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Can Dogs Drink Carbonated Water? What About Flavored?

Can Dogs Drink Carbonated Water? What About Flavored?
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Taking care of your dog is something that you take seriously. You love your canine companion and you want to do whatever it takes to ensure that it stays healthy.

You know how important it is to feed your dog high-quality dog food. It’s also imperative to make sure that your dog is drinking enough water.

Sometimes you don’t want to give your dog tap water because it might be bad in certain ways. For instance, some people have hard water that’s kind of smelly and nasty.

In this instance, would it be okay to give carbonated water to a dog? Or would this cause the dog to have problems?

Read on to learn about whether you should give carbonated water to dogs or not. You’ll be able to make an informed decision once you have all of the details.

It Should Be Okay to Give Carbonated Water to a Dog

It should be okay to give carbonated water to a dog. You’ll need to pay attention to make sure that you’re not giving the dog flavored water, though.

Giving the dog water that contains special flavors or other unusual ingredients won’t be acceptable. You’ll only be able to give the dog standard carbonated water.

It’s also not recommended to do anything more than allow your dog to have a few sips of the water. You see, carbonated water isn’t something that can replace normal water for your dog.

Your dog might be curious about the water that you’re drinking. It should be okay to let your dog taste it without having any ramifications.

This doesn’t mean that giving your dog a large bowl full of carbonated water is a good idea. Doing this would not be positive for the dog, and you should know that dogs need fresh water.

What about if you have problems with hard water, though? If your water isn’t good, then would carbonated water be an acceptable substitute?

Buy Spring Water for Your Dogs

Those who have issues with the quality of their tap water might want to look into buying bottled water. Many assume that bottled water is going to be safer than tap water due to the fact that it doesn’t have chemicals in it.

It’s actually often the case that bottled water is made from tap water. It’s still better than standard tap water because it has been filtered, and this means that chemicals have been removed.

You might not want to buy the least expensive tap water that you can find at the grocery store if you’re concerned about quality. If you want something that is as fresh as possible, then it’s good to buy spring water instead.

Spring water should be a very good type of water to give to your dogs. Many dog owners say that spring water is way fresher than standard bottled water, and it’s also easier for them to drink.

The spring water will have fewer bacteria issues to worry about. You should be able to feel safe giving spring water to your dogs.

Filtered Water Should Be Fine Too

Filtered water is another good option to look into when you’re giving water to dogs. Health experts have said that filtered water is safe for dogs to drink, and many advise against letting dogs drink unfiltered water.

If you have an issue with your tap water, then it’d be wise to buy some type of filter. A good water filter can work on your whole house so that you can stay safe from chemicals.

The best filters out there remove chemicals from water as well as other contaminants. Some are even capable of solving issues with hard water.

Spending a bit of cash on a whole-house water filtration system might set you back a bit. Even so, it’s likely going to be worth it for multiple reasons.

If you have hard water, then this is going to make your daily life better. Consider whether or not you’d like to spend the cash to get a filtration system installed sometime soon.

What Happens If a Dog Drinks Too Much Carbonated Water?

It’s good to know that there are several options out there when you’re looking for water to give to your dog. You’ve learned that spring water and filtered water are the best choices, but you might still be curious about carbonated water.

If you’re someone who just wants to give your dog carbonated water since your dog seems curious about it, then you might want some more details. For instance, you might be wondering what would happen if a dog drank too much carbonated water.

Dogs that drink too much carbonated water might experience issues such as bloating. The carbonation might make the dog interested in drinking the water, but drinking a lot of it could easily cause a dog to get bloated.

There isn’t a lot of research that has been done on this topic, though. Outside of knowing that carbonated water could cause your dog to get bloated, it’s unclear what impact long-term carbonated water drinking would have on a dog.

If you want to be as safe as possible, then it’d be better not to give any carbonated water to the dog. There isn’t really a good reason to give your dog this water, and you might not wish to take any chances.

What If a Dog Doesn’t Appear to Be Interested in Normal Water?

Admittedly, there are situations when dogs don’t drink as much water as they should. You might have a dog that just doesn’t drink water often at all.

If the dog appears to be interested in the carbonated water that you’re drinking, then you might think that you’ve found the solution to this issue. Giving the dog the carbonated water that it seems to want seems like a good idea, right?

Well, it’s probably okay to give the dog a sip or two of water. It’s still not going to solve your problem because dogs can’t drink much carbonated water.

A sip or two of carbonated water will not help a dog to stay hydrated. You need to ensure that the dog is drinking enough water so that it can remain healthy and happy.

Do your best to give the dog fresh water so that it will be more interested in it. It could be the case that you haven’t been changing out the dog’s water often enough.

When water is warm and kind of dirty, it makes sense that a dog might not like it as much. Sometimes being a bit more proactive about giving your dog fresh water is all that is necessary to turn things around.

What if you try and it doesn’t seem to help at all? At this point, it’s going to be best to talk to a veterinarian about what’s going on.

You Could Talk to Your Veterinarian

As always, it’s going to be wise to consult your veterinarian if you have questions about what to feed your dogs. If you want to give your dog some carbonated water as some type of treat, then it’d be better to talk to a veterinarian about it beforehand.

Veterinarians have knowledge about dogs and what’s good for them. They’ll be able to give you specific recommendations about whether this is going to be okay or not.

The information above about carbonated water not being harmful to dogs in small doses should be true. However, some dogs might have unique medical situations that will cause them to react differently.

Essentially, it’s always going to be better to err on the side of caution. If you’re unsure what to do in this situation, then it’d be better to talk to your veterinarian about it.

Just understand that no veterinarian is going to recommend that you give carbonated water to your dog. There isn’t a reason to do so that makes sense when spring water and filtered water can be obtained so readily.

If your dog isn’t drinking enough water, then the veterinarian should be able to give you advice. A professional should be ready to help you do what is necessary for the health of your dog.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned a lot about carbonated water and whether you should be giving it to dogs. It’ll be fine to allow your dog to sip carbonated water, but you won’t ever want to give your dog too much of it.

Giving too much carbonated water to a dog is likely to cause it to become bloated. This will be uncomfortable for the dog, and it’d be irresponsible of you as a dog owner to put your dog in this situation.

Sadly, carbonated water is not an acceptable type of water to give to your dogs regularly. If you’re looking for a good tap water substitute, then you should consider buying spring water.

Spring water is very good for people and dogs. It’s a lot fresher than tap water or even standard bottled water.

It might be more cost-effective to buy a very good water filter for your home, though. This can protect both you and your pet from chemicals as well as negative things such as hard water.

If you need any advice about how to keep your dog hydrated, then you should talk to a veterinarian soon. It’s always best to consult professionals who know what they’re doing so that you can protect your canine friend properly.