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Can You Copy Your Mailbox Keys?

Can You Copy Your Mailbox Keys?

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You might have a mailbox key for your locked mailbox. This is a common thing for people who live in apartments or condos.

There will be a location with many different mailboxes, and tenants are given mailbox keys so they can check their mail. Often, the keys will also open a larger mailbox that is utilized to deliver packages that won’t fit in the smaller mailboxes.

If you’re living with your significant other, you might wish to have two mailbox keys. Only having one mailbox key to share with your partner might not seem convenient.

Can you copy mailbox keys? Or is this something that you’re not supposed to do?

Continue reading to learn about whether it’s okay to make copies of mailbox keys. You’ll learn everything that you need to know about this topic.

It Depends on Who Owns the Mailbox

Whether you’re able to copy mailbox keys or not depends on who owns the mailbox. There are a few different situations you need to consider.

Above, we considered the common situation where people who live in apartments or condos have locked mailboxes. These mailboxes are generally owned and maintained by the postal service.

When this is the case, the mailbox keys will be provided by the postal service. The owner of the apartment complex or condo will have to pick up the keys from the post office.

The residents then get the keys from the owner of the property. If you require additional keys, you can inquire about getting duplicates at the post office.

Typically, you’re able to obtain duplicate mailbox keys by paying a fee. You might need to go through the owner of the apartment complex or condo to get things approved.

You aren’t supposed to just take your current mailbox key and get a duplicate made. Locksmiths will know that these keys aren’t meant to be duplicated without permission.

Some People Own Their Own Locked Mailboxes

Do you own your own locked mailbox? Some people purchase locked mailboxes for their properties.

You might buy a locked mailbox for your home for many reasons. Some people simply like the security that the lock provides.

These locked mailboxes have mail slots where letters can be slipped in. Your standard mail can fit inside the mail slot, but you’ll have to open the lock to grab the letters and other types of mail.

Mailboxes like this are fairly common, but they don’t work the same way as the apartment and condo mailboxes mentioned above. The postal service won’t open the lock to deliver large packages.

Even if you try to give a copy of the key to the postal service, they won’t accept it. The postal workers will never open the locked mailbox or accept a key for the mailbox since it’s not something that they own and maintain.

Since you own this locked mailbox, it’s fine to duplicate the keys as much as you want. You can take the mailbox key to a local locksmith and get as many duplicates created as you see fit.

The mailbox is your property. You only need to ensure that the locked mailbox that you purchase adheres to the proper standards.

It must have a mail slot that meets the standards of the postal service. You might want to check to ensure that whatever mailbox you’re thinking of buying is acceptable, but if it’s being sold at a major retail store it should be just fine.

Are There Benefits of Owning a Locked Mailbox?

Yes, there are some benefits to owning a locked mailbox. You can check your mail and feel much more confident that no one can steal or tamper with your mail.

The lock keeps people from being able to access your mailbox to take things out. Only you will be able to remove mail from the mailbox unless someone decides to destroy or tamper with the mailbox to get what’s inside.

It’s illegal to take something from someone’s mailbox. That doesn’t mean that some thieves won’t try to do so.

You might feel more comfortable if you have a lock on your mailbox. It’ll make you feel as if your mail is more secure.

That doesn’t mean that most people feel the need to buy a locked mailbox. In some ways, it might be less convenient than having a standard mailbox.

A normal mailbox is going to be able to fit various types of packages. Packages that are too big might not fit, but many packages will fit.

Locked mailboxes often have simple slots that can only fit letters and potentially bubble mailer packages. Something in a cardboard box wouldn’t likely fit in the slot, and that means that the package might be left outside for all to see.

Since porch piracy is a problem in modern times, this might be less than ideal. Remember that the post office won’t accept a key to open your locked mailbox.

Is Getting a Duplicate Key Easy?

Duplicating keys isn’t something that takes a very long time. You can easily go down to a locksmith business in your area and get a duplicate key for your mailbox.

Assuming that you own the locked mailbox, the locksmith will be more than happy to make a duplicate key for you. The process typically only takes a matter of minutes.

Some more complex keys can take up to twenty-five minutes to make. Simpler keys will be made far faster than that.

Either way, you will have what you need in less than thirty minutes under normal conditions. It shouldn’t cost too much cash to get one or two duplicate keys made either.

Final Thoughts

You can easily get a duplicate mailbox key if you need one. How you go about doing this will depend on whether you own the mailbox or not.

If you own the mailbox, you can go to a locksmith and pay to get a duplicate key made. If the postal service owns and maintains the mailbox, you’ll need to request a duplicate key from them.

You’ll likely have to pay a fee to get a duplicate key. It might be necessary to get approval from the apartment complex owner or condo owner.

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