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Can Copper Pans Go in the Oven? (What About a Broiler?)

Can Copper Pans Go in the Oven? (What About a Broiler?)

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If you’re someone who cooks pretty often, then there’s a good chance that you have many different pans. You might have some pans that you like to use on the stove and others that you’ll place in the oven when you need to bake or steam something.

Many people love the look of copper pans and they’re quite popular overall. You might have even received a copper pan as a gift recently and you’re wondering how best to utilize it in the kitchen.

As pretty as your new copper pan is, you might be worried about whether it’s going to be safe to use it in the oven. Can a copper pan go into the oven or is that going to be unsafe?

Read on to learn about whether or not copper pans can go into the oven. You’ll also learn a bit about copper pan safety and other important things that you should know.

Copper Pans Are Oven-Safe (for the Most Part)

To answer your question quickly, it’s going to be safe to use a copper pan in the oven. At least, it’s safe for the most part.

What this means is that you can use a copper pan in the oven so long as you aren’t setting the oven to very high temperatures. Copper pans are generally designed to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

You might have noticed that your oven is capable of achieving hotter temperatures than that. Depending on the brand of the oven that you’re using, your oven might be capable of reaching temperatures of 550 or 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since copper pans aren’t supposed to be placed into the oven when it is hotter than 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s going to be important to be careful. Some copper pans might say that they are oven safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, but many of the average copper pans on the market are only oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Knowing this, you’ll just have to watch out when using a copper pan in the oven. If you plan to bake something at a very high temperature, then you’ll need to use a specific pan that is capable of withstanding that temperature.

Do you need to worry about this much? Not really when you dig into the details.

You see, most recipes aren’t going to call for you to bake things at temperatures higher than 450 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, there are many recipes out there that prefer to use lower temperatures than that.

It’s very possible that you’ll never have a reason to set your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Even frozen foods are often baked at temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

Be Careful When Removing Copper Pans From the Oven

Copper pans are extremely efficient when it comes to conducting heat. They can heat very fast, and this can be a desirable quality to have in a pan.

However, it’s also something that requires you to be careful. When you’re using a copper pan in the oven, it’s going to be wise to approach taking the pan out of the oven with caution.

When you take a copper pan out of the oven, you’ll want to ensure that you have oven mitts on both of your hands. This is because the handle on the copper pan is going to become scorching hot.

Cooking with a copper pan on the top of the stove won’t be a big deal and the handle won’t get hot at all. The handles have been designed to disperse heat and they’re usually hollow.

They won’t stay cool when placed inside of the oven, though. A copper pan’s handle will be incredibly hot when you take it out of the oven.

It’s actually going to stay hot for many minutes after being taken out of the oven as well. You want to use two oven mitts to take the copper pan out of the oven for your own safety.

Grab the handle of the pan with one hand, and then use your other hand to support the pan and make lifting it out of the oven easier. If done right, then you should be able to remove the pan from the oven without burning yourself.

Be careful when placing the pan down as well. You’ll want to place it on top of a potholder or something to be safe.

Copper Pans Are Also Broiler Safe

In case you would like to be able to use your copper pan for other purposes, it’s going to be good to know that it’s also broiler safe. You’ll be able to use your copper pan in the broiler without having to worry.

The only problem with this is that using a copper pan might not be the best route to take. Copper is going to get very hot when placed in a broiler, and this can actually make it easy to burn your food.

Controlling the temperature in a broiler isn’t as easy as it should be. Many oven brands have broilers that only have settings such as high and low.

If you aren’t very careful, then you might burn your food due to the copper pan getting hotter than expected. It might be easier for you to use a pan that is made out of a metal that doesn’t conduct heat quite as efficiently.

You can still use a copper pan in the broiler and get good results, though. It just requires you to pay attention and to only use the broiler for a few minutes.

Many recipes will only require you to place the pan in the broiler for mere minutes. It might be a good idea to stand close to the oven so that you can be ready to take the copper pan out when it’s time.

If you’re a little bit too late, then your dinner might be crispier than you’d like it to be. Just do your best to approach using the broiler with caution when you have a copper pan.

Some Pans Only Look Like They’re Made Out of Copper

Have you verified that your copper pan is actually made out of copper? There are actually many pans on the market that aren’t truly made out of copper, but they look like they are.

You might have a pan that is copper in color, but it could be made out of stainless steel or something like that. Generally, inexpensive pans will not be made out of copper because copper is a very expensive type of metal.

It’s also true that there are pans that have some copper in them, but they aren’t fully made out of copper. For instance, there could be a middle layer of copper in the pan that is placed between two layers of stainless steel.

If you want to buy a true copper pan, then it’s going to cost you some cash. Often, copper pans are going to cost $100 or more.

Finding a copper pan at a low price such as $50 should raise some eyebrows. A pan being sold at a low price like this has a high chance of not being truly made out of copper.

Be Careful Not to Warp Your Copper Pan

Copper pans are fantastic in many different ways, but you do need to take care of them to make them last. You can clean copper pans as you would any normal pan, but you’ll need to be careful not to warp the pan.

Since copper is such a malleable material, it’s going to be possible to warp copper pans by changing the temperature of the pan too fast. When you take the pan out of the oven, it’s going to be incredibly hot.

You should never expose the hot copper pan to cool water. It’s imperative that you wait to rinse the pan until after it has cooled down naturally.

If you expose the pan to water and rinse it right away, then that’s going to warp the pan. Try to remember this moving forward so that your expensive copper pan will last as long as possible.

Copper Pans Don’t Work with Induction Cooktops

Another good thing to remember when you’re thinking of buying copper pans has to do with induction cooktops. Copper pans aren’t magnetic and this means that they won’t work with induction cooktops.

If you have an induction cooktop, then a copper pan isn’t going to be nearly as useful to you. You’ll likely want to stick to using pans that have specifically been recommended by the manufacturer of your induction cooktop.

Final Thoughts

You can use a copper pan in an oven without being worried so long as you’re baking things at normal temperatures. Copper pans might not do so well at very high temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit, though.

It’s true that copper pans are very conductive and that they can be excellent for cooking. Just use the advice above to ensure that you keep the pan safe so that you can continue to have an optimal experience.

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