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10 Creative Things You Can Do with Dried Lavender

10 Creative Things You Can Do with Dried Lavender
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Dried lavender has been gaining momentum when it comes to things such as home crafting or general usage around the home. Best of all, it is quite easy to source online, making it something that you can get in short order for a reasonable price.

If you like lavender but aren’t quite sure how to properly use it, here are a few uses to implement. There may be quite a few more than you realized, leading to far greater use of this beautiful, wonderful-smelling flower.

1 – Use it as a Sleep Aid

Perhaps you have been having difficulties sleeping and are looking for a way to ease your mind and relax before it comes time to turn in. Lavender actually has relaxing properties to it that can enhance your ability to have a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, you can even enhance the sleep properties related to lavender by adding something like dried hops to the mix. Chamomile has soothing qualities as well and can be combined in tandem with the lavender. This gives you a pleasant fragrance that seems to have hints of apples to it.

These wonderful aromas can help you to wind down at night and get a more relaxing sleep. They help hyperactive brains settle down when they need to, allowing for a deeper sleep than ever before.

Improved sleep can lead to improved mood, more energy, and allow you to have a far more productive day.

2 – Decorative Lavender Bags

What better way to implement the soothing, relaxing qualities of lavender than in a decorative sense? There are, of course, lavender candles that can be used but they may not deliver the full aesthetic that real lavender does.

All you need to do is make or find some decorative bags or paper envelopes. Then, fill them with some dried lavender. These bags or envelopes will help to freshen up smaller spaces, providing a wonderful aroma in little decorated pouches.

Even better, they can make for unique gifts and even be personalized if you make them all by hand. That can mean giving a one-of-a-kind gift that can’t be purchased over the counter from some store. That is a touch of personalization that can go a long way.

If you are using a non-sew fabric bag, all you have to do is place some of your dried lavender inside the bag and then tie it off with a decorative ribbon of your choosing. Fast, simple, and provides a wonderful, soothing aroma.

3 – Freshen up Your Drawers

Who doesn’t love a fresh aroma on their clothes? By adding a lavender bag to your clothes drawers, you can give your clothes that natural, fresh scent that a detergent cannot replicate.

All it takes is a little squeeze of the bag to refresh the lavender scent. Squeezing the bag is meant to release those natural oils that come from the lavender buds.

They can also be used in cupboards and pantries as well. Perhaps there is a musty, old smell in your cabinets that you don’t care for. Drop a bag of lavender in the back and you will be greeted with that fresh, pleasant smell each time you open the cabinet.

The best part about this is that they are inexpensive to make and replace. You can keep that fresh lavender scent wherever you want it to be with just a quick preparation of the bag before hiding it where you want to freshen.

4 – Keep Insects Away

As a homeowner, one of the most annoying things that you can deal with is insects of all kinds that make their unwelcome presence felt. There are plenty of repellents out there but some are full of hazardous, nasty chemicals that no one wants to deal with.

So, instead of bringing those chemicals into your home, why not go with a wonderful-smelling natural repellent? Lavender has natural pest-repellent qualities to it that can make it effective at keeping those nasty little critters away.

Flies are also deterred using lavender. Keep the nasty buzzing away and prevent them from laying eggs in unsightly areas with some dried lavender. All you need to do is keep the lavender bags near an open window and it should keep most of those pests at bay.

Lavender has even been known to keep bigger insects such as scorpions at bay, proving its effectiveness.

5 – Keep Moths Out of Your Closet or Wardrobe

Moths can be a nasty little pest when it comes to your clothing. If they get into your wardrobe or closet, they can do damage by eating away cotton and other fabrics, creating small holes throughout an article of clothing.

So, if you want to keep moths at bay, there are various uses of lavender to implement. There are balls that have leaves of lavender hung all over them. You can also use a bag of lavender as well; it really comes down to your personal preference.

The lavender won’t kill the moth and probably won’t get an infestation if you already have one, so keep that in mind. But if you start to notice more and more moths in your area, hang a lavender bag or pomander and they will likely avoid the area.

Even better, you get that fresh lavender scent in your closet or wardrobe, giving your clothes that same great scent. If the problem persists and the lavender isn’t really getting rid of the issue, call in a professional to handle the problem before your clothes become damaged or ruined.

6 – Add it to Potpourri

Potpourri is a great addition to end tables, shelves, and long tables. It makes for a beautiful, natural visual and can provide several wonderful scents as well.

It should come as no surprise that one of the most popular uses for dried lavender leaves is in the use of potpourri.

Best of all, you can use either the buds or petals of the lavender. Create a beautiful, natural-looking bowl in a sitting or living room or even in one of your bedrooms. Enhance it by using different essential or fragrance oils.

You can even mix it up and provide a bit of a zip to it by adding some citrus to a potpourri combination in your bathroom or kitchen. Mix the lavender with something such as dried lime or orange and it will create a wonderfully fragrant combination that you will enjoy breathing in whenever you enter a room.

Potpourri is quite easy to make as there are many tutorials online. You can also buy ready-made potpourri and add in the lavender afterward. In any event, it is far easier to create a beautiful, fragrant arrangement than you may have realized.

7 – Use it in Food

If you thought that the use of lavender was restricted to making areas smell better, look better, and to keep insects at bay, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can use lavender in your food, too!

There is culinary grade dried lavender and it is specifically made for consumption. Make sure to buy this kind; don’t go throwing any old, dried lavender in your food because it can make for quite an unpleasant experience.

If you are really into doing your own thing, you can even dry your own Lavandula Intermedia or Angustifolia. You can then use your dried lavender to make a shortbread. All you have to do is add a few teaspoons to your recipe.

You can also infuse lavender into a tea to make for a great, soothing sleep aid. Tea has relaxing qualities already but adding in some lavender can make it even more relaxing, particularly before bedtime.

8 – Create an Interesting Wedding Favor

For those who have their big nuptials on the horizon and need a wedding favor for the guests, lavender can make quite a lovely little favor. All you have to do is get miniature to medium-sized bags and fill them up with lavender. Guests will have a custom made, relaxing lavender bag to take back home with them.

You can even go a step further in the creation of these bags. Make them so that they coordinate with the colors being used in the wedding. This will help to draw the whole aesthetic together, making for a beautiful visual.

Guests will be grateful because they will have something useful to take back home with them. Putting it in their kitchen, cabinets, drawers, or in a room can add that wonderful lavender smell.

That is a great way to perk up your mood and provide a little extra relaxation. Your wedding guests will be thankful that they received this gift.

9 – Confetti for Your Wedding

If you were thinking that there couldn’t possibly be any more uses for dried lavender, think again. Because dried lavender is a natural, biodegradable, fragrant thing, it can be added into many things or used for many different purposes.

One great thing to do with it is to crumble it up and throw it like rice. Instead of having to worry about sweeping up the rice later on, the lavender will simply degrade naturally. That makes for a much easier cleanup, too.

Lavender is becoming more popular for weddings that have a country or vintage theme to it. The lavender provides a beautifully natural aesthetic, smells great, and can add a splash of color to the mix when being tossed around the bride and groom.

If you are looking for something just a little different out of your wedding day experience, make sure that dried lavender gets thrown instead of the old rice standard. You will be thankful that you made this small, but impactful change.

10 – Use it for a Decoration

In addition to smelling great, lavender is also a very aesthetically beautiful flower. So, what better implementation than to use it as a decoration around your home? Bring a splash of color to any room or the entirety of your home.

Bunches of dried lavender in particular can make for a great decoration, particular in a rustic setting such as a cottage in the country. Try hanging some dried lavender bunches in a porch entrance. It can provide a nostalgic, classic feel as well as a nice pop of color and freshness.

You can also place a gathering of dried lavender bunches on a center or end table. Create a sheaf that stands freely using a handful of stems tied delicately together. It will provide a rustic, natural feel to any home and really compliment those homes that have a country feel.

How Long Does Dried Lavender Last?

While it can depend on the conditions to provide a precise answer, the general rule of thumb is anywhere from one to three years. Dried lavender tends to do better in darker, cooler places where heat and sunlight can’t impact them.

If you are looking to make use of dried lavender that you have purchased in bulk quantities, store them in airtight containers. This will help to keep the visual appeal, potency, and flavor of the dried lavender as close to fresh as it can get.

When buying prepackaged dried lavender, it will come with a “best by” date on the package. Refer to that to get a general shelf life for your dried lavender but keep in mind that other factors could come into play that reduce that shelf life.

You can actually test whether or not your dried lavender is still good to use. Crush or rub a small bit of the dried lavender in your hand. Smell it and taste it. If the flavor isn’t obvious and the aroma is barely perceptible, it is time to replace that dried lavender.

It won’t ever spoil, so to speak, but as mentioned above it will lose its potency over time. With quality storage, you can allow the dried lavender to maintain its potency and flavor for far longer.

Frequent usage and exposure to heat and sunlight will also wear away the potency. It is good to have dried lavender in bulk to replace any ineffective lavender you are using.