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What to Do with Broken Tea Cups (23 Amazing Ideas to Try)

What to Do with Broken Tea Cups (23 Amazing Ideas to Try)
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While a broken glass can be heartbreaking, especially when it is a vintage or decorated tea cup or tea kettle, there is no need to cry over spilled tea!

While it is important to be wary of broken glass, broken tea cups can be upcycled if handled properly because of how beautiful they tend to be. Besides, some tea cups, tea plates, and tea kettles are meant to be decoration anyway!

So, while it can be a jarring and upsetting experience, do not worry about breaking a tea cup, tea plate, or tea kettle. The small kitchen wares are extremely fragile so the more you handle them, the more likely you are to break them.

A broken tea cup actually opens up a whole world of new crafts and upcycling possibilities. Next time that you break a tea cup, tea plate, or tea kettle, look at the situation as an opportunity for crafting instead of a problem or mistake.

It should be noted that whether or not a tea cup craft will work for you depends largely upon how broken your tea cups are. For example, chipped tea cups, tea plates, and tea kettles have a very large range of uses whereas tea cups and tea kettles without handles have more limited uses.

When the body of a tea kettle or tea cup is broken, it may be unable to hold water or dirt, making certain crafts impossible.


Broken tea cups can be reused to create a variety of beautiful additions to your home. However, if you do not want any tea-themed decorations inside of your home but have a variety of old or broken tea cups, you can upcycle and sell them!

This means that in breaking tea cups, tea plates, or tea kettles, you could be potentially making yourself money!

  • Wreath: A few broken tea cups or a decorative broken tea kettle can be added to wreaths for an extra spring flair. They can be attached easily with ribbon!
  • Lamp Stand: A few broken tea cups, tea kettles, and tea plates can be stacked one on top of the other to create an elegant stand for your lamp.
  • Lamp Frame
  • Candles: Beautiful little candles can be made by pouring melted wax, whether from the remnants of older candles or crayons!
  • String Lights: Everyone’s favorite mood lighting, broken tea cups can be turned into super-unique string lights when fitted with light bulbs and attached to your walls.
  • Wall Art: Perhaps the easiest of the recommendations on this list, this one only really works with especially aesthetically pleasing tea cups since it consists of plainly displaying said tea cup on your wall. When done well, though, it works!
  • Centerpiece: Perfect for a children’s tea party, a few broken tea cups, tea plates, and tea kettles can be turned into a pretty centerpiece for any elegant party.
  • Fountain: A broken kettle in conjunction with a broken tea cup can be turned into a gorgeous tea-themed fountain for your home. The project is surprisingly simple and includes a waterproof sealant to keep things clean.
  • Terrarium: A chipped tea cup could become home to an entire ecosystem, should you choose to turn it into a mini water garden. A glass tea cup allows you to see all of the roots in your beautiful environment.


While the intricate patterns and inherent cuteness of tea cups make them very well suited to decorations, broken tea cups can also be used in a variety of ways that actually serve a purpose.

The insides of tea cups and tea kettles can often be used as storage while tea plates provide a flat surface for a variety of uses.

  • Pincushion: Broken tea cups can be transformed into adorable pincushions that are actually portable!
  • Pendant Light: With a layer of paint and a light bulb, your broken tea cups can become one accent light or a cluster of statement lights.
  • Sewing Caddy: This is essentially an upgraded version of the tea cup pincushion based in a broken tea kettle. The pincushion portion is created on the inside of the kettle’s top while the body of the kettle is used as storage for things such as needles and thread.
  • Cupcake Stand: This idea is perfect if you have a surplus of broken tea plates as they provide an aesthetically pleasing flat surface for your cupcakes.
  • Curtain Ties: This works great even with the more broken tea cups in your collection. All it takes is putting a hole through the bottom of the tea cup that allows your curtains to slip through and it looks amazing.
  • Makeup Stand: With a few broken tea cups, tea plates, and bowls, you can create a caddy to house all of your makeup. The kitchen dishes provide surfaces for your eyeshadow, brushes, palettes, lipsticks, and more.
  • Jewelry Stand: By combining a few broken tea cups, you can use both the handles and insides of the cups to organize your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.
  • Wine Glasses: This one is a no-brainer, given that tea cups are already used for drinking. If you have broken wine glasses in addition to (or instead of) broken tea cups, you can combine them for a unique yet chic new glass.
  • Clock: If you happen to have at least twelve different broken tea cups lying around, you can make a quirky clock out of them. The more mismatched the tea cups, the more clear the time on the clock!


Broken tea cups can be used to make a variety of beautiful additions for your garden or yard.

Many of the pieces are even functional, attracting animals or helping you grow more plants! Others provide beautiful accent pieces that look store-bought and add a professional yet magical flair to your garden.

  • Outdoor Chandelier: This tea cup chandelier can really be placed indoors or outdoors, wherever you deem fit. All you need is your broken tea cups, light bulbs, and an old chandelier in need of an upgrade.
  • Garden Feature: Given the beautiful and decorative nature of most tea cups and tea kettles, they can easily be turned into playful features for your garden! While not requiring much work, these garden features look professional and bring your garden to another level.
  • Bird Feeder: A bird feeder could be made out of as little as half of a tea cup, although a whole one works as well when combined with a broken tea plate. This beautiful decoration also works to encourage lively animal activity in your garden.
  • Planter: This one is easy. Just fill your broken tea cup of choice with dirt and choose a plant or herb that fits! These planters can be placed outside or on a window sill.
  • Bird Bath: You can provide the birds in your garden a nice place to bathe by combining broken tea cups, tea kettles, and tea plates. Not only is it functional and inviting to neighborhood birds but the piece will also make your garden stand out.

As you can see, broken tea cups, tea plates, and tea kettles can become a variety of pieces for your home, garden, or upcycled craft store!

Depending on their sizes, salvageability, and decorations, your broken tea party wares could become beautiful and classy new renditions.