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Can You Make Coffee with Distilled Water? (Here’s What to Consider)

Can You Make Coffee with Distilled Water? (Here’s What to Consider)

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Coffee is something that so many people are passionate about. Having coffee is important to some people in the morning, too.

You might be one of the millions of people who can’t function in the morning until you’ve enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee. When you’re making your coffee at home, it’s likely that you just use standard water for your coffee maker.

People have started to get curious about what would happen when you use other types of water, though. What if you decided to make coffee using distilled water instead of tap water?

Can you even make coffee with distilled water or is that a bad idea? Read on to dig into the details and figure out whether distilled water is good for making coffee or not.

Distilled Water Might Not Be Ideal

It’s been found that distilled water might not be ideal for making coffee. The reason for this is that distilled water is too “soft” and doesn’t contain minerals that help the coffee to have the right flavor.

If you choose to brew your coffee using distilled water, then it’s likely that your coffee will turn out kind of bland. Anyone who prefers a strong cup of coffee is going to find coffee brewed with distilled water to be lacking.

The coffee doesn’t pack the punch that it’s supposed to when you use distilled water to brew it. This is entirely because the water lacks the minerals that are necessary to bring out the flavor.

Ideally, you’re going to want to brew coffee using water that has a mineral content of 150 to 200 parts per million. This is the statistic that leads to the best cup of plain coffee, but the numbers can differ depending on what you’re trying to do.

Using softer water than this that has fewer minerals will weaken the coffee. In some cases, the coffee will be so weak that many will consider it to be bad.

Using Distilled Water Could Be Bad for Your Coffee Maker

Another reason to shy away from using distilled water to make coffee involves what it could do to your coffee machine. Distilled water isn’t likely to harm standard coffee makers, but modern coffee makers that are designed to make a single cup of coffee are different.

The most famous brand that makes these machines is Keurig. Distilled water has been known to speed up the corrosion process in coffee makers like this, and that means that it could ruin your investment.

You wouldn’t want to spend all that money on a nice coffee maker only to ruin it faster than normal. You should stick to using standard tap water if you’re making coffee with a modern machine that makes a single cup at once.

It’s certainly possible to make coffee using distilled water, but it just isn’t always a good idea. If you have a Keurig or something similar to those machines, then you will want to shy away from using distilled water.

Distilled Water Might Not Even Work in Some Machines

Interestingly, distilled water might not even work in some coffee makers on the market. There are certain coffee makers out there that use small electrical charges to determine whether or not water is present in the reservoir.

When you use distilled water, it’s possible that the mineral count might be so low that the coffee maker won’t be able to detect the water using the electrical charge. This makes it so that the coffee maker simply won’t be able to start and you’ll keep getting errors.

Using the wrong type of water could lead to more headaches than anything else. The distilled water won’t be good for machines like this, and it might not even let you make a cup of coffee with distilled water at all.

Not all machines are designed like this, but it’s worth noting that some of them are. You really should avoid using distilled water to make coffee since it isn’t really meant for that purpose.

What’s the Best Water to Use for Coffee?

Now that you know that distilled water is no good for coffee, it’s time to consider what you should be using. Perhaps you don’t want to use tap water because you’re concerned about chemicals getting into your coffee.

It’s normal for people to have chemicals such as fluoride in their water, but that doesn’t mean that you want these chemicals throwing off the taste of your brew. Thankfully, there is a solution that doesn’t involve using distilled water to make the coffee.

You can buy a water filter for your tap that will eliminate chemicals while leaving some mineral content in the water. This is known as reverse osmosis water, and it’s considered to be the ideal type of water for making coffee.

If you’re hoping to get your brew to turn out just right, then you should try using this type of water. It’s possible that you might have bad water, though, and this might mean that you won’t want to use the water from your tap.

In this situation, you might need to turn to other options. There will still be better water that you can use than distilled water, though.

Bottled Filtered Water

Bottled filtered water should be what you turn to when your tap water just doesn’t taste good. Essentially, if your tap water tastes bad, then it’s not going to taste good in your coffee either.

Luckily, it’s going to be easy to go to the grocery store and find a bottle of filtered water that you can use. Filtered water is water that has gone through a filtration process to remove things such as chlorine.

It should taste really good in your coffee and you’ll be able to feel confident when you purchase water like this. It usually isn’t necessary, but it’s good to buy filtered water in bottles if your tap water just isn’t any good.

Buying water like this shouldn’t be too expensive, but it might be worth looking into ways to improve your water. You might be able to make some changes to your water system at home that will improve the taste of the water.

If you need to buy filtered water from the store regularly, then just try to keep it in stock for your morning coffee rituals. You get used to using bottled water to make coffee after a while, and many people who have to live with hard water issues wind up doing this for a long time.

Avoid Spring Water

Spring water is going to be better to use than distilled water when making coffee. However, it’s likely going to be too heavy to use in coffee if you’re trying to get things to turn out just right.

This type of water comes from natural underground sources, and it’s going to contain many minerals. Sometimes making coffee with spring water will make the coffee have too much of a mineral taste.

It’s likely better than the coffee being very weak like it would be if you made it with distilled water. Regardless, spring water isn’t the ideal water type that you should go for.

Any store that has spring water should also have filtered water available for purchase. If you have a choice between the two, then you should go with the filtered water.

There might be some people who will enjoy the taste of coffee made with spring water, though. You can always give it a shot to see what you think if you’re so inclined.

Final Thoughts

Don’t use distilled water to make coffee unless you’re really desperate. When you make coffee using distilled water, it’s not going to turn out as good as you want it to.

Distilled water lacks the mineral content that is necessary to make coffee taste right. In most cases, coffee is going to turn out incredibly weak when it is brewed using distilled water.

Some people do like coffee a bit weaker than others, but most are not going to get enjoyment out of coffee made with distilled water. It winds up being bland and it just isn’t at all what you expect coffee to be.

You have plenty of other options that you can use when you’re looking for a good cup of coffee. The most practical thing to do is to use your tap water to get the coffee that you need in the morning.

If you want the best cup of coffee that you can get, then using reverse osmosis water by having a filter on your tap makes sense. This should give you coffee that is flavorful and just right for your needs.

Those who have bad tap water might not want to go this route, but they can choose to buy filtered water in bottles at the store. This water makes good coffee and it isn’t expensive to purchase or anything.

Technically, you can use spring water to make coffee as well, but it might make the coffee taste too much like minerals. You’re better off sticking with filtered water.

The most important thing to remember is that you want to use water that tastes good to you to make your coffee. Since coffee is mostly made out of water, it’s going to play a big role in how things turn out.

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