidewalk is no exception to the law and is highly opposed.

Are Scooters Allowed to Park on Sidewalks?

While sidewalk parking isn’t allowed in most states, some states permit sidewalk parking for powered scooters (including your electric Vespa and moped) as long as they adhere to traffic rules.

For example, in states like San Francisco, parking a scooter on sidewalks is allowed as long as they follow these guidelines:

  • Park the scooter in an upright position that doesn’t obstruct the path
  • Park along the curb in line with trees or other fixed objects
  • Park in designated areas only
  • Leave adequate space for pedestrians

On the other hand, sidewalk parking may be considered in case of urgent medical emergencies or when directed by traffic officers due to road conflict.

Where Can I Park My Motorcycle?

Motorcycles are only allowed to park in designated ‘motorcycles only’ parking areas. In some states, a moped or Vespa can be allowed to park in bike racks alongside electric scooters.

Here are other areas where you can park your motorcycle:

1 – Residential Parking Spaces

Motorcycles can be parked in residential parking spaces. However, some states require a residential or visitor parking permit.

2 – Public Roads

Motorcycles can be parked on public roads, given that they park perpendicularly at a 90-degree angle to the curb and avoid obstructing the roadway.

Parking on public roads is mainly applicable in Chicago; however, the case could be different in other states.

3 – Private Sidewalks

Private sidewalks include those owned by supermarkets, grocery stores, or other private entities.

In some states, parking your motorcycle on private sidewalks, like the ones owned by retail markets, is acceptable as long as you’re a customer.

At the same time, you can only park on private sidewalks with no warning signs. However, the lack of signs doesn’t always mean automatic access to the sidewalk as a parking space.

4 – Areas With Parking Meters

When parking at parking meters, you’ll have to operate them first as required.

Moreover, don’t forget to check how long you can park in that designated space. In some states, parking is allowed for up to two hours.

5 – Parking Lots and Garages

While most parking lots are free, parking garages may charge up to $16, depending on the number of hours.

Parking Tips for Motorcycle Owners

Aside from avoiding sidewalks and parking only in appropriate areas, here are some quick tips when parking your motorcycle that will help keep you from trouble:

  • Don’t park in striped areas or those intended as disability spaces.
  • Keep proper space when parking alongside other motorcycles.
  • Beware of traffic or parking rules, especially when visiting a new area.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, parking a motorcycle on the sidewalk is not allowed and is illegal in most states in the US.

Some states only allow sidewalk parking for powered scooters, given that they adhere to guidelines. Sidewalk parking is also considered in cases of medical emergencies.

Furthermore, it would be best to only park your motorcycle in designated areas like residential parking spaces, parking lots, parking meters, garages, and private sidewalks.

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