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How to Keep Your Green Onions From Growing

How to Keep Your Green Onions From Growing

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There are some types of plants that just about everyone loves and makes use of in one way or another. For some people, there are just some garden plants that everyone needs to have to improve the appearance of their garden.

For other people, being able to home-grow the vegetables and herbs that you use the most often in cooking is the best use of time and money.

Speaking of vegetables that are often used in cooking, onions are arguably one of the most common ingredients in cooking, in terms of vegetables. There is a large variety of onions that people can choose from depending on what kind of flavor profile they are looking for, and every type of onion has its own use.

A good example of this is the green onion, as it may not have the traditional “bulb” that most people know an onion as, but it makes use of the plant’s stalk to create scallions.

Green onions are highly favored among people who enjoy growing their own produce, as onions will continue growing as long as there are certain parts of the plant still intact. You can even grow your own green onions from a scrap of previous ones if you know what you are doing.

This can be a great way to save yourself the time of going to the store and the money of routinely purchasing green onions, but there are times where it can do more harm than good.

Times where they can do more harm than good are when you are happy with the amount of green onion you have and you do not want any more of them, but they continue growing no matter how you store them. This will only create onions that you aren’t going to have a use for, and nobody wants to waste food like this.

Thankfully, there are a few different ways that you can try and prevent your green onions from trying to grow once you bring them inside to make use of them.

Stopping the Problem at its Core

When people purposely try to keep their green onions growing for the sake of using them later, one of the rules is to make sure that you keep the roots intact. This is because no matter how deteriorated a green onion looks, if the roots are still intact, you can “repair” the green onion by planting it again.

As long as the roots are intact, the green part of the onion, the tip of it, will continue growing so that you can make use out of it.

Well, if the roots are the key to keeping the onions growing, then the easiest way to stop the green onions from growing is to remove the root of the problem: the roots.

Generally, you can chop the entire white bulb off of the green onion, as this is where the roots are going to be located, but if you are planning to use the bulb for anything, you can also consider the idea of just disturbing the roots if the onion is in the planter.

With roots that are unable to make use of the resources in the soil, the green onion is not going to be able to continue growing as if there is not a care in the world. Instead, you can expect that the plant will soon begin to die because it will not have a way to keep itself running.

This will keep your green onion good enough to make use out of the remaining scallions before you toss the entire thing in compost.

Storing the Onion in the Fridge

While the previous method works by not allowing the onion to be able to gather up any resources, meaning that the onion will begin to wilt and die in a matter of the days, there are ways that you can preserve the taste and freshness of the onion while still being able to ensure that it will not grow when you aren’t making use of it.

Two of these methods are going to require some space in your fridge, but you are going to need a sealable plastic bag for all of these methods.

The first thing that you can consider doing is putting the onions in the window. By putting a heavy stone at the bottom of a jar that is tall enough to hold the scallions, you will be able to find the perfect place to store your makeshift houseplant of green onions in the jar.

When you are putting the onions in the jar, you will want to keep them root-down so that you won’t damage any of the scallions. Every so often, you are going to need to add about an inch or two of cold water so that the roots can remain covered.

Doing this will help keep the onions alive and perfectly fresh for several more days before you have to discard them. If you need to preserve your onions for whatever reason, this is going to be one of the better ways to do it. If this is not an option, there is another method that can be tried.

With this method, rather than putting them in a jar on the window, you are going to wrap the green onions in a damp paper towel before sealing them in a plastic bag. In a sense, having the damp paper towel there instead of the green onions turns the water from a liquid to a semi-solid state, being attached to the damp rag.

Finally, you can also consider storing the green onions in the fridge. Most people will do this as a way to keep their scallions cold and crispy.

Rather than just putting the scallions in a jar and then putting that on the windowsill, you would be putting the jar of onions (and a slight amount of water) into a sealable bag. It may be hard to find a plastic bag of this size though.

From here, the only other difference is that you are going to end up putting it in the fridge to stay preserved. Now these scallions will last for as long as you can remember to keep refilling the water.

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