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What to Do with Crumbled Cookies (3 Great Ideas)

What to Do with Crumbled Cookies (3 Great Ideas)

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Cookies are so delicious that you might decide to bake them fairly often. If you love baking, then it’s nice to make a fresh batch of cookies on the weekend that the whole family can enjoy.

Even when you’re experienced at baking cookies, there will be times when you’ll make mistakes. You might get distracted and wind up getting something wrong in the recipe.

This could lead to your cookies turning out a bit odd, and they might even be crumbly. It’s hard to eat crumbly cookies as intended, but that doesn’t mean that they need to go to waste.

Read on to learn about what you can do with crumbled cookies. You’ll find great options that will allow you to utilize the crumbled cookies and still enjoy them to the fullest.

Ensure That Your Crumbled Cookies Still Taste Good

Of course, it’s going to be important to ensure that your crumbled cookies still taste good before moving forward. If your cookies don’t quite taste right, then you might not want to bother with trying to eat them.

Sometimes you might make a bigger error when making your cookies. This could cause the taste to be thrown off quite a bit, and you might not enjoy the crumbled cookies at all when they’re in this state.

It’s going to be wise to taste the cookies and see how you feel about them. If they taste pretty good, then you can try to repurpose them so that they don’t go to waste.

If the cookies are kind of bad, then you can just throw them away if you want to. It might seem a little wasteful, but there isn’t much sense in trying to force yourself to eat something that you don’t like.

1 – Use the Crumbled Cookies as a Topping

One of the most practical and satisfying ideas is to use the crumbled cookies as a topping. You could go in several different directions with this, but one of the most common ideas is to use the crumbled cookies on top of ice cream.

You could easily make standard vanilla ice cream that much tastier by adding some crumbled cookies to the top. It’ll help your ice cream to stand out and it allows you to enjoy the cookies even though they didn’t turn out perfectly.

Some people will even add other things to the ice cream such as whipped cream or hot fudge. It’s up to you how far you want to go with adding toppings to your ice cream, but even just using the crumbled cookies by themselves will be good.

The crumbled cookies can be a good topping in other types of desserts as well. You might find that the crumbled cookies will taste good when placed on top of certain types of pie, and you might enjoy eating the cookie crumbles along with pudding.

If you have a dessert dish that you think would taste good with a crumbled cookie topping, then you can try it out. When you’re fresh out of ideas, it’ll be easy to go to the store and buy some vanilla ice cream.

2 – Make a Crust Using the Cookie Crumbs

Did you know that you can use crumbled cookies to help create a type of crust? This could actually be an excellent idea that will ensure that your cookies don’t go to waste.

There are plenty of desserts out there that will taste amazing when you use a cookie crust. One good example is cheesecake since it’s pretty common to see cheesecakes with cookie crusts.

Cookie crusts will taste great with cheesecakes, but they’ll also be really good with various fruit pies. If you think that a certain type of pie would be good with a cookie crust, then you can certainly give it a shot.

Making a crust out of your crumbled cookies won’t be all that difficult either. The process basically involves crushing the cookies into fine pieces and then rolling them out with a rolling pin.

You mix the cookie crumbs together with some butter so that they will stick together. You then mold the crust into the proper shape.

Sometimes you might want to add a bit of sugar to the mix if you want things to be sweeter. A quarter of a cup of sugar should do, but this might not always be necessary.

3 – Put Your Crumbled Cookies in Your Oatmeal

Maybe instead of making another dessert, you’d like to just use your crumbled cookies to make your breakfast better. If you’re one of the millions who enjoy oatmeal in the morning, then you’ll love putting crumbled cookies into your oatmeal.

It’ll make the oatmeal taste that much better than it usually does. You can turn a mundane breakfast into something that seems a little bit special.

If you have the whole family eating breakfast with you, then you might be able to use up all of the crumbled cookies in this fashion. Overall, this is a solid idea that will allow you to make use of your crumbled cookies with ease.

It can even be good when your cookies have texture issues. When texture issues are present, you might not wish to use them as a crust or anything like that, but they can still taste quite good when put into a bowl of oatmeal.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you can do with crumbled cookies. You shouldn’t be distraught when your cookies turn out too crumbly because they can often still be enjoyed.

So long as your cookies still taste good it’s going to be possible to repurpose them. You could use them as a delicious ice cream topping if you happen to have some ice cream in your freezer.

If you feel like baking a different dish, then you might want to turn the crumbled cookies into a type of crust. This can go wonderfully well with cheesecake and it can work great with many fruit pies, too.

Sometimes even just putting crumbled cookies into your oatmeal will be very satisfying. It’s up to you to decide which of these ideas sounds the most appealing, but it’s just good to know that your crumbled cookies don’t necessarily have to go to waste.

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