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How to Get Rid of Snakes Under Your Concrete Slab

How to Get Rid of Snakes Under Your Concrete Slab
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There is no creature quite like a snake to inspire fear, shudders, and general mayhem when it makes an appearance. The response of many people is to shriek loudly, climb on chairs and remove themselves from the general vicinity.

Usually, one brave family member is chosen to remove the snake. However, this is not an easy task if the snake disappears under a concrete slab.

The best option to get rid of snakes under a concrete slab is to call in a professional. Aside from this, you can try a snake trap, flooding, or smoking the snakes out from under the concrete. Seal all holes under the concrete. Eradicate rodents and food sources. Cut the grass around your home.

If you see the tail of a snake disappearing under your porch floor, don’t worry, it will not be necessary to sell your home and move. There are some methods to get rid of snakes under a concrete slab.

Call a Snake Handler to Remove Snakes Under Concrete Slab

Snakes are best dealt with by professionals. The highest incidence of snake bites occurs when people handle or try to remove snakes.

There are many snake experts that will assist for a small fee to cover their costs. Consulting your local herpetological society or emergency services will put you in touch with someone equipped to help you.

Snakes under a concrete slab are tricky to deal with as the lack of visibility makes the job a challenging one. You have a fifty percent chance of pulling the head out first – not the end you want to be dealing with when you cannot see.

If you cannot afford a snake expert or none are available, you will be forced to deal with the problem yourself.

Identify the Snake to Decide If It Must Be Moved

If you have any knowledge of snakes, it is best to identify the snake to assess the danger level. Some snakes are helpful and non-venomous. They help control rodents and frogs in the garden. It may not be worthwhile to remove the non-venomous snakes.

If you are unsure of your snake knowledge, try to photograph the snake or describe the snake to an experienced herpetologist who can assist you in identifying the snake.

If the snake is venomous and poses a risk to family members and pets, it should be removed. It is not worth the possibility of a family member or a beloved pet being bitten by a snake.

Does Sealing the Concrete Slab Get Rid of Snakes?

Some people choose to simply seal up any holes under the concrete slab and leave the snake entombed. Although sealing the holes may seem like a good solution, it is not humane and may even be illegal.

Even though many people are terrified of snakes, they play a valuable role in the ecosystem. Entombing the snake effectively kills it, which removes its contribution to keeping the ecology balanced.

In many states and countries, local wildlife, snakes included, are protected by law. It is an offense to interfere with them in any way.

You could seal off all access points except one. In this way, the snake will be forced to use this exit, and you can place a snake trap by the hole. Choose a snake trap that does not harm the snake in any way.

Avoid glue traps as these do not work well, are cruel, and leave the snake suffering. In addition, you must be prepared to deal with the snake attached to the glue trap as it will not be dead.

Many people underestimate the snake’s strength. It may move off with the glue trap still attached to it. The glue will burn the snake, make it difficult to move, and ultimately the snake will die slowly.

It is good to seal all holes under the concrete slab once the snakes are removed. This will prevent any further recurrences of snakes finding a cozy environment.

Flooding the Area Can Flush Out a Snake

If the snake goes under the concrete slab, there will be a hole big enough to insert a hosepipe. Flooding the area under the concrete slab may make the environment unpleasant enough for the snake to come out.

Snakes are cold-blooded and must rely on the environment to provide warmth. Water cools everything down, which will ultimately cool the snake. Hopefully, it will encourage the snake to leave the wet area and search for the sunshine outside. At which time you can capture it with your snake tongs.

The downside of this approach may be that a lot of water will find its way to the foundations of your home. This should not be too much of an issue as it is a once-off occurrence.

Can You Smoke Snakes Out From a Concrete Slab?

Snakes have a highly developed olfactory sense, and acrid smoke may encourage them to seek clearer air. The idea of using smoke to move snakes is not a new one, but it is an idea that needs careful thought.

Using smoke to remove snakes risks setting fire to the home, patio, or nearby structures. Burning your house to the ground seems like overkill in the effort to remove snakes.

If you want to use smoke to get snakes to move, it is best to use smoke bombs that can be bought at gadget or magic shops.

Will a Snake Repellent Get Rid of Snakes?

Snake repellent sprays or substances are clever ways of making money from someone’s fears. Science has shown that snake repellents do not work consistently enough to claim that they can rid an area of snakes.

Make the Environment Unattractive to Snakes

Snakes brumate (similar to hibernating) in winter and choose burrows and hollows where several snakes may curl up together for warmth to wait out the cold season. The snakes will move out from the concrete in summer, and you can seal all the holes at this stage.

Eradicate rodents from your home as these entice snakes to take up residence because they are a ready food source.

Cut long grass on your property and around your home. Snakes prefer to move in the long grass, keeping them hidden and less vulnerable to predators.

Final Thoughts

Most people are not happy about having snakes under a concrete slab in their homes. The best solution is to get in expert help. Snakes are tricky to deal with, and a bite can be fatal or land you in the hospital for a considerable time.