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The Best Places to Hide Yourself in Your House

The Best Places to Hide Yourself in Your House

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Hide and seek is a game as old as time itself, or so it really feels. When you are looking to play hide and seek with your friends or family, you may not be able to think of many places in the comfort of your own home that you could hide in.

After all, your home is the place that you look at every single day so it may not appear that there are any good hiding spots because you already know where everything is and what everything looks like.

The truth is that, depending on the kind of house you are living in, there are actually quite a few hiding spots that you can make good use out of.

It’s all a matter of thinking creatively and trying to think of ways to outsmart the person who is the seeker. If you know the seeker and you know that they wouldn’t try to look up high, then you may want to consider trying to hide up high; likewise, if you know the seeker isn’t the kind to look under things, then you should hide under something.

There might be more spots within your own house that you could hide in that you’re aware of, and by making sure that you’ve thought of all of them, you can be certain that you will be the one who is crowned champion of hide and seek.

Hiding Underneath Something

You may not realize it at first, but hiding underneath something is one of the best ways to obscure your appearance. When you are able to hide under something, you are generally able to hide all of your body. As long as you are silent, this makes you almost invisible to the seeker’s eyes.

The problem with this is trying to figure out where exactly you want to hide that the seeker wouldn’t think of first. Some common examples of where you may consider hiding include hiding underneath your bed, hiding underneath your sibling’s bed, or even hiding underneath the dining table.

You could also consider hiding underneath the sofa or recliner. Of course, there may not be much space in there for you to actually feel comfortable while you are hiding but sometimes it is worth the slight discomfort of an uncomfortable hiding place for the ability to be the best hidden out of all your friends.

If you’re really clever, you could even hide underneath a lampshade and pose as a lamp.

Hiding Inside Something

Another thing that you can consider is hiding within something. This might be a little bit harder, depending on what the storage conditions of your house are like, but with the right amount of maneuvering, it can be done with ease and can also be one of the best ways to hide from the seeker.

One of the common places to consider hiding would be inside a closet or behind the shower curtain. These are both pretty good places to hide, as you wouldn’t necessarily be obvious from the start or from a first glance, but it would also be pretty easy to check and see if you were there.

One way that you can try to fix this is that you can try to hide further within the closet, underneath a pile of clothes or behind some boxes so that the seeker has to actively try to search for you.

If the seeker doesn’t see you on a first quick scan of the closet, the seeker may not be inclined to search even more, making it to your advantage to try to hide a bit deeper in.

Just remember to try to keep quiet while you do this so that the seeker doesn’t have any reason to think that you might be hiding in the closet.

You can also consider hiding behind a door of a room that people don’t often go into, but you’ll have to be careful when the door comes near the wall that you don’t make a sound that would give you away.

If you really wanted to be creative, you could even consider posing as a piece of clothing in the closet, such as putting on some of the snow boots in the closet, wearing a jacket like the hangers, and posing as if you were simply another pair of clothes that just happens to be a bit out of place in the closet.

When it comes to the dark and cluttered closet, there are countless ways that you can hide yourself and pretend that you were never really there.

Hiding Behind Something

It isn’t always the best idea to hide behind something, but in a pinch when your other best hiding spots are taken, it can sometimes be the best solution that you can go with.

There are also ways that you can try to make it a little bit easier for yourself to not be seen, such as trying to hide in a place that is dark so that the seeker cannot really get a good glimpse of what’s there.

A good example of this would be hiding behind a sofa or couch that is backed up against the wall. There is often very little space to move around in these kinds of situations, meaning that the seeker may not even think that it is possible to hide there and may not decide to look.

Depending on how long the curtains in your home are, you could even decide to hide behind those as well. Dense, heavy curtains are going to be the best to hide behind, as this will give the least chance that the seeker would have the feeling that something is hiding behind them.

Remember that, if you can, you should try to hide against the wall with the curtains hanging loosely over you so that there is no chance that sunlight could illuminate your silhouette, revealing your location.

Always remember to make sure that your shoes are fully covered up when doing this so that there is no chance that the seeker would have a dead giveaway of where you’re really hiding.

Even within the confines of the home that you have grown up in for all your life, there are countless places that you can hide behind, underneath, and inside, allowing you to make the most out of your hide-and-seek tournament and potentially be the one who eludes the seeker for the longest amount of time.

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Despina Amade

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

That now I know how to hide better