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Can Squirrels Eat Pumpkin Seeds? (And Are They Beneficial?)

Can Squirrels Eat Pumpkin Seeds? (And Are They Beneficial?)

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Squirrels are tiny rodents that are usually found in wooded areas. You might also see squirrels rummaging around in your backyard or your garden.

They usually search for food throughout the fall and even in the summer, storing all of their acorns and seeds. Squirrels love feasting on nuts, and they usually store a large amount in a safe space for winter months.

While they are rodents, most homeowners don’t find them as unappealing as other rodents such as rats and raccoons. In fact, most people don’t even mind having a squirrel sitting in the palm of their hand.

The grey squirrel is one of the most common varieties that is found all across Northern America. In fact, the grey squirrel is quite popular and can be seen all over the globe, except on the continent of Australia.

Another common species that you may have seen before is the fox squirrel. It is also known as the red squirrel to some people.

It’s always pleasant to see a few squirrels playing in the trees or looking for nuts on your property. Some people even set up feeders so the squirrels can have access to food.

However, don’t get too chummy with these rodents, because if they are allowed to run free, they will cause extensive damage to your lawn and garden as they search for food.

But what exactly do squirrels like to eat? You may have heard that squirrels eat different kinds of seeds as well as nuts, and for the most part, that’s true.

Can Squirrels Eat Pumpkins?

Yes, squirrels can easily eat pumpkins, among other fruits. Pumpkins provide a high dose of essential nutrients and vitamins that are suitable for all living things. Even humans benefit from the healthy amount of nutrients in pumpkins.

Squirrels are quite attracted to fruits and plants, and pumpkins are generally quite juicy in the center. Squirrels are going to visit your garden and will easily cut through the batch of pumpkins that you are growing if you aren’t careful.

They can also easily eat through the seeds of the fruit. Pumpkin is a popular choice because it tastes very good and is quite rich in the number of vitamins that it contains.

Pumpkins provide a healthy dose of antioxidants and minerals, which is why they are a great choice for both animals and humans. If you are confused about whether or not pumpkins are safe for squirrels, you should know that they are perfectly healthy for squirrels.

Here are just some of thereasons why pumpkins are a healthy food, not just for squirrels, but also for humans.

They Contain Antioxidants

Pumpkins contain a large amount of carotenoids that are strong antioxidants. They tend to remove radical cells from our bodies. Squirrels also benefit from these antioxidants as they reduce the risk of cancer.

They Taste Great

Let’s face it: squirrels don’t care about antioxidants or the many health benefits of pumpkins; they are only concerned with one thing: taste. If the food tastes good, they will eat it.

These animals know that they can’t store the fruit, so they eat it there and then. They get quite energized by eating these fruits, and you might have seen that they like to jump and run about.

Needless to say, squirrels have to eat a lot in order to maintain their bone structure and their high energy levels.

What About Other Foods?

We have already established that squirrels can eat almost any part of a pumpkin they can get their little paws on. From the vine to the skin to the ribs, squirrels will eat each and every part.

But what about other fruits and foods? Squirrels aren’t picky eaters, but they are going to be a bit cautious when you throw something new to them. These are prey animals, and just like rabbits, they will flinch and run at the slightest of movements around them.

That is one of the reasons why you need to be particularly careful about what you feed squirrels. Here are some of the many different things that squirrels like to eat.

Fruits and Vegetables

Squirrels can easily eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. You might already know this, but if you don’t, squirrels are complete vegetarians and they will eat almost any kind of fruit or vegetable.

They love eating broccoli and mushrooms, and they definitely like to feast on corn. They also enjoy the occasional avocado or apples and oranges. Fruits and vegetables are a fantastic choice of food and if you want the squirrels to return to your yard, this is a great option.


This one is fairly obvious; squirrels love to eat nuts. Acorns, walnuts, apricots, and all other kinds of nuts are their favorites. In a handful of cases, some squirrels will also eat seeds and insects, and they don’t mind devouring the roots and plant material of some trees either.

Squirrels have four front teeth, a trait that is shared by most other rodents. They tend to munch on bark, limbs, twigs, and other things to properly file down their teeth.

When squirrels are young, they usually like to feed on their mother’s milk. They do not like to leave the nest, and they stay in until almost 45 days have elapsed.

Even then, you should know that squirrels do not fully wean until approximately 70 days have passed. This is an important thing to know, especially if you have a squirrel nest in your yard or your garden.

Hoarding Habits

Squirrels are massive hoarders and they are very particular with their hiding locations. In fact, squirrels love to hide their food in different locations, and they sometimes even dig into the ground to make a safe space to keep their nuts.

There is a chance that squirrels are going to dig all over your garden, and this could completely spoil your yard. Keep in mind that this is not behavior that happens once a year; it is going to continue throughout the year.

While they do store food for the winter, they have a major hoarding problem and they even go to the extent of making fake holes that look as if there is food inside them. If they are searching for flower bulbs, they will go to any length to find what they are looking for.

So, you have to be a bit mindful of the fact that squirrels can cause extensive damage to your property. It is recommended that you take protective measures to prevent squirrels from running all over your yard and wreaking havoc.

While they may seem cute, you should know that squirrels are actually quite threatening up close. They have sharp claws that they use for digging, and if you get scratched, you might have to go to the doctor for testing.

However, they mostly steer clear of humans, so you shouldn’t have to worry about running into one or worse, getting attacked by one any time soon!

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